Gallery of Accessible Widgets and Templates

08 Apr 2011

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Judy, jeanne, John, Jamal, Jan, Peter, Cynthia


Sample templates

JB: Thanks to John for the "prime the pump" examples. See http://jfciii.com/templates/right/
... I would like a thumbnail image for display on the home page.
... I need two volunteers to test for accessibility.
... probably jeanne and Jan
... John, you may want to submit some of the templates for the challenge, instead of using them all as "prime the pump".
... It would be really helpful for JOhn to go through the testing procedure on the wiki to evaluate, as a developer, how useful the test procedure is.

John: I wanted to vary the samples to show different situations and techniques.

Jan: It looks good. I just ran a quick check.

Jeanne: I can't minute and run a check, but I am looking at the code and it looks good.

JB: I can see you have some instructions on it. That is the Home page. I would suggest you put a link to that in the navigation section.
... Swapt the order of the navigation so that new users would go to the instructions page.

John: I also want to add a Download page to allow people to download the template.

JB: Check it for dead links.

Jan: there is no skip navigation

<korn1> What URL are we looking at?


<judy> JM: would help to have "1" keyboard shortcut to get to first main heading


JB: Change the navigation from Contact Us to Contact Form to make it clear that people know to go to that page for a sample.

<cyns> http://amp.codeplex.com/

JB: If you had a little more time, could you have a style rotation sample so that people who don't know the concept of styles would be able to see an example of it.

John: I could do that, and once we have it right, I could also make versions in .asp, and .php versions

Cynthia: I just sent a link to the Silverlight accessible player, and I emailed Sean Hayes to ask if he has a downloadable version of the HTML5 player.

Challenge.gov meeting

JB: Jamal has reestablished contact with challenge.gov. Some of the contact people have changed. Yesterday Jamal and I talked to Karen. There were questions.
... CIO council can be a host, but they should not be the lead host. Before it is officially launched, we should decide which agency will be the lead host
... we will be able to see a preview, we are coordinated announcements.
... there are some blog features, we have discussed getting some blogging about it, but it would have to be hosted through Jamal or Debbie's agency. The comments wouldn't show up automatically.
... The question of whether some of the things that come in are now free? Karen had to leave before answering that.
... there is a sequence of things we need to figure out, like licensing or non-free. But not all submissions to the Gallery need to come through the CHallenge, so we may be able to handle it that way.

Jamal: Peter, my sense is that it might be significantly easier if everything on the challenge.gov site is not commercial. How feasible would it be to have some of the Oracle to have it be free, or freely downloadable.

Peter: That depends on what you mean by Free or Freely Downloadable. All the stuff from AEGIS, from Jan, and others we have looked at, are open source and can be downloaded without charge. But there are a lot of things that are binary that may not be free.

JB: Can you give a specific suggestion of wording??

Peter: I don't think the difference between what is free and available to download and what Oracle set of proprietary web components.
... the 3 things we have already talked about qualify. Are there additional commercial things from Oracle that are not free and free to use? I don't think they are.

JB: the idea from the beginning was of things shareable for the benefit of accessibility, otherwise it would become a store, and that is inconsistent with what we envisioned.

Peter: opening it to commercial software could bring in many others, for example Microsoft. The 21st Century Act requires the agency to provide a list of software resources.

Cynthia: Perhaps we could have a lite (sharable)and a commercial versions.

JB: It has been hard to get things that support the authoring side, and keep copying code to recreate the basic tools.

<judy> [pk: perhaps: these are free to download and use; the licenses that you need to follow and use is available here, etc... ]

Peter: These are free to download and use. The license that you need to use is "here". Anything that says you have a perpetual free license to use is here.

<judy> [jm: or "free to use during the challenge or for 1 year thereafter"]

Jamal: Some other examples I have seen are "free to use during the Challenge, or free to use during the Challenge and for one year after.

<judy> [pk: or "in perpetuity"]

John: You dont' want things that are free for a year, no one will use it.
... mine are free, I just want my name in it.

JB: I like Cynthia's "lite" option.
... we also want to have things that set expectations and intent - we hope you use this stuff and explore more elaborate versions from other sources.

John: Can someone go over the Contact Form page to make sure I did all the labels correctly.

Jeanne can review next week

John: Don't start until Monday.

Licensing and shareability

JB: We have talked about this already, I will try to capture this and write it up for next week. I hope to have access to someone next week who can walk me through the W3C perspective.
... we don't have anyone from FCC left to talk about any necessary legal cycling. I will talk with the W3C legal.
... I want to ask a few more specific questions, so that the work we have done is semi-permanently useful.
... the front end is the challenge, and the gallery will be the long term repository.
... how do we want to organize the gallery so that items are easy to find. Cynthia, earlier you expressed interest in helping with that.
... We also want to maximize the long-term ease of keeping the gallery up to date with minimal effort, like notification of broken links, and other items over time.

Effort needed to sustain

Peter: Without making any suggestions about Oracle and funding, so there is no financial benefit going back to the sponsoring organizations, it is difficult for me to imagine how we will get resources to keep it maintained.

JB: Last week I mentioned that there is a possibility of funding for maintenance. I wouldn't right now assume that we can't. I'm trying to identify the tasks to help us get some funding, and need an idea of what would be needed.

Peter: I see buckets - jquery, Yahoo and google. They could be plop - a big chunk - multiple widgets or a large chunk of a toolkit. They would probably be in good shape, because they would be branded. I would be surprised if you got more than 10 of them

Next bucket is small ones and twos

scribe: next would be authoring tool templates an widgets.

Jan: Looking at the challenge.gov site, there won't be a lot of submissions.

John: I think there will be a lot of submissions in the beginning. There were people at CSUN who said they would donate stuff.

Jeanne: there will also be a lot from universities and research groups.

Judy: So if it is stored locally, there will be bug reports.
... whre can we channel bugs that come in.
... compatibility problems
... things will get stale.

Peter: if a group builds accessibility into a component, but the next version of the component may not be accessible.

JB: So we may need to take it down.

Peter: No, it just won't be the new version with the great features.

John: Some people will want to keep the older components becasue they have older browsers.

JB: So we need to keep contact information from the submissions so we can contact them in the future to ask for updates and fancier feature support.

Peter: don't put too many constaints on the submitters or you will get nothing.
... we are already brainstormed what information we are requesting

<judy> [track -- is this tested with what browsers, what browser features tested... and is widget part of the main toolkit]

<judy> JS: we want to have this data sortable for each web component

JS: Guidelines will change, and we want to be able to identify components that need updating/

JB: See you next week at this time.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]