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Zakim, this will be AUWG
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ok, Jan; I see WAI_AUWG()3:00PM scheduled to start 55 minutes ago
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Meeting: WAI AU
19:55:29 [Jan]
19:55:49 [Jan]
Chair: Jan Richards
19:56:44 [Jan]
Regrets: Andrew R., Jutta T. (possible)
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WAI_AUWG()3:00PM has now started
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 2894 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), Jan
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zakim, ??P2 is really Jan
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+Jan; got it
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zakim, [Microsoft] is really Cherie
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+Cherie; got it
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zakim, ??P1 is really Alessandro
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+Alastair; got it
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see Cherie, Alessandro, Jan, Jeanne, Alastair, Greg
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On IRC I see jeanne, alastairc, RRSAgent, Zakim, Jan, AleMiele, trackbot
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Scribe: jeanne
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+ +1.425.538.aaaa
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zakim, aaaa is really Alex
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+Alex; got it
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20:11:39 [Jan]
Topic: 1. New proposals for comments (re)discovered
20:12:03 [Jan]
20:12:48 [jeanne]
topic: schedule and dates
20:13:25 [jeanne]
JR: First step is to publish as quickly as possible. We want to stablize the draft, and get agreement on the comments.
20:14:27 [jeanne]
... we want to vote on 11 April and publish shortly after. We will do a 4 week comment period. We hope that we have already addresssed the substantive comments, and we can publish a Last Call Working Draft in a couple months.
20:14:59 [jeanne]
... hopefully, there will not be a lot of comments on the LCWD and can move to Candidate Recommendation in a couple months.
20:15:31 [jeanne]
AL: That is Plan A? You are confident that it will sail right through.
20:16:07 [Zakim]
20:16:16 [jeanne]
JR: I hope that people who are interested in ATAG have already made their comments. But if people who have never commented come forward, we will have to deal with them.
20:17:17 [jeanne]
... ideally, we will get the comments on the working draft, and I would like ideas on how to get our comments on this draft.
20:17:58 [jeanne]
AL: I need to review the entire document and get a feel for the whole of the draft. There are so many changes, I need to get an overall view.
20:18:53 [jeanne]
JR: It would give more certainty that we will be able to keep to the schedule if there are not a lot of comments.
20:19:38 [Jan]
Topic: Definition of "At Least as Prominent"
20:21:36 [jeanne]
JR: The previous language had said that "as least as prominent" means if each item appears in the same menu container, and has the same highlighting, and is in close proximity of order.
20:22:57 [jeanne]
... the proposal is higher in the default order or immediately follow, OR items in the same container
20:23:23 [jeanne]
... changes the boolean AND to OR.
20:24:52 [Jan]
B.2.2.1 Accessible Option Prominence (WCAG): If authors are provided with a choice of authoring actions for achieving the same authoring outcome (e.g. styling text), then options that will result in accessible web content (WCAG) are at least as prominent as options that will not. (Level A)
20:31:07 [jeanne]
AL: What if A and B are not applicable? Do you get an automatic pass or an automatic fail?
20:32:41 [jeanne]
JR: there are so many options - there would be a case where it would fail.
20:33:11 [Jan]
Action: Jan to work more on "at least as prominent"
20:33:12 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-327 - Work more on "at least as prominent" [on Jan Richards - due 2011-04-11].
20:33:13 [jeanne]
AC: How would you get to a situation where neither applies? It would make the whole SC not applicable.
20:33:26 [Jan]
Topic: Indicators of template accessibility (B.2.4.2 Template Selection Mechanism):
20:35:37 [jeanne]
JR: changes the example so that it does not appear to force the developer to use the word "WCAG A" in listing the accessibility status. It gives more flexibility to what the developer can name the accessible template.
20:37:17 [jeanne]
No objections
20:37:26 [Jan]
Resolution: All accept "Indicators of template accessibility"
20:37:38 [Jan]
Topic: Rationale for Guideline A.4.1 (Help authors avoid and correct mistakes)
20:38:42 [Jan]
Resolution" All accept: Some authors with disabilities may be more susceptible to input errors due to factors such as difficulty making fine movements and speech recognition system errors.
20:38:50 [Jan]
Topic: More examples for B.2.2.1 Accessible Option Prominence
20:43:14 [Jan]
Resolution: All agree with More examples for B.2.2.1 Accessible Option Prominence (JR several grammar tweaks)
20:45:03 [Jan]
Topic: 2. Any feedback on group action to review the proposed comment responses for comment responses for: General, Conformance and Glossary
20:45:11 [Jan]
All: No issues raised.
20:45:15 [jeanne]
no objections or discussion
20:46:57 [jeanne]
JR: Next assignment is to look at the comments for Part A, Level A.
20:47:01 [Greg]
One favor, please transmit the urls of the comments we need to review and the copy of ATAG we need to compare them to
20:48:20 [Jan]
20:48:52 [Zakim]
20:49:40 [Jan]
Group work assignment: Level A - Part A Proposed Comment Responses >
20:49:45 [jeanne]
JR: I will also send a draft for "AT least as prominent" and comment responses for Part A, LEvel A.
20:50:12 [jeanne]
... Next week we hope to vote on a Working Draft.
20:50:25 [Zakim]
20:50:26 [Zakim]
20:50:31 [Zakim]
20:50:31 [jeanne]
zakim, bye
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leaving. As of this point the attendees were Jan, Cherie, Alessandro, Jeanne, Alastair, Greg, +1.425.538.aaaa, Alex, Tim_Boland
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