October 29 - October 30 2012

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As usual, #webrtc at irc.w3.org

Remote participation



Monday morning 0830--1200

  • welcome and stuff
  • API functionality (MediaStream related) that has been discussed but is not currently supported, what of this should we support in v1? - Stefan
    • Sender side (all per track)
      • Priority
      • bw
      • width/height
      • agc toggle switch
      • bw/cong. feedback
    • Receiver side
      • reject certain or all tracks in offer
        • should app be able to?
      • inform the sender of used / useful width/height
      • tell the sender that a stream/track is not played (paused/unattached/ended)
    • Not certain what side
      • Control of AEC (echo cancellation)
    • Agree on what of the above we need
      • What in v1; what we can move to v2 but “make room for” in v1; what we can’t see need for
      • One time, or possible to change?
    • Discussion leads to requirements to IETF on SDP and RTCP capabilities

  • Coffee break 1030-1045
  • SDP handling - Martin T, Cullen
    • How long is an SDP created with createOffer/Answer valid?
    • Rollback funtionality
      • at setLocal(offer) at offerer
      • at setRemote(offer) at answerer
      • at setLocal(answer) at answerer
      • at setRemote(answer) at offerer
      • What does an application do to recover when the UA rejects the set* call?

  • Lunch 1200-1300

Monday afternoon 1300-1800

  • General error handling principles - Anant
  • Call flows - Cullen’s sample flows - Cullen
    • Walk through a flow or two, verify that we understand what the transitions mean
  • Stats - Harald
    • Conclude stats model
    • Specific stats for
      • Transports
      • ICE addresses / address pairs
      •  ???
  • Conclude DTMF (we hope) - Harald, Justin
  • Finish for the day

Tuesday morning 0830-1200

  • API functionality for remove stream - Harald
    • Empty indices in local/remoteStreams or not?
  • States - Cullen, Justin
    • PeerConnection
    • ICE agent
    • What is exposed to application?
  • End of WebRTC WG meeting (afternoon is Media Capture)

Expected attendants


(anything below this is added after the meeting)