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Meeting: Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 02 May 2011
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chair: Jutta
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Regrets+ Jan, Sarah, Tim
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scribe: Jeanne
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20:21:35 [jeanne]
topic: Level AA Success Criteria Comments
20:22:41 [jeanne]
Jutta: What is the best course for completing the review of the Last Call Comments
20:23:12 [jeanne]
Alex: A survey helps with this information. Having all the information on one page would be more convenient.
20:24:10 [jeanne]
Jutta: Or a table with a column for comments
20:24:28 [jeanne]
Topic: ATAG Implementations
20:24:44 [jeanne]
Alessandro: I will be ready to discuss this in a few weeks.
20:26:05 [jeanne]
Jutta: NIAC is working on mobile web apps which would include authoring tools. I am approaching them about ATAG 2.0 implementation. It is an organization that helps with device independents. Device independence often can lead to accessibility.
20:28:10 [jeanne]
Jutta: We will need two examples of every success criteria when we reach the CR phase. It is also an advantage to have implementations that meet all of Level A, level AA and level AAA.
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Attendees were Jeanne, Cherie, Alex, Alessandro
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present+ Alessandro, Alex, Cherie, Jutta, Jeanne
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present: Alessandro, Alex, Cherie, Jutta, Jeanne
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Jutta: The homework is to complete the Level AA and AAA comments so we can review them rapidly next week. We are falling behind in completing the review. There will come a point where we will have to send out the comments regardless of review by the WG.
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Jutta: Next meeting is next Monday.
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