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Meeting: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 16 June 2011
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adam is on the phone
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zakim, ??P7 is Adam_Solomon
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+Adam_Solomon; got it
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zakim, ??P9 is Gregg_Vanderheiden
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chair: Loretta_Guarino_Reid
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zakim, Microsoft is Wolf_Schmidt
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scribe: Bruce
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topic: Status of publication
20:11:33 [Bruce]
Next Tuesday.
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20:16:04 [Bruce]
URL in annoucement from Shawn, comments open through August.
20:16:45 [Bruce]
Early comments appreciated!
20:18:36 [Bruce]
Topic: Miscellaneous Issues and Techniques for 16 June 2011
20:19:34 [Bruce]
Captcha Technique Strategy
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zakim, Oracle is James_Nurthen
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gotta drop off - conflicting meeeing
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RESOLUTION: Approach PF about working with them to update
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me: sorry I'm late
20:46:27 [Bruce]
topic: Vivienne's question about hierarchical headings?
20:47:38 [David]
Failure assigned by toolBut it should not fail because …
20:47:39 [David]
Failure of 1.4.4 (resize text) by using fixed font sizes instead of relative font sizes such as % or em If the user can activate the browser zoom effectively on the content, then it will pass WCAG 2.0. Only if the browser’s zoom feature has been disabled and the fonts are fixed will it be a failure. This is what the WCAG 2.0 term “A mechanism is available…” means.
20:47:41 [David]
Failure of 1.4.4 (resize text) because of fixed object sizes such as px, rather than % or emSame as above.
20:47:43 [David]
Failure of 1.3.1 (Info and Relationships) because headings were not nested (e.g. H1 followed by H2 etc…)WCAG does not require “proper” nesting of headings. HTML 4, XHTML 1, and HTML 5 do not require properly nested headings either. It is a good practice, but it is not a failure of WCAG 2.0
20:47:44 [David]
Failure of 2.4.4 (Link Purpose – in context) because of link text such as “click here” or “more”.If there is a way to determine the destination of the link from the enclosing sentence, paragraph or list of links, then there is no failure.
20:47:46 [David]
Failure of 1.3.1 (Info and Relationships) based on not using the scope element on a data tableThe Scope element is only one way to meet semantic markup for a table, and is used mostly when there are headers in both the columns and the rows. It should not be a failure for tables that have simple headings at the top of each column.
20:47:50 [David]
Failure of 1.4.3 based on clicking a link and opening to a new window.It’s only a failure of 1.4.3 if it produces an extreme change context on focus (which is when he user lands on the link), not when they click a link
20:48:38 [Bruce]
Also related to current thread on testing tools looking for sufficient techniques.
20:49:18 [jamesn]
another for tables is when tools insist that tables MUST have TH cells when TD cells with scope is fine too
20:49:30 [Zakim]
20:52:37 [Bruce]
Action item to David for Top 10 mistake list
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Action David Lead on Top 10 miss understanding
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Here is top of recent thread:
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Topic: Are Word documents web content?
20:56:49 [Zakim]
21:05:23 [David]
zakim, who's noisy
21:05:23 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'who's noisy', David
21:05:33 [jamesn]
zakim, who is noisy?
21:05:34 [David]
zakim, who's noisy?
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jamesn, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Gregg_Vanderheiden (35%), Bruce_Bailey (10%), Loretta_Guarino_Reid (56%)
21:05:56 [Zakim]
David, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Gregg_Vanderheiden (70%), Bruce_Bailey (5%), Loretta_Guarino_Reid (49%)
21:06:07 [Bruce]
reasons why word doucments web content
21:06:15 [Bruce]
can access via url and http
21:06:22 [Bruce]
readily available software
21:06:25 [Bruce]
21:06:37 [Bruce]
cost free multiplatform viewers
21:06:48 [Bruce]
it is clearly content linked from the web
21:07:22 [Bruce]
authors link to .doc just like they link to .pdf, and PDFs are web content
21:08:08 [Bruce]
.doc viewer will open URLs so they are User agents per our definition
21:10:52 [Bruce]
RESOLUTION: question for survey
21:11:15 [Bruce]
Interested in feedback from others not on call
21:12:53 [Bruce]
Add other document formats to survey
21:13:44 [Bruce]
topic: please look at HTML 5 spec
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WAI_WCAG()4:00PM has ended
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Attendees were Andrew_Kirkpatrick, Michael_Cooper, Adam_Solomon, Gregg_Vanderheiden, Bruce_Bailey, Wolf_Schmidt, +1.650.214.aaaa, Loretta_Guarino_Reid, Tim_Boland, James_Nurthen,
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... David_MacDonald
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