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Meeting: LLD XG
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Chair: Antoine
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Previous: 2011-02-14
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Regrets: Ray, Monica, Ross, Asaf, Kai, Uldis, Felix
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Chair: Antoine
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Scribe: Lars
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Regrets+ Ross, Asaf, Kai, Uldis, Felix, Jodi
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topic: minutes
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15:07:22 [LarsG]
ACTION: accept minutes
15:07:28 [LarsG]
15:07:57 [antoine]
sorry I'm out!
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15:08:41 [LarsG]
tomB: Eight respondents for telco in Asia pacific
15:09:08 [LarsG]
... call next week
15:09:08 [kefo]
q+ about scribe duty
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kefo: is signed up for scribe duty, but wants to change, if it's in the middle of the nicht.
15:10:16 [kcoyle]
we should take some minutes, though, for the others -- maybe not formal
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15:10:26 [LarsG]
tomB: explains it's not a replacement but another call
15:10:55 [LarsG]
ACTION: everyone (on the call and off) to send email message in the next week re brainstorming on important issues
15:11:21 [LarsG]
Antoine: action lead by Karen, created wiki-page
15:11:25 [antoine]
15:11:26 [edsu]
15:11:37 [LarsG]
Karen: collected all emails into the wiki page
15:11:49 [antoine]
TOPIC: Problems & limitations
15:11:50 [LarsG]
... took care of all issues and limitations from the use cases
15:12:13 [LarsG]
.. and reorganised them as bullet points which we need to turn into something better
15:12:23 [LarsG]
... tried to pull out sensible issues from them
15:12:43 [LarsG]
... we need this group or a subgroup to pull out the key issues
15:12:55 [LarsG]
... so that the group can discuss
15:13:14 [LarsG]
antoine: are you optimistic? Karen has done great work
15:13:52 [LarsG]
kc: pulls out many issues, what is the case for LLD?
15:13:57 [GordonD]
Clarify that these are issues which are problematic and limiting ...
15:14:00 [marcia]
15:14:16 [LarsG]
... this is where case studies come in and need to be covered by the report
15:14:32 [LarsG]
.. we can do some calls and talk about it
15:14:45 [LarsG]
antoine: who volunteers to help Karen?
15:14:48 [TomB]
TomB volunteers to help
15:14:57 [GordonD]
We also need to incorporate stuff from other components of the Problems and limitations section ...
15:14:57 [pmurray]
PMurray volunteers to help
15:15:08 [LarsG]
kc: will put a call out on the list
15:15:23 [LarsG]
kc: what do you mean by other stuff?
15:15:24 [GordonD]
There's the next item on this week's agenda ...
15:15:46 [GordonD]
e.g. the generic issues raised in the Library standards and linked data section
15:16:03 [LarsG]
kc: topics and limitations are included
15:16:19 [emma]
I think GordonD thinks about his Library standards issues page
15:16:21 [LarsG]
... if you're aware of the issues, the group should add those in.
15:16:36 [emma]
15:16:37 [TomB]
15:16:39 [LarsG]
antoine: Gordon probably refers to wiki pages
15:16:39 [GordonD]
I will volunteer to help
15:16:46 [LarsG]
kc: will pull those in
15:16:55 [LarsG]
antoine: could be interesting
15:17:40 [GordonD]
But - I am out of action for all of next week ...
15:17:40 [TomB]
+1 to call before next meeting
15:17:44 [LarsG]
kc: the group seems big enogh, let's do a call between now and next meeting
15:17:55 [GordonD]
So i'll contribute via email ...
15:18:19 [Zakim]
15:18:39 [Zakim]
15:19:31 [LarsG]
antoine: we have the pages created by GordonD on library standards and lnked data
15:19:36 [GordonD]
zakim, unmute me
15:19:36 [Zakim]
GordonD should no longer be muted
15:19:49 [LarsG]
... now might be the right time to discuss
15:20:18 [LarsG]
GordonD: it's probably better to have the small group pull it into Karen's page
15:20:40 [TomB]
I propose March 10
15:20:43 [LarsG]
... we should schedule on which telecon we do it
15:21:08 [GordonD]
+1 March 10
15:21:10 [LarsG]
antoine: in two weeks time is good, the we can get a clearer picture
15:21:13 [marcia]
Jodi sent an email today: "most of the issues we have are not specific to Library Linked Data, but rather are important for Linked Data in general."
15:21:18 [LarsG]
kc: sounds good
15:21:23 [GordonD]
It's a good deadline!
15:21:41 [LarsG]
15:21:48 [LarsG]
15:22:07 [LarsG]
zakim, please unmute me
15:22:07 [Zakim]
LarsG should no longer be muted
15:22:16 [kcoyle]
marcia, there is a section for SW issues -- -- may need to be renamed/changed, but that is its purpose
15:22:33 [kcoyle]
no noise, it's fine
15:22:48 [kcoyle]
oops, some noise
15:22:56 [antoine]
ACTION: As a future topic for a conference call, discuss the open questions in the second half of [recorded in]
15:23:00 [antoine]
15:23:18 [antoine]
ACTION: As a future topic for March 10, discuss the open questions in the second half of [recorded in]
15:23:44 [LarsG]
Antoine: Problem of topic page
15:24:15 [LarsG]
... has been main focus point so far, Karen's page can replace that
15:24:29 [LarsG]
kcoyle: not a replacement, but a kind of working area
15:24:44 [LarsG]
... a place to clarify our thoughts
15:24:57 [emma]
15:25:10 [TomB]
+1 working area - we will feel freer if we don't worry too much about how it fits in
15:25:14 [GordonD]
Topics are also referenced by use cases and clusters ...
15:25:26 [LarsG]
... this page is a kind of scribble page, won't replace the report
15:25:29 [emma]
q+ to suggest using TopicsDiscussed as a checklist
15:25:49 [LarsG]
... it's too messy to be inside the report
15:26:09 [LarsG]
antoine: kind of sandbox to be replaced
15:26:20 [LarsG]
kcoyle: content to be extracted into report
15:26:53 [emma]
15:27:10 [TomB]
ack emma
15:27:10 [Zakim]
emma, you wanted to suggest using TopicsDiscussed as a checklist
15:27:12 [LarsG]
antoine: media wiki categories, idea was to have each issue represented as its own category. Has anyoune used that?
15:27:46 [LarsG]
emma: we should use topics discussed as a checklist, to make sure we haven't forgotten anything
15:27:59 [kcoyle]
15:28:11 [LarsG]
... it was useful to discuss them at F2F but not for the report. Karen's work is better
15:28:29 [LarsG]
antoine: each topic has its own page
15:28:58 [LarsG]
emma: idea was to write a short paragraph on each topic and that could be transcluded into the other page
15:29:12 [Zakim]
15:29:17 [LarsG]
... we could make links between topics and use cases
15:29:40 [LarsG]
... if we still want to write about each topic, the issues pages is more organized
15:29:52 [Zakim]
15:29:52 [kefo]
zakim, LC is me
15:29:53 [Zakim]
+kefo; got it
15:29:58 [LarsG]
antoine: the agenda will keep the topics discussed page
15:30:39 [LarsG]
emma: all topics don't have categories, so that won't be complete
15:31:23 [LarsG]
antoine: has anyone comments on topics and limitations?
15:31:28 [kcoyle]
or send in email
15:31:32 [LarsG]
... move on
15:31:40 [LarsG]
TOPIC: Final report draft
15:31:58 [LarsG]
15:32:34 [LarsG]
15:32:42 [LarsG]
antoine: six items
15:32:45 [LarsG]
exec summary
15:33:08 [LarsG]
problems limitations
15:33:13 [LarsG]
15:33:19 [LarsG]
15:33:32 [emma]
# Executive Summary # Benefits of LD for libraries # Use cases and requirements (represented via clusters, plus an annotated list of use cases, plus requirement list?) # Available data (vocabularies, datasets) # Problems and limitations # Recommendations (Vocabularies, Identifiers, Data modeling, Architecture, Links, General education and outreach, Curricula)
15:33:33 [LarsG]
... for each item there are several choices:
15:33:52 [LarsG]
... only summary of the topic
15:34:12 [LarsG]
... or keep things at the Wiki
15:34:19 [LarsG]
... or make an appendix
15:34:37 [LarsG]
... we must agree on how to proceed
15:34:53 [LarsG]
... first item: Exec summary
15:34:57 [kcoyle]
15:34:59 [emma]
15:35:02 [LarsG]
... fully fledged section
15:35:03 [kefo]
15:35:04 [TomB]
15:35:14 [antoine]
zakim, ack TomB
15:35:14 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
15:35:52 [kcoyle]
and conclusions
15:36:07 [LarsG]
TomB: write exec summary as a guide on how to read the document, high level view of issues
15:36:20 [LarsG]
... if we write it now we'll have to rewrite it later
15:36:23 [emma]
Exec summary shouldn't be only about issues
15:36:38 [kcoyle]
15:36:39 [marcia]
Executive Summary should also be made available as separate unit for print and distribute.
15:36:43 [emma]
15:37:03 [antoine]
zakim, ack emma
15:37:03 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
15:37:10 [LarsG]
emma: suggest we merge this section with use cases
15:37:16 [kcoyle]
15:37:25 [LarsG]
... to show benefit of LLD
15:37:27 [marcia]
15:37:33 [GordonD]
+1 to use use cases as illustrations of the benefits
15:37:57 [LarsG]
antoine: the benefits of LLD should be the place where UCs are introduced to the report and perhaps the only place where they're mentioned
15:38:36 [edsu]
15:38:41 [LarsG]
emma: 50 UCs in the report are too many, we should focus more on benefits, less on limitations, this comes from the clusters
15:39:05 [kcoyle]
use cases are proof that there are hoped-for benefits
15:39:07 [LarsG]
emma: methodology, how to extract benefits from the UCs
15:39:32 [GordonD]
Use cases are a hostage to fortune - first thing a reader will do is see if there is a familiar use case, and if there isn't ...
15:39:37 [LarsG]
antoine: many of the UCs show problems at hand in the scenarios
15:40:02 [LarsG]
emma: should we review clusters to get benefits from there
15:40:05 [kcoyle]
yes, extract benefits -- see what we get -- add in others if needed
15:40:17 [LarsG]
... maybe we should create a subgroup to extract benefits
15:40:32 [LarsG]
antoine: agrees. Volunteers?
15:40:44 [GordonD]
+1 use cases digested into clusters, clusters digested into final report
15:41:10 [LarsG]
antoine: can emma set up a WG for all volunteers
15:41:43 [kcoyle]
15:42:24 [marcia]
15:42:25 [LarsG]
ACTION: emma to start curating a section on benefits of LLD for libraries
15:42:41 [antoine]
s/emma/emma and ed
15:42:42 [TomB]
s/emma to/emma and ed/
15:43:04 [emma]
rrsagent, please draft minutes
15:43:04 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate emma
15:43:52 [LarsG]
antoine: we still have possibility to make UCs a full part of the report
15:44:08 [edsu]
15:44:09 [kcoyle]
as an appendix?
15:44:10 [LarsG]
... as a side deliverable
15:44:15 [antoine]
zakim, ack edsu
15:44:15 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
15:44:23 [emma]
+1 for a separate deliverable
15:44:28 [LarsG]
edsu: support that idea, much work has been put into the UCs
15:44:50 [kcoyle]
15:44:53 [LarsG]
... we can extract for the final report, but should present the UCs as a separate deliverable
15:44:55 [TomB]
+1 for Use Case deliverable
15:45:02 [antoine]
zakim, ack kcoyle
15:45:02 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
15:45:40 [LarsG]
kcoyle: agree, it gives credit and makes visible that people work in this area, that there are real project and gives credit to those people
15:45:44 [antoine]
15:45:44 [LarsG]
antoine: ack
15:46:26 [emma]
15:46:37 [LarsG]
antoine: we need volunteers to take care of that deliverable
15:46:43 [antoine]
zaki, ack emma
15:46:48 [antoine]
zakim, ack emma
15:46:48 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
15:47:14 [edsu]
q+ to suggest we identify editors for the use case document deliverable, rather than lots of reviewers
15:47:18 [LarsG]
emma: go back to initial proposal for clusters: read carefully what others have written and put it into a report
15:47:19 [kcoyle]
15:47:25 [antoine]
zakim, ack edsu
15:47:25 [Zakim]
edsu, you wanted to suggest we identify editors for the use case document deliverable, rather than lots of reviewers
15:47:28 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
15:48:09 [marcia]
+1 Emma and Ed
15:48:20 [kcoyle]
so we need a use case committee/editors
15:48:21 [LarsG]
edsu: still has trouble with too many people edit UCs and deliverables. better to have just few editors, instead of doing too much reviewing now
15:48:32 [GordonD]
It's the clusters that need reviewed by neutral editors
15:48:33 [emma]
@ed +1, just wanted to emphasize that editors of this deliverable souldn't be the authors of the clusters but other people
15:48:33 [TomB]
q+ to point out that what Ed is proposing is what I proposed in point 1 of
15:48:53 [LarsG]
antoine: to have a limited number of editors might be an option
15:49:15 [antoine]
zakim, ack TomB
15:49:15 [Zakim]
TomB, you wanted to point out that what Ed is proposing is what I proposed in point 1 of
15:49:18 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
15:49:20 [LarsG]
edsu: someone should have it as an action
15:50:25 [LarsG]
TomB: proposes that we have someone to take ownership of UC document, look at case studies and UCs and make a proposal what the section should look like
15:50:42 [kcoyle]
noting that jodi is not on this call (right?) and she did much of the use case work
15:50:52 [TomB]
jodi is not on the call
15:50:58 [kcoyle]
+1 and also on the list
15:51:01 [LarsG]
antoine: volunteers now or on the list or both?
15:51:07 [GordonD]
But owner of uc document should NOT be someone who has contributed to use cases, clusters ...
15:51:28 [emma]
+1 Gordon, we need new perspectives
15:51:51 [GordonD]
We need to show objectivity, and a check/balance review is a good method
15:51:52 [LarsG]
antoine: this is what TomB and edsu suggest
15:51:59 [kcoyle]
did anyone not contribute or review?
15:52:35 [emma]
zakim, who's on the call ?
15:52:35 [Zakim]
On the phone I see emma, jeff_ (muted), TomB, kcoyle, PMurray (muted), marcia (muted), GordonD (muted), jneubert (muted), LarsG, edsu, Antoine, kefo
15:52:38 [edsu]
15:52:58 [edsu]
15:53:14 [edsu]
+1 for chairs to figure it out :-)
15:53:19 [kcoyle]
ed, i already have tomB on my committee -- no one else can have him!
15:53:19 [emma]
15:53:35 [TomB]
+1 for chairs to pick victims :-)
15:53:42 [edsu]
kcoyle: wait, what committee is that again?
15:53:59 [LarsG]
ACTION: emma, TomB, and antoine to send a call for finding an owner of the UC deliverable
15:54:16 [kcoyle]
ed, the issues group
15:54:29 [edsu]
kcoyle: oh yeah :-D
15:54:35 [GordonD]
Available data is too volatile - there's a new announcement every week
15:54:41 [GordonD]
So suggest a summary#
15:54:52 [LarsG]
antoine: available data, is this a separate section in the report, or should we just have summary?
15:55:39 [edsu]
15:55:44 [LarsG]
GordonD: we hear news about new library data every week, so it's better to summarize. We should concentrate on identifying gaps
15:55:46 [antoine]
zakim, ack edsu
15:55:46 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
15:56:26 [kcoyle]
15:56:39 [LarsG]
edsu: disagrees. +1 to identify gaps, and there is an oppurtunity for people interested to become pointers to work done already
15:57:01 [antoine]
zakim, ack kcoyle
15:57:01 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
15:57:05 [LarsG]
... it might be hard, but we need to talk about what there is now
15:57:15 [marcia]
Agree with Ed. List vocabularies and related use cases, not to give opinions.
15:57:23 [TomB]
q+ to point out that what Ed is proposing is what I proposed in point 3 of
15:57:47 [antoine]
zakim, ack TomB
15:57:47 [Zakim]
TomB, you wanted to point out that what Ed is proposing is what I proposed in point 3 of
15:57:51 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
15:57:53 [LarsG]
kcoyle: agrees with edsu, perhaps we should pick representative samples (national libraries, individual contributions) but not as a definiive list
15:58:30 [marcia]
+1 to start from use cases
15:58:32 [edsu]
TomB: ok, glad you proposed it -- so i guess that means you support the idea? :-)
15:58:41 [emma]
q+ to suggest that maybe some vocs need highlighting
15:58:46 [kcoyle]
+1 for putting list related to use cases in use case document -- as related to use cases
15:58:50 [GordonD]
Representative samples is fine with me
15:58:58 [antoine]
15:59:19 [LarsG]
TomB: somebody should make a proposal to the group, somebody to take ownership of what to happen with vocabularies section
15:59:32 [GordonD]
Relation to CKAN on the vocabularies?
15:59:49 [LarsG]
antoine: can somebody take that action?
16:00:04 [kcoyle]
16:00:11 [edsu]
16:00:14 [LarsG]
antoine: volunteers himself
16:00:25 [edsu]
i would offer to volunteer but i don't want to over-commit
16:00:26 [jeff_]
jeff volunteers
16:00:36 [TomB]
16:00:40 [kcoyle]
16:00:42 [edsu]
i reckon rsinger would be good at that stuff too
16:00:54 [LarsG]
ACTION: Antoine and jeff_ to make a proposal to the group about vocabularies and datasets
16:01:05 [TomB]
The chairs should let EdSu pick victims :-)
16:01:14 [LarsG]
antoine: ross might be a good candidate, too
16:01:27 [jeff_]
16:01:37 [LarsG]
... sees action as making the proposal, but maybe not the actual work
16:02:00 [LarsG]
antoine: we've discussed problems and limitations already
16:02:06 [kcoyle]
16:02:11 [Zakim]
16:02:22 [antoine]
zakim, ack emma
16:02:22 [Zakim]
emma, you wanted to suggest that maybe some vocs need highlighting
16:02:23 [Zakim]
I see kcoyle on the speaker queue
16:02:36 [antoine]
zakim, ack kcoyle
16:02:36 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
16:02:57 [LarsG]
kcoyle: can we decide now which topics to discuss next week?
16:03:10 [LarsG]
antoine: for many topics we don't have owners
16:03:19 [TomB]
Today's telecon is #30 - we have a maximum of 13 remaining
16:03:27 [kcoyle]
yes, tomB that's the issue
16:03:29 [LarsG]
kcoyle: next week we should set ourselves to make deadlines
16:03:33 [emma]
Next week : give some milestones for the report
16:03:52 [LarsG]
16:03:57 [kefo]
bye bye....
16:03:57 [Zakim]
16:04:00 [Zakim]
16:04:01 [Zakim]
16:04:03 [Zakim]
16:04:05 [Zakim]
16:04:08 [marcia]
Thanks, Lars. Great job.
16:04:09 [pmurray]
16:04:15 [Zakim]
16:04:16 [jneubert]
16:04:20 [antoine]
zakim, please list attendees
16:04:22 [Zakim]
As of this point the attendees have been antoine, emma, TomB, kefo, marcia, PMurray, kcoyle, GordonD, jeff_, jneubert, LarsG, edsu
16:04:24 [jeff_]
jeff_ has left #lld
16:04:25 [emma]
rrsagent, please draft minutes
16:04:25 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate emma
16:04:26 [Zakim]
16:05:08 [antoine]
rrsagent, please draft minutes
16:05:08 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate antoine
16:07:03 [Zakim]
16:18:47 [Zakim]
16:27:15 [Zakim]
16:27:20 [Zakim]
16:27:21 [Zakim]
INC_LLDXG()10:00AM has ended
16:27:23 [Zakim]
Attendees were antoine, emma, TomB, kefo, marcia, PMurray, kcoyle, GordonD, jeff_, jneubert, LarsG, edsu
18:23:04 [Zakim]
Zakim has left #lld