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Meeting: Provenance Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 28 April 2011
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Zakim, this will be PROV
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ok, pgroth; I see SW_(PROV)11:00AM scheduled to start in 8 minutes
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zakim, who is on the call?
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Chair: Luc Moreau
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topic: Welcome
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sandro: introducing himself
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luc: discussing membership
15:05:31 [SamCoppens]
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15:05:32 [pgroth]
luc: 25 members as of now, invited experts decided by next week
15:05:33 [Zakim]
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15:05:45 [pgroth]
luc: going over the agenda
15:05:53 [pgroth]
Topic: admin issues
15:06:03 [pgroth]
Topic: Meeting schedules
15:06:03 [Zakim]
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15:06:07 [pgroth]
luc: telecon times
15:06:24 [pgroth]
luc: try for 60 minutes, but 90 minutes blocked
15:06:51 [pgroth]
luc: F2F meetings
15:07:02 [pgroth]
luc: initial charter said only one F2F meeting
15:07:11 [pgroth]
luc: think that 2 a year are needed
15:07:36 [pgroth]
luc: poll July 6-7 identified for the first meeting
15:07:46 [Zakim]
15:07:46 [Zakim]
15:07:47 [pgroth]
luc: slight preference for boston
15:07:57 [pgroth]
15:08:05 [sandro]
15:08:26 [pgroth]
15:09:03 [Luc_]
15:10:15 [sandro]
sandro: f2f2 probably either at ISWC or TPAC
15:10:15 [smiles]
15:10:16 [jcheney]
Boston OK
15:10:17 [Satya]
+1 for Boston
15:10:18 [rpi-lebo]
boston meeting: good!
15:10:20 [jorn]
-1 boston
15:10:25 [YolandaGil]
I cannot make a meeting in July, sorry
15:10:25 [DanielGarijo]
i won't be able to attend in July :(
15:10:26 [SamCoppens]
+1 Boston
15:10:31 [iker]
-1 boston
15:10:32 [sandro]
PROPOSED: Have F2F1 near Boston on July 6-7
15:10:33 [JimMcCusker]
+1 Boston
15:10:34 [Zakim]
- +1.540.449.aann
15:10:37 [jun]
I cannot make in July, sorry
15:10:43 [pgroth]
15:10:48 [Luc_]
15:10:50 [smiles]
15:10:50 [rpi-lebo]
15:10:50 [LarsG]
I won't be able to attend neither Boston, nor Southampton
15:10:51 [jcheney]
15:10:58 [sandro]
15:11:05 [Lena]
15:11:06 [olaf]
15:11:23 [frew]
+0 Boston
15:11:24 [Zakim]
+ +1.540.449.aaoo
15:11:30 [pgroth]
paulo: +1
15:11:39 [pgroth]
eric: +1
15:12:53 [Zakim]
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15:13:58 [sandro]
iker: I'd rather it be in soton
15:14:15 [sandro]
pgroth: would you ever be able to travel to the US, maybe in winter
15:14:26 [sandro]
iker: yes, maybe later
15:14:40 [sandro]
Luc: could you join by telecon, as a backup.
15:14:44 [Ed-UOA]
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15:14:44 [sandro]
iker: Yes
15:15:14 [JimM]
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15:15:24 [sandro]
olaf: i do not think I can go to the US (at any point), but can join by teleconference.
15:16:17 [Ed-UOA]
Edoardo Pignotti and David Corsar from Aberdeen University, we are not sure we will be able to attend face-to-face meeting in Boston
15:16:48 [sandro]
pgroth: sounds like consensus, lots of +1s, and the people who can't make it can join by teleconf.
15:16:50 [JimM]
I've developed a conflict July 6-7 - may be able to dial in for bits
15:16:54 [DeborahMcGuinness]
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15:17:07 [sandro]
Zakim, list attendees
15:17:07 [Zakim]
As of this point the attendees have been Luc_, pgroth, Sandro, +1.805.893.aabb, +1.509.375.aaee, em, jcheney, +49.302.093.aaff, YolandaGil, olaf, jorn, Satya, +1.540.449.aagg,
15:17:11 [Zakim]
... +1.518.633.aahh, +1.937.708.aaii, +1.832.386.aajj, jun, +329331aakk, LarsG, JimMcCusker, +1.915.603.aamm, SamCoppens, +1.540.449.aann, Jeff_Pan, +1.540.449.aaoo,
15:17:13 [Zakim]
... +1.518.276.aapp
15:18:14 [paulo]
+1.915.603.aamm is paulo
15:18:16 [sandro]
RESOLVED: Have F2F1 near Boston on July 6-7
15:18:27 [sandro]
(with dialin available)
15:19:08 [sandro]
sandro: Yes, I'll host it at MIT.
15:19:19 [pgroth]
TOPIC: WG tools
15:20:07 [pgroth]
15:20:28 [Luc_]
15:20:37 [pgroth]
sandro: introducing irc notes
15:20:43 [pgroth]
sandro: all logs are public
15:21:23 [pgroth]
sandro: mailing list, you are automatically joined when you join the working group
15:21:50 [pgroth]
sandro: wiki, the same password as joining the working group
15:22:08 [Zakim]
+ +1.202.688.aaqq
15:22:32 [Zakim]
15:22:32 [pgroth]
sandro: document preparation, will discuss later the various options
15:22:41 [simoninireland]
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15:23:10 [sandro]
15:23:22 [sandro]
15:23:27 [pgroth]
15:23:44 [pgroth]
sandro: discussing the speaker queue
15:23:44 [stephanzednik]
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15:24:07 [pgroth]
15:24:17 [olaf]
15:24:33 [olaf]
15:24:35 [pgroth]
\me thanks olaf
15:25:08 [sandro]
zakim, who is on the call?
15:25:08 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Luc_, pgroth, Sandro, ??P3, +1.805.893.aabb, em, YolandaGil, JimMcCusker, Satya, +1.509.375.aaee, jcheney, jorn, ??P27, olaf, jun, ??P30, +1.518.633.aahh, LarsG,
15:25:11 [Zakim]
... +1.832.386.aajj, +329331aakk, SamCoppens, +1.915.603.aamm, Jeff_Pan, +1.540.449.aaoo, ??P43, +1.518.276.aapp, +1.202.688.aaqq, ??P21
15:25:38 [JimM]
JimM is 518-276
15:25:50 [sandro]
Zakim, aapp is JimM
15:25:50 [Zakim]
+JimM; got it
15:26:07 [stephanzednik]
StephanZednik is on via skype
15:26:12 [Lena]
Zakim, aajj is Lena
15:26:12 [Zakim]
+Lena; got it
15:26:14 [simoninireland]
I'm on a SIP connection
15:26:21 [stephanzednik]
StephanZednik is also from RPI
15:26:38 [DanielGarijo]
Zakim, em is DanielGarijo
15:26:38 [Zakim]
+DanielGarijo; got it
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15:26:59 [paulo]
paulo is aamm
15:27:08 [rpi-lebo]
Zakim, aacc is DeborahMcGuinness
15:27:08 [Zakim]
sorry, rpi-lebo, I do not recognize a party named 'aacc'
15:27:26 [Zakim]
15:27:54 [pgroth]
TOPIC: Introductions
15:28:25 [Luc_]
15:28:50 [pgroth]
luc: asking people to introduce themselves on the mailing list
15:29:10 [pgroth]
luc: you can also edit your wiki page at the W3C
15:29:45 [pgroth]
carl: carl reed, chief technology officer of the open geospatial consortium
15:30:02 [pgroth]
carlOGC: provenance is a huge issue in geospatial info
15:30:15 [Yogesh]
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15:30:24 [DeborahMcG]
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15:30:36 [pgroth]
thanks carl
15:30:53 [zednik]
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15:30:55 [Zakim]
- +1.540.449.aaoo
15:31:13 [pgroth]
carlOGC: a number of different working groups of the consortium
15:31:44 [pgroth]
danielgarijo: phd student, involved in the provenance incubator group and the dublin core group
15:31:50 [Zakim]
+ +1.540.449.aarr
15:32:03 [Yogesh]
zakim, +1.540.449.aarr is me
15:32:03 [Zakim]
+Yogesh; got it
15:32:13 [khalidbelhajjame]
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15:32:39 [pgroth]
danielgarijo: interested in provenance for news and how this group integrates with dublin core
15:32:52 [pgroth]
Ed-UOA: research fellow at University of Aberdeen
15:32:53 [iker]
sorry, but i'm having problems with the sound, ask me and I will introduce through IRC
15:33:10 [pgroth]
Ed-UOA: interested of provenance related to digital social research and linked open data
15:33:19 [Zakim]
15:33:35 [pgroth]
David Corser: also from aberdeen,
15:33:43 [Zakim]
15:34:15 [pgroth]
frew: James Frew professor from UCSB, transparent acquisition of provenance and use in earth sciences
15:35:16 [iker]
15:35:19 [pgroth]
iker: working on semantic web technologies, applying these technologies to health care and life sciences
15:36:02 [pgroth]
jcheney: james cheney at University of Edinburgh, provenance and databases and integrating this research into larger applications. most likely to be involved in formal semantics
15:36:40 [pgroth]
JimM: Jim Myers - supercomputing center at RPI, interested in provenance with respect to e-science
15:37:05 [pgroth]
JimMcCusker: phd student at RPI, biomedical domain, integrating domain specific provenance models
15:37:37 [pgroth]
jorn: Jorn Hees phd student at DFKI, interested in provenance related to linked data, and licensing issues
15:38:21 [pgroth]
jun: postdoctoral fellow at Oxford, working on provenance for 8 years in the areas of e-science, life science, data quality on the web. take a pragmatic approach to provenance
15:38:50 [jorn]
15:39:11 [pgroth]
khalidbelhajjame: researcher at the university of manchester, interested in the use of provenance, applications of provenance
15:39:44 [pgroth]
LarsG: from german national library, provenance with respect to library and provenance data
15:40:41 [pgroth]
Lena: Helena Deus, postdoctoral fellow at deri, from a biology background, also part of the HCLS working group
15:41:31 [pgroth]
olaf: Olaf Harting phd student at Humbolt University, main research topic is execution of queries over the Web of Data, provenance is a critical part of assessing trust
15:42:10 [olaf]
15:42:19 [pgroth]
paulo: professor at University of El Paso, help scientists to benefit provenance especially related to human systems
15:42:50 [pgroth]
rpi-lebo: phd student at RPI looking at provenance from aggregated government data sources
15:43:24 [pgroth]
SamCoppens: focused on long term preservation, research at IBBT
15:43:49 [pgroth]
Satya: assistant professor at case western,
15:44:39 [pgroth]
simoninireland: simon dibson, professor at st. andrews in scotland, interested in sensor networks, making sure that information is correctly processed
15:45:01 [simoninireland]
15:45:16 [pgroth]
smiles: Simon Miles - lecturer at Kings College, looking at provenance with respect to health care
15:45:35 [pgroth]
yogesh: looking at provenance from streaming data, at USC
15:47:36 [pgroth]
YolandaGil: at USC/ISI, interested in how you make trust judgements based on provenance, capturing data provenance for scientific workflows (a number of domains), integrating this work with scientific articles. Chaired the provenance incubator group. Interested in connections to the W3C hcls group
15:48:08 [pgroth]
zednik: Stefan Zednik researcher at RPI, explaining processing based on provenance
15:48:09 [JimMcCusker]
Cynthia Chang (RPI) is not on IRC but on the call
15:48:31 [Satya]
Satya: interested in e-science, biomedical informatics with focus on translational research, involved in provenance representation and query performance
15:48:56 [pgroth]
Erik Stefan: from Pacific Northwest National Labratory, using provenance for science especially at large scales
15:49:11 [Zakim]
15:49:29 [Zakim]
15:49:37 [pgroth]
Sandro: staff contact, involved in a number of working groups, is very interested in interchange of data
15:50:08 [pgroth]
TOPIC: deliverable time table
15:50:15 [jorn]
15:50:16 [zednik]
15:50:23 [pgroth]
luc: not going to go through the whole charter
15:51:01 [pgroth]
luc: the first working draft after 6 months
15:51:17 [pgroth]
luc: after 9 months mechanisms to access/query provenance
15:51:33 [pgroth]
luc: very close succession of deliverables
15:51:46 [pgroth]
luc: reason is because of the W3C approval process
15:52:09 [pgroth]
luc: aware that there is a lot of work towards the beginning of the working group activity
15:52:26 [pgroth]
luc: questions about the timetable?
15:52:31 [Luc_]
15:52:59 [Luc_]
Scribe: Luc_
15:53:24 [Luc_]
Paul: organize work in 4 task forces
15:53:38 [Luc_]
... introduction, and then see who is interested in what
15:53:59 [Luc_]
... 1. model task force
15:54:12 [Luc_]
... 2. provenance access and query task force
15:54:28 [Luc_]
... 3. Connection task force
15:54:42 [Luc_]
... how to reach to other communities
15:55:14 [Luc_]
... 4. Implementation and test cases task force
15:55:47 [Luc_]
... need two implementations, how do we know we've got it right? (test cases)
15:55:58 [Luc_]
... People can be part of many task forces
15:56:05 [Luc_]
15:56:18 [DanielGarijo]
15:56:39 [Luc_]
Daniel: how are task forces going to communicate?
15:57:11 [Luc_]
Paul: all communications on same mailing list, same wiki, same weekly teleconference
15:57:22 [jun]
15:57:22 [Luc_]
15:57:32 [DanielGarijo]
15:57:35 [DanielGarijo]
15:57:39 [jun]
15:57:42 [Luc_]
Jun: are task forces going to run in parallel?
15:57:57 [Luc_]
Paul: yes
15:58:20 [Luc_]
... they will work on different things
15:58:26 [jcheney]
15:58:26 [paulo]
15:59:09 [Luc_]
James: there is a lot of work that was compiled in the incubator, we should put a link to that
15:59:27 [Luc_]
James: we need more concrete things to do
15:59:39 [Luc_]
James: making sure that everybody is on the same page
15:59:51 [jorn] ?
16:00:17 [Luc_]
ACTION: pgroth to make link to incubator group work
16:00:17 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-1 - Make link to incubator group work [on Paul Groth - due 2011-05-05].
16:00:19 [jcheney]
16:00:46 [Luc_]
Paulo: how can we work in parallel without having a model yet?
16:01:03 [Zakim]
- +1.202.688.aaqq
16:01:04 [Luc_]
... do we have full agreement on terms?
16:01:08 [JimMcCusker]
16:01:12 [jcheney]
16:01:24 [Luc_]
Paul: that's the work of the model task force
16:01:33 [DanielGarijo]
didn't we compile a set of terms to "start with" for the model force?
16:01:34 [Luc_]
... we want to get this discussion going asap
16:01:48 [LarsG]
LarsG has left #prov
16:02:04 [Luc_]
16:02:09 [Zakim]
- +329331aakk
16:02:12 [Luc_]
16:02:15 [Luc_]
16:02:58 [Luc_]
Paulo: start model TF first, others after
16:03:06 [DanielGarijo]
16:03:17 [Luc_]
Paul: reaching out to other communities can also start immediately
16:03:28 [Luc_]
Paulo: great if we can enumerate things that can go in parallel
16:03:36 [Satya]
16:03:42 [Luc_]
16:03:43 [DanielGarijo]
ack paulo
16:04:07 [Satya]
16:04:09 [Luc_]
Satya: breakdown in tasks would also be desirable
16:04:39 [Luc_]
Jim McCusker: start with a base vocabulary, which is not model, but can help express queries
16:04:40 [smiles]
16:05:29 [Luc_]
Simon: have you mapped deliverables to TF?
16:05:49 [Luc_]
Paul: fairly direct mapping, but not final yet
16:06:37 [Luc_]
Paul: can you indicate (non binding) what you are interest in?
16:06:43 [pgroth]
1. Model Task Force
16:06:43 [JimMcCusker]
16:06:44 [Satya]
16:06:46 [zednik]
16:06:47 [JimM]
16:06:47 [jcheney]
16:06:48 [JimMcCusker]
16:06:48 [simoninireland]
16:06:49 [Luc_]
16:06:49 [DanielGarijo]
16:06:50 [jorn]
16:06:51 [JimMcCusker]
16:06:53 [CarlOGC]
16:06:59 [rpi-lebo]
16:07:05 [Ed-UOA]
16:07:12 [pgroth]
Access Task Force
16:07:16 [SamCoppens]
16:07:16 [olaf]
16:07:17 [frew]
16:07:18 [DanielGarijo]
16:07:20 [Satya]
16:07:22 [khalidbelhajjame]
16:07:23 [jun]
16:07:23 [Yogesh]
16:07:24 [jorn]
16:07:25 [Lena]
16:07:26 [rpi-lebo]
16:07:27 [zednik]
16:07:33 [iker]
16:07:42 [pgroth]
Connection Task Force
16:07:51 [YolandaGil]
16:07:52 [Satya]
16:07:55 [smiles]
16:07:55 [pgroth]
eric +1
16:07:59 [Luc_]
EricStephan: +1
16:08:02 [paulo]
16:08:18 [paulo]
+1 (for model)
16:08:21 [pgroth]
Implementation and Test Case Task Force
16:08:26 [frew]
16:08:27 [zednik]
16:08:27 [Yogesh]
16:08:28 [Lena]
16:08:28 [rpi-lebo]
16:08:29 [smiles]
16:08:29 [simoninireland]
16:08:30 [jun]
16:08:31 [Ed-UOA]
16:08:31 [iker]
16:08:32 [jcheney]
16:08:36 [SamCoppens]
16:08:53 [Luc_]
Paul: looks fairly evenly spread
16:09:02 [Luc_]
16:09:38 [Luc_]
Action: Luc_ to define task forces on wiki
16:09:38 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - Luc_
16:10:11 [Luc_]
Action: Luc to define task forces on wiki
16:10:11 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2 - Define task forces on wiki [on Luc Moreau - due 2011-05-05].
16:10:14 [CarlOGC]
16:10:15 [Yogesh]
Yogesh has left #prov
16:10:18 [pgroth]
trackbot, end meeting
16:10:18 [trackbot]
Zakim, list attendees
16:10:19 [trackbot]
RRSAgent, please draft minutes
16:10:19 [RRSAgent]
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16:10:20 [trackbot]
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ACTION: pgroth to make link to incubator group work [1]
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16:10:20 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Luc_ to define task forces on wiki [2]
16:10:20 [RRSAgent]
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16:10:20 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Luc to define task forces on wiki [3]
16:10:20 [RRSAgent]
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