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29 Apr 2011

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Judy, Jamal_Mazrui, Jan, John, Peter, Cynthia_Shelly, jeanne


<judy> scribe: Jeanne

general updates

JB: There have been a few side discussions. It appears that the FCC is still interested in supporting the launch of this and working with CIO COuncil and W3C.
... we are being cautious about the workload landing on any one agency.

JM: We don't have formal approval, but at this point we are not expecting a problem. We are looking at staffing required to monitor the challenge.

JB: I have updates to licensing.

update to licensing and "how to enter" rules http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/challenge-gallery/wiki/Grab_and_Go_Gallery#How_to_Enter

JB: Item #10 on licensing. [reads]. We could add another phrase, "no guarentees of acceptance".

PK: I would add LGPL (limited GPL) a lot is available in LGPL. I would make the disclaimer more general.

JB: There is a general disclaimer.
... For any of the ones that we specifically mention, I want to make sure we will accept them. Is LGPL good for reusability.

PK: It allows GPL to be used without the commercial code inheriting the GPL properties.

JM: I also suggest Mozilla Public License (???).

JB: That makes 6 licenses. Are we ok with that many?
... I will alphabetize the list.

CS: The two things that come to mind are Shared Source and Redistributable (components that ship with Visual Studio).

JB: OSI restricts us, but this expands it. It helps us emphasize reuability.

PK: The moment we go beyond OSI approved, we have to give much more scrutiny.
... Thhere are two different points. If the Grab and Go has a commercial component, then that will need more flexible licensing. The Challenge.gov should be OSI licenses.
... I'm not saying we shouldn't do it, but it makes more work in scrutiny if the licenses are not OSI-approved.

JB: Shared Source is not OSI-approved. Redistributable Executable(??) is not on the list.
... "Other licenses may be acceptable, but may extend the review time for your submission."

CS: It seems like a nice out.

<judy> http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/challenge-gallery/wiki/Grab_and_Go_Gallery#How_to_Enter please note in particular, #10, #2

<judy> http://www.microsoft.com/opensource/licenses.mspx

CS: I will have to check it out internally, there is another for closed source but open distribution.

PK: I have some cautions about public domain, because a license gives legal comfort that the user didn't just copy someone else's code.

JM: I'm not wedded to keeping public domain, but I'm not sure how much protection that gives you.

PK: for corporations, if it comes with a license, then the terms are clear and it can be reused. If someone is not prepared to make those terms clear, that's a red flag.

JS: I think that some submitters won't be familiar with licenses, and will want to submit as public domain because they don't want to be involved with "legal stuff".

PK: add that public domain is acceptable, but may take more time for review.

JB: I removed some terms that were US-centric. I modified some thing as we had discussed and that didn't look appropriate.

JM: I think 5 months is better than 3.

JB: We are about to go into summer. I don't want to end the period in August. Maybe July. Otherwwise it goes into September and we don't know what the volume will be. It's a lower bar, but doesn't have the incentive that others have. These are smaller things to build. Some of them.
... We have the option to extend once it is open.

Eligilibility. I changed this quite a bit from the FCC text. I removed the part about being a US resident. It is a more permissive elibility section. By participating, you agree to the rules.

Challenge Submission period. Jamal was suggesting extending to 5 months. I have one concern, that the timeline of the project has extende 3fold of what we were originally thinking. We aren't done when the Challenge closes, then we need to build the Gallery.

PK: I don't want to wait until the Challenge closes to start the Gallery.

JB: A few of the recent discussions have reduced my concerns on hosting, data searching, compatibility.

John: We need a home page that says that we will be posting submissions once we get them.

JB: We can post in wiki, and or something more permanent in W3C space.

John: We need to get the domain name now, instead of waiting to announcement the name and then have someone grab the domain.

Jamal: I have thought about names and have reserved them, that I will transfer to the project if needed.
... grabandgogallery.org and webaccessgallery.org. They point to the wiki.

<judy> Grab and Go Gallery for Accessible Web Authoring

JB: Some of the concerns about stability have been addressed. Some concern that the name would be reserved.
... no other concerns about Submission Rules. In section 10, I inserted a couple sentences. #10, 5,6,7,8 - commitments of longer are favorable

PK: The main concern about public domain is that is a barrier to entry - we aren't going to hold acceptance if we don't have it.
... Commitment to address bugs and updates will be looked upon favorably.

JB: The current set up is that we have a copy and we will link to their copy. We had talked about that in the discussion on deadwood. This is where we need resources to help sustain and maintain it. We want people to tell us when they update stuff.

PK: Are we asking for a contact name?

JB: Good point, I'm not sure that we have a contact name.

JM: They need it just to enter challenge.gov.

JB: but that might not match with a long term need. I'll tweek.
... #12 How to Enter. We may need something saying we had no liability. I didn't chop it down much, but it is long.
... I will look again and simplify it.

PK: The FCC reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the Challenge, or any part of it. Period. End there.
... end the sentence there.
... "The FCC reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any contestant. Period"

JB: I think we should qualify what the rights of the FCC are.

Jamal: the text from @@ challenge should be used because it has had the most scrutiny by FCC legal.

JB: Please send comments to me. We are going over.

update to testing section

JB: We will take up testing via email.

Jan: I sent an email with comments

zakim take up item 4

JB: I will be sending an updated version of announcements that is more upbeat, as discussed, next week. Talking to Scott with OSTP about launch. Also @@ about launch.
... We may end up wrapping it for launch on the list. I want to make sure there are no un-addressed issues that will catch anyone by surprise if we go ahead by the list.
... do I have permission to proceed if we don't have a meeting.

[brief discussion of names]. We need two URI, one for challenge, one for gallery.

JM: Challenge.gov now has friendly URI for the individual challenges instead of a number.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]