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ok, plinss; I see Team_(cssns)16:00Z scheduled to start in 7 minutes
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the conference code is 26631 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), plinss
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scribenick: ChrisL
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zakim, dial richard please
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ok, r12a; the call is being made
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16:01:07 [ChrisL]
chair: plh
16:01:41 [ChrisL]
Meeting: Normalisation and W3C with particular reference to CSS
16:02:36 [ChrisL]
plh: Primary goal is to move css selwsctors forward
16:02:39 [ChrisL]
16:02:47 [ChrisL]
16:02:59 [ChrisL]
16:03:42 [ChrisL]
peter, is dbaron's preserence for normalise-at-parse expressed somewhere other than his 2009 summary linked above?
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zakim, aaaa is addisson
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+addisson; got it
16:15:31 [ChrisL]
plh: css ns blocked on normalisation issue, which also blocks css selectors
16:15:48 [plh]
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16:16:21 [ChrisL]
16:16:54 [ChrisL]
plh: norm is not done on the identifier. implementors not willing to do so
16:17:08 [ChrisL]
plinss: yes
16:17:44 [ChrisL]
adisson: we dont require full normalisation of docs or stylesheets but we want normalised compare especially for identifiers and namespaces
16:18:09 [ChrisL]
... same ns or not should nor depend on source encoding or order of combining marks
16:18:27 [ChrisL]
plinss: so you said you dont want to normalise selectors?
16:18:45 [ChrisL]
ad: not require stylesheets to be in a particular form
16:18:56 [ChrisL]
... comparisons should be normalised
16:19:05 [ChrisL]
... but not random text selection
16:20:33 [ChrisL]
ChrisL: 'early' norm can men by content autors or at parse time; which do you mean
16:20:53 [ChrisL]
ad: content is not normalised all the time. so user agents are responsible.
16:21:29 [ChrisL]
... should they normalise at parse or compare
16:21:56 [ChrisL]
r12a:may be a reason to have denormalised text in content. but different for class selectors, id s etc which are compared
16:22:07 [ChrisL]
... may make sense to normalise just those
16:22:18 [ChrisL]
ad: interactions with dom and exmascript
16:22:50 [ChrisL]
... wg position is to focus on comparison being normalised. dont care how its done. normalising identifiers at parse time is one way
16:23:11 [ChrisL]
plinss: so you see that as just an implementation detail?
16:23:21 [ChrisL]
ad: there can be side effects from that choice
16:23:49 [ChrisL]
... harder to normalise individual tokens, but possible. then question is which tokens
16:24:03 [ChrisL]
plinss: and what does the dom see and what does script assume
16:24:26 [ChrisL]
ad: so yu can't make certain queries anymore
16:24:39 [ChrisL]
plinss: not sure how this is particular to nnamespaces
16:25:09 [ChrisL]
ad: ns is a token plus an IRI. want them to compare in a normlised fashion
16:25:25 [ChrisL]
... so can tell what ns is in use regardless of document encoding
16:25:37 [ChrisL]
r12a: mac vs pc normalisation ...
16:25:45 [ChrisL]
ad: mainly filenames there
16:26:20 [ChrisL]
... also vietnamese keyboard different on mac and pc wrt normalisation so you get two different strings that look the same
16:26:50 [ChrisL]
plinss: no namespaces in css are like xml - you take a uri and give it a prefix to use. you want to notmalise the prefix or the uri?
16:27:28 [ChrisL]
ad: uri has no non-ascii. iri has the rues in it (or will have) for how that works. so main concern is the prefix that has to be unique
16:28:02 [ChrisL]
plinss: prefix in css is an ident. so we would have to normalise all idents. but we have author deined idents - why pick on ns in particular
16:28:25 [ChrisL]
ad: coparisons should be normalising for identifiers
16:29:04 [ChrisL]
plh: so we just published css as a rec, and it defines an ident. so why does this apply to css ns and not css 2.1
16:29:12 [ChrisL]
ad: it does apply to css 2.1
16:29:54 [ChrisL]
ad: the horse has escaped. so i18n wg is in catch up. not been succesful so far.
16:30:22 [ChrisL]
... last vestige of attempt to normalise is to getidentifiers normalised. if we cant do that then we are done
16:30:46 [ChrisL]
... valid for us t question whether we are doing the right thing to put the onus on content authors to sort it out
16:31:03 [ChrisL]
plh; for styling, if the class or id does not match you will see right away
16:31:31 [ChrisL]
ad: stylesheet may be dynamically generated and separae from the doc. author can't see why it doesnt work
16:32:03 [ChrisL]
plinss: yes, but that does not apply here as ns prefixes are local to the scope of a single stylesheet. only the uri is matched internallt
16:32:33 [ChrisL]
... so there is a consistent normalisation. unrelated to any prefixes used in the document
16:32:48 [ChrisL]
... any unicode in an author defined ident is in the one document
16:32:59 [ChrisL]
ad: or if you use escapes
16:33:13 [ChrisL]
plinss: esapes should not be normalised anyway
16:33:20 [ChrisL]
ad: ok, thats not so ....
16:33:42 [ChrisL]
plinss: css ident is asci wit unicode escapes, we dont apllow random unicode in there
16:33:54 [ChrisL]
ad: think you allow a reasonable range
16:34:02 [ChrisL]
plinss: a small range
16:34:31 [ChrisL]
... i see classes as an issue certainly, but also attribute selectors. but none of that applies to namedspaces
16:34:34 [plh]
ident [-]?{nmstart}{nmchar}*
16:34:34 [plh]
name {nmchar}+
16:34:34 [plh]
nmstart [_a-z]|{nonascii}|{escape}
16:34:34 [plh]
16:34:41 [ChrisL]
... and frankly that applies right back to css1
16:35:34 [ChrisL]
plinss: if we want norm we should require it all the places tat it matters. every place the author can type an ident. or nothing
16:35:47 [ChrisL]
... happy to support that but this is ot the place to make the stand
16:36:24 [ChrisL]
ad: our comments actually went to selectors first. its kind of a test case as someone has to do something to decisde which directionw e go
16:36:49 [ChrisL]
... are we going to normalise some important thins or not. if not then the guidelines need to be changed so people know what to avoid
16:37:01 [ChrisL]
.. didnt go to ns til the end. started with selectors
16:37:21 [ChrisL]
... this is a relaxation f out position 5 yerars ago which was noralise everything
16:37:30 [ChrisL]
.. realise this is problematic
16:37:42 [ChrisL]
r12a: and we need to get html to norm at the same time
16:37:57 [ChrisL]
plinss: lots of things do selection
16:38:49 [ChrisL]
ad: out position is that we recomend css wg , and we wont object to publishing css ns without it
16:38:57 [ChrisL]
r12a: yes
16:39:08 [ChrisL]
... but wanted to be sure we asked the question
16:39:37 [ChrisL]
ad: concerned about selectos. concern is we have a web tha is not normalised and not normalising
16:39:44 [ChrisL]
plh: bring it to the tag?
16:39:53 [ChrisL]
ad: yes (again)
16:40:18 [ChrisL]
ad: dont want to make recommendatins that are destructive and pointless
16:40:34 [ChrisL]
... started work towards fixing charmod to say the right thing
16:40:47 [ChrisL]
... only question mark is whether comparisons are normalised
16:40:58 [ChrisL]
plinss: csswg see this way outside scope of css
16:41:22 [ChrisL]
... normalising idents needs to have a norm story for comparing outside the stylesheet, so affects html
16:41:36 [ChrisL]
ad: and you shouldnt assume the docs are normalised
16:41:51 [ChrisL]
plinss: has implications on html
16:42:10 [ChrisL]
... if css normalises a class name but javascript doesnt then there is an issue
16:42:20 [ChrisL]
... needs to go tot tag and be consisten on all specs
16:42:43 [ChrisL]
... tag finding would be very useful. dont want to see a mismatch on identifier handling
16:43:00 [ChrisL]
plh: also orm on fragment identifiers
16:43:07 [ChrisL]
ad: potentially
16:43:18 [ChrisL]
... iri may require that but not currently
16:43:44 [ChrisL]
ad: speaking not as the chair,the horse is out so i suspect we wont do any of this
16:43:51 [ChrisL]
... too many leaks to fix
16:44:03 [ChrisL]
... want to avoid inconsistency
16:44:17 [ChrisL]
... wg thinks we should at least make an effort
16:44:24 [ChrisL]
... tag finding is best way
16:44:40 [ChrisL]
plh: css1 css 2.1 - its too late to change tat
16:44:48 [ChrisL]
cnt change selectors in css2
16:45:05 [ChrisL]
r12a: can start wt next version
16:45:08 [ChrisL]
plh: no
16:45:41 [ChrisL]
plh: css3 selectors have to be backward comat with css 2.1 as there is no versioning in css
16:46:06 [ChrisL]
r12a: in practical terms it would be backwards compar as only a handful of people would rely on this
16:46:29 [ChrisL]
ad: this isnt a hugely breaking change its a subtle change for almost everyone
16:46:39 [ChrisL]
plh: makes it even harder to sell
16:47:09 [ChrisL]
ChrisL: everyone will notice if all comparisons are slower
16:47:21 [ChrisL]
ad: only if its a major slowdown
16:47:41 [ChrisL]
plinss: this is why implementors prefer nortm at parse time. but that is a sepatrate detail
16:47:50 [ChrisL]
... main focus is what to do with namespaces
16:48:07 [ChrisL]
... takin it to tag is the right way to go. needs a champion on the tag
16:48:42 [ChrisL]
... once we have a stor thatgoes across html and dom and css then we can change thngs
16:49:00 [ChrisL]
plh: so .... what do we do
16:49:15 [ChrisL]
... brig it to tag with peter
16:49:32 [ChrisL]
... and css wg decides then moves to pr with css ns
16:49:41 [ChrisL]
... these could be done together
16:49:56 [ChrisL]
... its blocked since 2009 and is not productive
16:50:05 [ChrisL]
ad: formal objection is not productive
16:50:56 [ChrisL]
plh: want the issue t be looked into if css wg moves forward
16:51:44 [ChrisL]
ad: specially concerned abot nt impacting html5 more than needed
16:52:18 [Zakim]
16:52:32 [ChrisL]
action: r12a to bring normalisation of idents to tag
16:52:59 [Zakim]
16:53:24 [ChrisL]
plh; hw ln for a ransitin rewuest
16:53:30 [ChrisL]
plin: less than a week
16:53:33 [aphillip]
addison: i18n will not formally object to NS, but we very well could do so for Selectors
16:53:53 [ChrisL]
16:54:22 [ChrisL]
plinss: tag currently focussed on microdata vs rdfa. so at least a few weeks
16:54:44 [ChrisL]
r12a: i18n will require a lot longer than that
16:55:01 [ChrisL]
... and aftyer a tag ruig would require a lot more time than that
16:55:14 [ChrisL]
... so is it worth holding up css ns and selectors?
16:55:32 [ChrisL]
aphillip; if selectors is published without norm then its the end of the road
16:56:04 [ChrisL]
r12a: we have done ok without it so far. there wil be new versionsin the future
16:56:17 [ChrisL]
plinss: selectors level 4 is already being worked on
16:56:32 [ChrisL]
aphillip: more time that passes the harder it is to effect change here
16:56:43 [ChrisL]
... its selectos, ecmascript, dom etc
16:56:54 [ChrisL]
plh: this is already implemented in older browsers
16:57:53 [ChrisL]
plinss: selectos 3 added mainly pseudoclases it does not change the comparisons much
16:58:31 [ChrisL]
ad: we last published charmod-norm 6 years ago. the we got browbeaten into not requirin early normalisation
16:59:00 [ChrisL]
... its untenable then and we have worked on it for 1 years. so 16 years on we are no closer to accomplishig it
16:59:37 [ChrisL]
plinss: because css is modular, norm affect much more than jus selectors
16:59:54 [ChrisL]
... so we would want a normalisation update to 2.1 that covers all idents
17:00:14 [ChrisL]
ad: dont want the i18n wg focused on this corner case for all eternity
17:00:33 [ChrisL]
... not being helpful by hitting norm every couple of years
17:01:00 [ChrisL]
ad: we can ask for the tags attention and it may be thre weeks or so before we get even a reply
17:01:14 [ChrisL]
... will take us that long to get a discussion document
17:01:27 [ChrisL]
plh: counting on peter to advocate for this being on thw agenda
17:01:33 [ChrisL]
plinss: happy to do so
17:01:58 [ChrisL]
plh: ok so for ns, my sentiment is that we are better off letting css ns and selectors progress
17:02:13 [ChrisL]
... because a lot of chang eis needed and its not limited to just those two
17:02:34 [ChrisL]
.. so css wg shoudlrequest PR on both noting te issue is not closed byut asking to move forward
17:03:10 [ChrisL]
action: plinss request PR transition for css namespaces and css selectors, once tag is alerted
17:03:40 [ChrisL]
rrsagent, make minutes
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plh: come back to this in a few weeks with the request i hand
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rrsagent, make minutes
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Team_(cssns)16:00Z has ended
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Attendees were plinss, Plh, ChrisL, Richard, +1.408.790.aaaa, addisson
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