Grab and Go Gallery

17 Jun 2011

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Andi, Debby, Jamal, Jan, Jeanne, John, Judy


Review of Challenge.gov Draft

JB: Preview ->


scribe: especially the three hosts - Jamal as the FCC administrative host, Debby and W3C rep - Ian Jacobs.
... I shortened the tag line because it had to be shorter
... Description section has been tweaked. The links go to pages in a wiki, but I want them to look better. For the time being, they will be a web page in W3C space to have attractive graphics.
... I added back one phrase that has been somewhat controversial - "freely available".
... Peter had raised concerns about "freely" potentially could be a problem, but the more I was working with the rules section, it was clear that this was not an interface for a storefront. It could be a major commitment of resources to become a review of commercial tools. I carefully reviewed the meeting records.

Andi: Cynthia may have wanted commercial.

JB: I remember Cynthia as offering her tools as free.
... Templates that go with a particular tool, the person would still have to buy the tool, but the templates would be freely shared.
... we aren't trying to sell the authoring tool.

Andi: I don't think you can assume what a vendor may require for licensing for their tool.

Jan: It will be a problem if someone submits a template that requires a tool, and we don't have the tool, we should be able to reject it because we can't test it.

JB: I want to touch base with Cynthia and Peter.
... How to Enter section. I tried to trim it down because it looked overwhelming. I wanted to avoid a chilling effect, but I also wanted questions to be answered.

Debby: I don't see the Grab and Go Gallery described in any detail. So the context of "what will happen if I win and how will people get to it", is not answered

JB: That should be in the Description section, the Rules section, and the How to Enter.

Debby: If it is clear in the Description, that should cover it.

JB: Something could be said in How to Enter #3, that could be highlighted better. In Rules and also in PRizes. Maybe just simple formatting.

Debby: It needs to answer "what will this be for?"

John: It needs to be emphasized more and maybe that the website is forthcoming.

<judy> [debby: better answer the question of why should i do this? tell me the importance of this?]

Debby: The CIO Council just launched a best practices gallery.

Jamal: I didn't find mention of Section 508.

JB: It is good to see what is missing from a distance.

<judy> ADA.... CRPD... DDA... etc

Jamal: Did we discuss enabling public voting?

JB: This is what I remember: we had a lot of conversation about how it might be manipulated. We talked about heuristic measures (like downloads) and that could be manipulated.
... we also worried about the overhead involved in figuring out "best in category" etc.

Jamal: Challenge.gov encourage it, as a way of engaging people. You can just like the Challenge, and that after the Challenge closes, you can still vote for a few months. It would just be informative since we aren't giving cash prizes.

JB: remember, we aren't going to be showing submissions in Challenge.gov until we vett them.
... Once we pass them, it would be useful to know what people like.

Jamal: It's another opportunity for people to promote the sight. Go back and vote for your favorites. The vote doesn't kick in until the close of the Challenge.

JB: Section "How to Enter". I read through it several times and tweaked it. There are several places where we say "verify" but don't have any form or something to check off. I kept finding myself wishing there was a form.

Debby: Isn't that on the real web site?

JB: I mapped it to the docx form.

Jamal: I thought the wording was very clear. I didn't see the need for a form.

JB: I tried to simplify it.

Section: Rules

JB: Do you think people from the Unconference will object to the list of rules.

John: It could go either way, but I think they will all just agree to it as legalese. They make sense.

JB: The one that hung me up was #12, Wholly Original. Something is not right about this to me.
... maybe improved version of existing app.

Andi: there is no one in IBM who could say they were a sole author.

jamal: That you have the right to submit it and aren't infringing on someone else's rights.

John: If it started as open source?

<judy> [jamal: verify that you have the right to submit it and that you're not infringeing on anyone else's right to submit this.]

Jamal: Then most Open Source licenses allow you to submit.

Debby: Each contestant asserts they are the sole author, or they have permission to submit it

<judy> [debby: attest and warrant either that you are the sole author or that you have the authority on behalf of... to submit this...]

on behalf of other authors

he or she either is the sole author or has the authority of other authors to submit it

and that the submission is either fully original or is an improved version of existing work that the submitter has sufficient rights to use (including the substantial improvement of existing work) AND that it does not infringe on copyright

scribe: and is free of malware.

<judy> Original Work: Each Contestant warrants that he or she either is the sole author and owner of the Submission, or has the authority of the other authors to submit it; and that the Submission is either wholly original with the Contestant, or is an improved version of existing work that the submitter has sufficient rights to use (including the substantial improvement of existing work); and that it does not infringe any copyright or any other rights of any third p

<judy> ...on any copyright....

Jamal: there are probably lawyers in FCC who will want to put a hand in this.

Jan: Rule #1 covers that you have the legal right to submit it.

JB: It is a little different from the precise things here.
... let the lawyers figure out if it is redundant or contradictory.

John: Rule #2. Do we want to link to those licenses?

JB: I will link to them on the OSI site.

Prizes: I want to clearly say that there are no cash prizes, and winning submissions will be posted.

JB: Judges - I thought I will do it later.

Jamal: More agencies are not announcing judges.

JB: I wanted to for transparency reasons.


Debby: How useful is it?

Essential: accessible

Bonus: creative, esthetic, or useful design

Jamal, maybe use innovative rather than creative

scribe: effective first.
... we want to encourage innovation - people who think they have come up with a better way of doing things.

JB: Enabled upload file: we want people to host it themselves and submit it to us.
... Jan, can you review the Testing section?

Jan: I will try. We are short staffed right now.

Availability for next meetings?

JB: I want to pull together a description for the Gallery and think about how we can build that.

Is everyone available next Friday?

[all available]

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]