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Zakim, this will be DOM3
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I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, trackbot
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Meeting: Web Applications Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 05 May 2011
17:33:56 [Zakim]
ok, shepazu; conference Team_(webapps)17:33Z scheduled with code 26632 (CONF2) for 60 minutes until 1833Z
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Team_(webapps)17:33Z has now started
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17:35:32 [smaug]
Zakim, [IPcaller] is Olli_Pettay
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+Olli_Pettay; got it
17:37:02 [smaug]
Scribe: Olli_Pettay
17:37:12 [smaug]
Topic: keyboard events
17:37:46 [smaug]
shepazu: I updated the spec based on hallword's (spelling?) notes
17:40:16 [jrossi]
17:41:14 [smaug]
shepazu: added supplementary idl for charCode/keyCode/which
17:42:17 [smaug]
shepazu: there lots of legacy stuff we don't need to specify, but legacy keyboard events are mainstream
17:43:23 [smaug]
shepazu: not making it normative though
17:46:54 [smaug]
shepazu: it is not appendix because I wanted to keep it there near other keyboard stuff
17:47:53 [smaug]
shepazu: will change it to appendix
17:49:57 [smaug]
smaug: I'd suggest not using KeyboardEvent, but LegacyKeyboardEvent
17:51:08 [smaug]
jrossi: Why not switch to WebIDL?
17:51:39 [smaug]
shepazu: WebIDL is not stable enough yet
17:53:09 [smaug]
jrossi: about WDC vs D3E
17:53:34 [smaug]
jrossi: I have a testpage about that
17:54:45 [smaug]
jrossi: D3E doesn't need to restrict what the event type string can be
17:56:21 [smaug]
smaug: I agree
17:57:13 [smaug]
smaug: the other difference is the exceptions from dispatchEvent
17:57:33 [smaug]
jrossi: I like keeping the two different exceptions
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18:03:57 [trackbot]
ISSUE-178 -- Implementations and DOM Core allow empty string and null event types -- raised
18:03:57 [trackbot]
18:04:44 [smaug]
resolution: accept the change request issue-178
18:05:54 [jrossi]
18:05:54 [trackbot]
ISSUE-179 -- DOM Core uses INVALID_STATE_ERR (DOMException) where D3E uses DISPATCH_REQUEST_ERR (EventException) -- raised
18:05:56 [trackbot]
18:07:05 [smaug]
resolution: it is useful to have separate exceptions for for different cases
18:08:17 [smaug]
Topic: WDC
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Team_(webapps)17:33Z has ended
18:14:37 [Zakim]
Attendees were Doug_Schepers, [Microsoft], Olli_Pettay
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trackbot, end telcon
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Zakim, list attendees
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sorry, trackbot, I don't know what conference this is
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