February 6 - February 7 2013

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Agenda: Feb 6th - 1 hour

  • Call flow: Adam R
    • Walk through examples in spec
    • Note disagreements on “what happens here”
    • Note questions about “what happens here if....”
    • Don’t make decisions - list questions

Feb 7th - 4 hours

  • MediaStream and MediaStreamTrack - SDP interface (1.5h):

(Based on the conclusions from rtcweb/mmusic)

    • What id’s/labels needs to be signaled
    • How to handle rejection (support now? How?)
  • Error handling (0.5h):
    • Sticking to current principles
    • Specific errors and additional error data
  • Data channel (0.5h): Randell
    • Verify that we pass all info needed for SCTP setup, and vice versa
  • Rollback (hope this is just API, and settled)
  • Stats (1h): Hta
    • Stats needed, whether current are well defined
    • Where should stats specs live? (IANA registry, IETF doc, W3C doc, all of the above?)
  • Next steps, open issues list (0.5h): Chairs