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24 Jun 2011

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John, Judy, Jeanne, Peter, Jan, Andi_Snow_Weaver, Debby


Challenge.gov draft content

JB: Did anyone look at the updated draft and have any comments?

Peter: Minor comment: In the Description section, the first long sentence. End the first sentence at the comma. Change "and" to "as well as" Section 508.


JB: A question for Peter. Last week we discussed the phrase "freely available". When I completed the instructions for challenge.gov, it was set up for contributions rather than products for sell. We also saw a place where attachments to commercial products be freely available, even if the products were not. Is that a problem for you?

Peter: No.

Judy: I remember asking Cynthia about this issue, and I will confirm with her.

Peter: Under section Images, it just says 1.

Judy: It is the answer to a form that is requesting the number of issues.

Review of Gallery requirements


Judy: There is now content in this section.
... this is based on earlier conversations of what we wanted to be able to search on.

Peter: Experience level required?

Judy: This is based on the level of experience of the person using the Gallery who may want widgets can be inserted without much of a fuss.

Peter: The scale of someone who can use a template is very different from the scale of a developer adding a widget.

Jan: I can see the issue - it may be handled by the place that the item is supposed to be used. A Word template will require less expertise than an Eclipse IDE widget.

<Jan> brb

Peter: I'm not objecting too it, I think we need to give more information on what is the knowledge needed for someone to use it. I suggest Experience level Required *for use*

Judy: Imagine landing in a gallery and see rows of thumbnails of images. What is the information that people will need to filter that information?
... We need a thumbnail image and we don't ask for one. I have added that.

Jan: Missing: the technology of the content - HTML, program code, what is it.

Andi: Implementing technology, or system requirements - if it is a java widget, you need to have java virtual machine

John: Php code needs to have the version

Judy: You realize that these all have to be in the Challenge requirements.
... Thumbnail (specify size) Description (specify character length)
... Type of component = template or widget. Language as the next imput.

Peter: I would say Environment - Word, Joomla, Eclipse

John: Langauage - HTML, Java, RubyOnRails

Jan: Have them be text fields and give examples.

Jeanne: People shopping for templates will want to know the Environment

Jan: But where does it stop? People who are shopping for Word 2000, will want to filter out the versions.

Judy: What is the minimum set of data that we need to be able to search for?
... We haven't said the function

Jeanne: What about Tags where the author could enter free-form information

Judy: How would these questions work across a small number of items vs. a large number of items.

<judy> http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/challenge-gallery/wiki/Sources_Samples#Examples_of_Templates_and_Widgets

[walks through an example from the Examples page]

Jan: I think this should all be in the description field.

Peter: Why should the version number be included for just HTML5? Shouldn't version number be included for others?

Java 6, php 5.3, CSS 2.1, HTML4

Environment examples - Word, jQuery, Eclipse, Drupal, Wordpress

System Requirements: ??

Jan: If you have environment and language, then you don't need system requirements.

Peter: Is that the author's environment, or deployment environment - like Fluid, Wordpress, while the authoring environment could be text editor.

Authoring Environment Example - text editor, Word, Eclipse IDE

Deployment examples - jQuery, Wordpress, JVM

Jan: Programming required vs No Programming Required

Judy: Programming required - none, some, lot.
... W3C wants to promote the Gallery, and would like to flag that they are a W3C member, because that would help in promoting.

Jan: Authoring environment - drop text editor for something phrase that implies open type that is widely usable.

Judy: Jan, could you email the list with a proposal?

Next Meetings

Judy: Workload: Setting up the Challenge, setting up the Gallery, maintaining the Gallery. What are all the steps so that we can make it as self-maintaining as possible
... How can we plan each of these so that the submitters will give the information and users will take care of it when things are broken.
... like a comment button if things are broken, how can we pre-arrange what happens when someone uses it?

July 1 availability? Jan - Canada Day holiday, No. John, maybe.

Peter is available 1 July.

Judy: Thought question: Given the kind of requirements we want to support on this, what is the best way to build it? Easy to maintain, easy to build.

John: It depends where we are going to put the Gallery and what it will support?

Judy: What questions should we have Debby ask her systems people? What are our options for hosting environment? What languages and tools can we use?

What database is supported?


Peter: Do we have a revised timeline?

Judy: Jamal says that the FCC staff will need several weeks for review.

Peter: Because there is an OCAD sponsored jQuery challenge in mid-July. We will want to promote this there.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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