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15 Jul 2011

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Andi_Snow_Weaver, Cynthia_Shelly, Jamal, Jan, Jeanne, Judy, Peter, John


<korn1> New tool for looking at ARIA (and MSAA and IAccessible2) on websites. TPG created it. See http://www.paciellogroup.com/blog/2010/06/aviewer-beta/

<scribe> scribe: jeanne

status of reviewing Challenge.gov entry text

Jamal: the material is being reviewed by attorneys at FCC. There are no flags at this point, but there have been delays due to summer schedules, and briefing new people to the project.
... there is a meeting arranged (since Judy is in DC) to help brief people.

Judy: W3C reviewing - not a lead, but as another participant. That will probably happen on Monday. There was an early review.
... Are the roles defined between the 3 organization for the future? There are no issues today.
... we are coming up on the ADA anniversary again. I hope the very latest we would be announcing would be that day.

26 July is the ADA date.

Judy: Danny Weitzner has come in at the same level as Scott, so he is briefed and will manage the transition and make the connection to Anish. We will need to re-establish with Kareem.

<judy> http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/challenge-gallery/wiki/Gallery_Requirements

Gallery Planning

Judy: Since we still don't know what the CIO council site is running, we don't have firm plans for the hosting environment. I appreciate people's patience with that.
... We have good ideas of what we want. Today I want to sharpen up the plans.

Cynthia: Did you get my email on project management?
... someone to chase down details of hosting environments and what kinds of frameworks fit in that. Mike was involved in WCAG. He is pursuing a Master's and has time available this summer and is interested in helping.

Judy: As soon as there is a clear contact person at CIO Council, we can get Mike in touch with her/him. For now Debby is the contact.

Peter: If we are targeting on or before July 26, shouldn't we have a draft press release?

Judy: It is in the description section of the wiki.
... Ian Jacobs, W3C communications, has suggestions that may not have been incorporated yet.

Peter: I am also thinking about text to go on Disability.gov, W3C, etc.

Judy: We were thinking about having it be modular, so that each organization can put their own stuff in.
... back to Gallery planning

<judy> http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/challenge-gallery/wiki/Grab_and_Go_Gallery#Description

<judy> http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/challenge-gallery/wiki/Gallery_Requirements

JB: We need someone to write the requirements up as a narrative so that we have some descriptive materials that we can point to. As the Gallery starts to take shape, we would have information ready.

<judy> http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/challenge-gallery/wiki/Gallery_Requirements#Gallery_Requirements

<judy> http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/challenge-gallery/wiki/Gallery_Requirements#How_Do_We_Want_the_Gallery_to_.22Look.22.3F

John: Do we have a memorable URl yet?

Judy: I believe someone has an action item to reserve items on the brainstorm list.

Jamal: I did reserve some domain names.

Narrative Description

Judy: I would like the involvement of parties. It may make sense to point back to the wiki site for more information.
... what we want people to do
... what the involvement has been in putting it together

John: give some information from the sign-up process

Jeanne: the purpose

Jan: This is for visitors to the Gallery. There may be some regulatory impact, so we may need a disclaimer that just grabbing this doesn't guarentee accessibility.

John: In the beginning, it should be how to turn your code in, and then later switch to how to take and use the submissions.

Judy: We want to point people back to Challenge.gov as the submission point while it is open. We need to think about what we will do when the challenge is closed.
... We need an About page, and a How to Use page

Jan: If it is lightweight, then the About could go on the main page.

Judy: We also need a blurb that can be given to the agencies, that could entice people to go to the Gallery.

Jamal: Is there an image?

Judy: No, Jan and I have some conceptual work done, that needs a couple loops before it goes to someone with design skills. That is for Challenge.gov. Maybe we have the same image as the Gallery, but it may not have to.
... we were discussing using bits from the Fluid Project at the IDRC. There is a consistent visual library they are using.

<Jan> http://fluidproject.org/releases/1.3.1/demos/

Judy: some rememiniscent of styling at App Stores.
... so if anyone has a few hours of a designers time, please let me know.
... We will have things submitted to the Challenge site. We need some place to hold them for our reviewers to comment on them. Then the ones that pass, we need to move along into a Gallery. In the process of doing it, we will need to add information
... is it accessible, what is the license type?

If Mike were to be helping with building the Gallery, do you think it could also help manage the workflow?

Cynthia: We have to ask him. He is more interested in project management than actually doing the code himself.

Judy: It will need to bridge two environments - challenge.gov and ideally, the evaluation part as well.

Jan: Are the entries URI or files?

Judy: We are asking them to submit both.
... in some cases it may not have a URI, or if it was really large, we might not want to host it until we know we want to include it in the Gallery.

Jan: so what do we do when they fix the bugs we may identify

Judy: Hopefully, there is a CMS that we could login to and manage it.
... there may turn out to be 3 applications that work together to do this workflow.

Peter: What about using our accessible CMS demo as our CMS?

John: If it goes on their servers.

Peter: What I demonstrated months back is a Wordpress for accessible widgets.

Judy: Would it handle the data?

Peter: Possibly, I am not that familiar with it.

Judy: I have updated the wiki with the Gallery description
... Does everyone feel like they have a picture of what the Gallery would be like once we have content in it?

Jan: I do, but we may not have the resources to do it.

Judy: As a thought exercise, play with that picture or experience in your head and come back and check what is on the gallery planning page and say what we are missing.

Summary of Action Items

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