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agenda+ Discuss Unified Proposal.
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agenda+ Discuss Battery Status specification feedback.
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agenda+ Discuss Page Visibility Last Call.
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agenda+ Discuss requestAnimationFrame open issues.
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zakim, list conferences
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scheduled at this time are IA_Fonts()4:00PM, RWC_web-per(WPWG)4:00PM, WF_(COMM)4:00PM, INC_SSN()4:00PM
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Topic: Discuss Unified Proposal.
20:04:09 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: Thank you James for putting the time into formulating this proposal. As per action items from the last conference call, we have been actively evaluating this proposal. We had responded to the mailing list with our concerns:
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- +1.512.851.aabb
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Attendees were Plh, AZ, +1.650.214.aaaa, James, Jatinder, Nic, +1.512.851.aabb
20:35:52 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: In general, there are a few main issues. The proposal attempts to create a single interface that all Timings must use for data collection, storage and retrieval. At first glance, the unified interface looked like a very good idea. However, we are concerned that this single interface constrains current and future Timings to be generalized and risks losing, or making it difficult, to have access to functionality specific to that Timing. A widget
20:35:58 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: The single, circular buffer is also a large concern, as mentioned in the mailing list.
20:36:12 [JatinderMann]
JamesS: A single buffer isn't required, we can change that.
20:38:34 [JatinderMann]
James: Having an inheritance model will take us part of the way to where I'd like this to be.
20:39:51 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: I can take an action item to include an inheritance model into our current specification. I will share that proposal on the mailng list.
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21:09:10 [plh]
As examples, the attribute returns true when:
21:09:10 [plh]
The User Agent is minimized.
21:09:10 [plh]
The User Agent is not minimized, but the page is on a background tab.
21:09:10 [plh]
The Operating System lock screen is shown.
21:09:10 [plh]
The User Agent is minimized and a preview is shown.
21:09:12 [plh]
21:09:32 [plh]
(for the hidden attribute)
21:10:12 [plh]
21:13:26 [plh]
and also transparent window
21:28:46 [plh]
actually, opera allows one to minimize a tab
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Zakim, ??P2 is me
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Attendees were +1.650.253.aaaa, +1.512.851.aabb, Plh, heycam, Arvind?, [Microsoft], Kyle?
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