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Meeting: Web Services Resource Access Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 19 April 2011
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one using adium, one using chatzilla
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LOL ok, now I understand
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An aside to iPhone hacks:
19:32:28 [Dave]
I published my new iPhoen App: EnigmaM3. Let me know what you thing.
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scribe: BobF
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Agenda agreed
19:33:56 [BobF]
New Issue 12457
19:34:00 [BobF]
19:34:14 [BobF]
resolved as proposed.
19:35:07 [BobF]
Topic: Test status
19:36:20 [BobF]
Dug: have been discussing with Gil about how to expand the MEX scenarios
19:38:06 [BobF]
Ram: enum ma and ibm endpoints pass all sections.
19:39:04 [BobF]
Wu: Li says that they may be able to test more as soon as next week outside the firewall
19:41:47 [BobF]
summary test issues:1. oracle recovery of stolen nb tests
19:42:09 [BobF]
2. wrap-up of expanded mex testing
19:42:26 [BobF]
3. filling out avaya rows in text matrix
19:43:10 [BobF]
need: oracle schedule, mex test expanded definition.
19:43:57 [BobF]
Topic: Primers
19:45:10 [BobF]
have folks consider quo vadis on primers by next call
19:47:49 [BobF]
Next meeting May 10.
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Attendees were [IPcaller], Doug_Davis, [Microsoft], Wu_Chou, Yves, Tom_Rutt
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