24 Mar 2011


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Jeff Waters and Don McGarry
Jeff Waters


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jeffw: Welcome to the March 24, 2011 Meeting of the Decisions and Decision-Making Incubator!
... At this second to the last meeting of our incubator, we want to review a few changes to our wiki, including a new front page and FAQ, as well as our current draft final report
... The plan then is to finish the final report over the next 2 weeks before our next meeting and send out to W3C staff our request to transition to a working group, with our proposed charter.

Walk-thru of New Wiki Front Page and FAQ

jeffw: Aaron, thanks for your submission of paragraphs for the Security section of our final report.
... I will put those up to the wiki later today.
... (jeff summarized status of the group and the charter)
... (jeff summarized status of the front page or the FAQ)

comment: You have more usefulness seeing relationships with a graphical relationship rather than hierarchical. So you get the power for the mind with the diagrams where you can introduce the graphical form.
... So when you introduce the OWL format, you could introduce the concepts and entities in a graphical format. Looking back at another part of the report, there was a picture that showed some of the elements in a decision-scenario.
... When you get under the representation format, with the example OWL, you could bring it full circle by showing the visual graph associated with the ontology. So you might want to include in 17.5.3
... The one I was thinking was under Ontological Patterns and Solutions, an info flow usage case that had states, like that, I love pictures, they are so powerful. With ontologies, graphs are so important, they help people wrap their mind.
... I don't know what people are using for tools for working with ontologies, but we use Protege. Most of the ontology tools have a perspective or tab that will represent the ontology in a graphical form, bubbles and lines

jeffw: So I will send a note to Eva who is spearheading our ontology format/example, and ask her to include a graphical view of what we include. Very good point.
... Thank you, Jim for that suggestion.

Aaron: We're going over some of the questions that you sent at end of last week and we'll have some more info on the final report next week.

jeffw: Regarding the new front page, we wanted to clean it up, make it simpler, easier to understand and follow. So we have the Overvew, Goal and Scope, some of the links to recent meetings, and then the Usage Scenarios.
... The usage scenarios are particularly important because if people are wondering what this work is about, these scenarios are narratives that I think are helpful for explaining what the world would be like if we had a decision format.
... If there are other scenarios that we should include, for example, one highlighting security, we can certainly add or edit one or more. Please feel free to make suggestions.
... Under resources, we have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Just to look at that for a moment, we begin with a question about "What is a Decision Markup Language (DecsionML)?"
... I found it hard to talk about what we're trying to accomplish without giving it a name, so I did so, DecisionML. If someone has a better name, that's fine, but I needed to talk about what we're trying to accomplish, so I came up with this.
... One important pair of questions is "What is the mission of the W3C?" and "How does the proposed DecisionML promote the W3C mission?" In those paragraphs, I quote from the W3C mission at http://www.w3.org/Consortium/mission.html
... "Leading the Web to its full potential" is one of the main mission points. I point out how the Semantic Activity standards support that mission by moving up from a traditional XML format to more expressive and flexible formats, RDF which is a graph-based model supporting easier querying across multiple datasets, and OWL which supports mathematically-sound inferencing and use of domain knowledge for higher level applciations.
... And so what is the next step? We point out that the DecisionML allows these formats and the linked open data sets that use them to be used for a higher purpose, to support decisions that all people from all domains make on the web each day.
... So those questions are important ones to address and I think we've done so.

Update on Status of Draft Working Group Charter

jeffw: (summarized status)
... Hi, Eva, we finished up the meeting a bit early and I'm just summarizing for purposes of creating the minutes.

<eblomqvi> oh, don't tell me I'm an hour wrong again!?

jeffw: The Working Group Charter has been drafted, you've all had a chance to review and approve ...
... Oops, I guess I didn't think about the implications of daylight savings time, sorry.
... It's 11:02 am EST now

<eblomqvi> oh, sorry... I am always missing that!

jeffw: My apologies.

<eblomqvi> no, it's my fault I should have checked of course!

jeffw: We can follow up via email, Aaron and team kindly joined and I summarized our status that you're already familiar with.

<eblomqvi> ok, I've tried to get hold of Oreste but he is not answering his phone... I'll try again tomorrow

jeffw: I'll continue to make a few more notes here for the minutes and then I'm going to run in about 3 minutes to get to another meeting. Thanks. As soon as we get and incorporate feedback from Oreste, I'll forward the charter onto W3C staff and put a copy on our wiki and we can engage folks in some reachout.

Review of Draft Final Report

<eblomqvi> otherwise, I'll just keep working on the final report, but I think I won't have time to do very much until tomorrow... I have just this one hour now (when I thought I would be in the meeting) but then I have to go

jeffw: (jeff walked through the Draft Final Report in its current form)
... Eva, no problem, I will be challenged as well, but I would suggest that by this time next week, we should shoot for having the draft content all in there and we can polish the final week.
... Everyone please feel free to comment and contribute to the final report draft and we will finish up and approve at our next and final incubator meeting.
... The draft final report is at http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/decision/wiki/Draft_Final_Report

<eblomqvi> I agree, lets aim to complete the draft in one week

jeffw: Eva, one suggestion by Jim was to include one or more graphs (visualizations) to show the ontology relationships, etc.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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