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Meeting: LLD XG
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Chair: Tom
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wow, today I am the first participant :)
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Regrets: Emmanuelle, Monica, Gordon
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Scribe: uldis
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15:01:45 [uldis]
Topic: LOD-LAM Summit: - Guest: Jon Voss
15:02:19 [uldis]
Jon: will tell about the LOD-LAM summit. how it came about, goals.
15:02:57 [uldis]
... was working on Civil War data. were pitching it as LOD for Humanities.
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15:03:23 [uldis]
... catch-22: funding vs use cases
15:03:34 [Zakim]
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15:04:03 [uldis]
... reviewers were split in opinion. needed to define issues, define what is LOD (for the founders)
15:04:06 [Zakim]
15:04:07 [TomB]
Jon: We needed to make the case to our funders.
15:04:36 [uldis]
... put together a proposal. ... fundation joined. travel support, international participants.
15:04:49 [uldis]
... hope to have as many as 75 people attending
15:05:08 [uldis]
... goals: get all together, use open-space format (BarCamp), participants make own agenda
15:05:31 [uldis]
... people experts in field, passionated. from many areas.
15:05:38 [uldis]
... questions?
15:05:43 [kcoyle]
15:05:57 [uldis]
kcoyle: what can we do to help?
15:06:25 [uldis]
Jon: main thing is spreading the word. already had 56 applicants. great diversity.
15:06:42 [uldis]
... also policymakers, who can open the doors to have datasets available
15:06:59 [uldis]
TomB: you mentioned looking for use cases. that's what LDD XG has been doing.
15:07:19 [uldis]
... re benefits of using linked data, problems, bottlenecks
15:07:36 [uldis]
... the timing of the summit is when our group will have published its report
15:08:05 [antoine_]
15:08:08 [uldis]
Jon: that's perfect. we're trying to get a better idea of what the participants have to bring to the meeting.
15:08:12 [TomB]
ack kcoyle
15:08:15 [TomB]
ack antoine_
15:08:49 [uldis]
antoine_: wondering if we could focus discussion on issues that LLD XG would have identified as open problems
15:09:12 [uldis]
Jon: that's something we can do at the summit.
15:09:33 [uldis]
... interested in going from talking re standards to implementing them as use cases
15:09:47 [edsu]
q+ to ask about openness and linked data
15:10:04 [uldis]
... another part of summit is to invite funders to talk re what they want to see
15:10:08 [TomB]
ack edsu
15:10:08 [Zakim]
edsu, you wanted to ask about openness and linked data
15:10:28 [uldis]
edsu: could you comment re role of openness in the meeting?
15:10:49 [uldis]
... LOD combines 2 things: linked data pattern + open access to data
15:11:02 [uldis]
... how important is the openness?
15:11:28 [uldis]
Jon: in order to have LOD, have to have open data first
15:11:49 [uldis]
... on the organizing committee people from CC, EFF, MIT -- who are working on openness
15:12:24 [uldis]
... hope to have legal experts, policy makers present. to set precedents for people to release data, have it open and sharable
15:12:48 [uldis]
TomB: could you comment re role of the Internet Archive & the preservation aspect of linked data
15:13:15 [uldis]
Jon: IA is the host for this. working very closely together. they are loooking very closely at linked data.
15:13:33 [edsu]
antoine_: nice, i heard about some of that in
15:13:38 [uldis]
... they're very interested in being involved
15:14:08 [uldis]
TomB: more questions? no. thanks to Jon for joining us.
15:14:28 [marcia]
thanks to Jon
15:14:32 [Zakim]
15:14:49 [uldis]
Topic: ADMIN
15:15:08 [antoine_]
q+ to ask who is planning to go at LOD-LAM?
15:15:16 [uldis]
RESOLVED: to accept
15:15:54 [uldis]
TomB: checking w W3C re reserving Zakim at a very late hour (midnight)
15:15:58 [jodi]
midnight EST is fine here in Ireland! :)
15:16:14 [uldis]
... for having a meeting dedicated to Asia-Pacific time zone
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15:16:26 [uldis]
15:16:55 [uldis]
jeff_: ready to let people comment re authority data
15:17:07 [uldis]
jodi: social uses cluster: got new use cases
15:17:18 [uldis]
... have other ideas from JISC, etc that we want to look at
15:17:28 [antoine_]
ACTION: Jeff and Alexander to curate authority data cluster for end of December [recorded in]
15:17:29 [antoine_]
15:17:36 [antoine_]
ACTION: Uldis and Jodi to create social uses cluster [recorded in]
15:17:40 [antoine_]
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15:18:02 [uldis]
kcoyle: can' t exactly say where are re collection cluster
15:18:14 [uldis]
ACTION: GordonD and Karen to curate collection cluster [recorded in]
15:18:17 [uldis]
15:18:32 [jeff_]
zakim, mute me
15:18:32 [Zakim]
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15:18:34 [uldis]
ACTION: Kevin and Joachim to review content of existing clusters to see where the web service dimension could be strengthened. [recorded in]
15:18:43 [jodi]
yeah! :)
15:19:05 [uldis]
kevin: looking at combining documents. need another week to see which clusters have webservice related things
15:19:11 [uldis]
15:19:24 [antoine_]
ACTION: Kevin and Joachim to review content of existing clusters to see where the web service dimension could be strengthened. [recorded in]
15:19:27 [antoine_]
15:19:30 [kefo]
zakim, mute me please
15:19:30 [Zakim]
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15:19:38 [uldis]
15:19:41 [antoine_]
rrsagent, please draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate antoine_
15:19:55 [uldis]
TomB: we have a draft report. Jodi created draft with transclusions.
15:20:16 [jodi]
It is here:
15:20:45 [uldis]
... lots of sections in use case clusters that need to be consolidated into sections we haven't started yet
15:20:53 [uldis]
ACTION: Antoine, Emma, TomB to send a call for reviewers to the list [recorded in]
15:20:57 [uldis]
15:21:08 [uldis]
ACTION: Jodi to replace placeholders in with transclusion code [recorded in]
15:21:12 [uldis]
15:21:36 [uldis]
15:21:51 [uldis]
TomB: propose to add names to these 8 topics
15:22:09 [uldis]
... 1) What to do with the use cases themselves?
15:22:26 [kcoyle]
15:22:50 [uldis]
... cluster texts include scenarious = intermediate steps. what should we do with them. put in the final report (e.g. appendix)
15:23:16 [uldis]
... thinking re appendix w one-line summary of use cases and bullet points from scenarios
15:23:37 [uldis]
... q: is this a good idea? 'd like someone to volunteer.
15:23:48 [TomB]
ack kcoyle
15:24:23 [uldis]
kcoyle: sent an email before meeting. use cases should not be in the document. we are not certain they cover important LOD issues
15:24:56 [uldis]
... we need to discuss those issues - the fact lib cataloging uses text, net data. large amount of this info already out there. no support from big institutions.
15:25:26 [uldis]
TomB: how should we handle use cases? agree they are not part of the report itself.
15:25:37 [uldis]
... or are you saying use cases are deficient?
15:25:40 [antoine_]
@kcoyle: isn't this issue related to "problems and limitations"?
15:25:50 [uldis]
kcoyle: an appendix listing use cases ++
15:26:09 [uldis]
... we must extract info from them to put in the report. what the use cases tell us about the environment
15:26:35 [uldis]
... report has to extract those important issues
15:26:47 [uldis]
... the appendix = some info we drew our conclusions from
15:27:31 [edsu]
q+ to ask about editors for the document
15:27:44 [uldis]
TomB: task is not difficult. to look at how to make an appendix.
15:27:53 [TomB]
ack antoine_
15:27:53 [Zakim]
antoine_, you wanted to ask who is planning to go at LOD-LAM?
15:28:23 [uldis]
antoine_: some things can be independent from use cases
15:28:35 [uldis]
kcoyle: don't know. we have not had a discussion re the big issues.
15:28:42 [jodi]
I think we know a lot about the issues, even though we haven't formally discussed
15:28:45 [uldis]
... what is group's thinking re this?
15:29:03 [jodi]
(this was also an interesting part from the youtube video Tom sent yesterday -- a good discussion of issues)
15:29:03 [uldis]
antoine_: we should put a placeholder in the report re this
15:29:14 [antoine_]
s/should put/have
15:29:18 [TomB]
ack edsu
15:29:18 [Zakim]
edsu, you wanted to ask about editors for the document
15:29:19 [jodi]
browseability and visualization, particularly, are issues we may not have much discussed
15:29:46 [uldis]
edsu: agree w kcoyle. we have not talked re big issues.
15:30:16 [uldis]
... have concerns re concentrating only on use cases.
15:30:17 [jodi]
+1 to whole-document editors
15:30:45 [uldis]
... need to identify editors for the [whole] document. they can then propose how they want to see the report.
15:31:00 [uldis]
... legacy data is one of important topics, as kcoyle wrote
15:31:02 [antoine_]
isn't what ed is talking about finding editors for , specifically?
15:31:05 [TomB]
15:31:08 [TomB]
ack TomB
15:31:54 [jodi]
TomB++ : complexity of the whole is making it hard to understand what's important
15:31:58 [antoine_]
@TomB: can we start with point #5? Seems popular :-)
15:32:11 [jodi]
@antoine: what is point #5?
15:32:19 [kcoyle]
it's problems and limitation
15:32:23 [uldis]
TomB: 1) was re moving details of use cases into an appendix. to help us to focus on big issues.
15:32:26 [kcoyle]
and i do think we need to start there
15:32:47 [uldis]
TomB: 5) Getting a start on Problems and Limitations (section 1.5)
15:32:51 [jodi]
ah, points from the review list. Thanks! :)
15:33:17 [uldis]
... need someone to read problems / limitations part of use cases and propose how to merge them
15:33:54 [kcoyle]
i don't think this is a one-person task. i think it's a task for the whole group
15:34:04 [kcoyle]
15:34:09 [jodi]
I think there's already a good start on this, from what Karen did with summarizing the problems/limitations from the (archives?) cluster.
15:34:23 [uldis]
... trying to break up tasks. anything we don't need in the final report can be moved to a "parking lot".
15:34:41 [uldis]
... aim to have a document that has the analytical parts, not the details
15:35:04 [jodi]
I can read problems/limitations of the use cases and see what the common ones are. I don't know about 'proposing how to merge them'
15:35:08 [uldis]
... volunteers?
15:35:17 [uldis]
... proposed that chairs assign volunteers.
15:35:24 [edsu]
q+ to ask about editors
15:35:33 [TomB]
ack kcoyle
15:35:53 [uldis]
kcoyle: you 're trying to work from details up
15:36:06 [uldis]
... some of use willing to work from top (main issues) down
15:36:23 [marcia]
The previous 'dimensions' page might be a good way to look at the limitations and problems.
15:36:23 [uldis]
... hard to work from details because i don't understand the context
15:36:30 [uldis]
... you are starting with details.
15:36:33 [edsu]
15:36:40 [uldis]
... why don't we start w the report, add details as needed
15:36:58 [uldis]
... not happy with the existing document.
15:37:16 [uldis]
... start with thinking re what we want to have in the report
15:37:25 [uldis]
... before starting writing
15:37:40 [TomB]
ack edsu
15:37:40 [Zakim]
edsu, you wanted to ask about editors
15:37:55 [jodi]
q+ about top-down vs. bottom-up
15:38:23 [uldis]
edsu: on last call i was against the transclusion. TomB, kcoyle both right. a question of a work approach.
15:38:36 [uldis]
... would like to have people own an action to write this document
15:38:47 [uldis]
... and for them to take 1st pass at writing something
15:38:48 [TomB]
15:38:49 [uldis]
... then iterate
15:39:05 [uldis]
... and bring in detailed content later.
15:39:20 [TomB]
ack jodi
15:39:26 [uldis]
... starting from individual pieces and trying to merge them together can make the report fragmentary
15:39:49 [uldis]
TomB: these tasks were on assumption of consensus re starting to work on the long document
15:40:04 [uldis]
... happy to start w a short document and add things in
15:40:47 [uldis]
... could ask people to read all manuscripts, extract key ideas (benefits, limitations, relevant technologies)
15:41:09 [uldis]
... willing to act as an editor for the document as a whole
15:41:15 [uldis]
... but it's a big task.
15:41:22 [kcoyle]
we all have to generate ideas -- the group
15:41:26 [uldis]
... who will generate ideas for big picture items
15:41:36 [uldis]
... need people to step up
15:41:38 [TomB]
ack jodi
15:41:54 [uldis]
jodi: re approaches top-down vs bottom-up
15:42:23 [uldis]
... was horrified re results of transclusion. a lot of information there. more info in people's heads.
15:42:38 [uldis]
... by stripping it down we may loose parts that are interesting, important
15:42:46 [uldis]
... can we work from both directions at once?
15:43:06 [TomB]
q+ to clarify that "topic curators" should not limit themselves to things they read in the raw draft
15:43:47 [uldis]
... need a very rough draft at the executive summary
15:44:01 [uldis]
... a good place to start. each has some main messages in mind.
15:44:42 [uldis]
... not ignore what we have, but jumpstart discussion by putting together some text
15:44:53 [kefo]
jodi++ : begin with a type of lengthy abstract. outline base points of longer report, develop more detailed document from the executive report
15:44:55 [TomB]
15:44:57 [TomB]
15:44:59 [uldis]
... must have the grand message from the group
15:45:06 [TomB]
ack TomB
15:45:06 [Zakim]
TomB, you wanted to clarify that "topic curators" should not limit themselves to things they read in the raw draft
15:45:11 [edsu]
+1 for starting w/ executive summary, and then see what else is needed
15:45:20 [uldis]
TomB: starting with the executive summary = interesting idea
15:45:22 [kcoyle]
or at least a list of issues
15:45:32 [jodi]
+1 for getting text we can react to
15:45:33 [uldis]
... we need a text that we can react to
15:45:50 [jodi]
(maybe that's the problem with the curated use cases -- there's no "argument" being made, just description)
15:46:13 [uldis]
... would like people to see take ownership of topics (e.g. 5) problems and limitations)
15:46:22 [kcoyle]
15:46:44 [uldis]
... propose to learn from what we have, but also to put down things we have in our head
15:47:06 [TomB]
ack kcoyle
15:47:23 [uldis]
... writing exec summary as a first step can be useful (though usually done last)
15:47:42 [uldis]
kcoyle: propose all to put main 5 issues into email
15:47:47 [edsu]
kcoyle: love that idea
15:47:58 [uldis]
... then discuss those groups of issues and see where we go from that
15:48:00 [antoine_]
Issues in the line of ??
15:48:02 [jodi]
kcoyle: great idea!
15:48:18 [uldis]
... use email for discussion. start without structure.
15:48:39 [uldis]
... just list 5 main things we have seen come out from our work
15:49:11 [uldis]
TomB: propose distincion b/w things we see as most important and things [maybe not most important] that are of concern to us
15:49:31 [uldis]
... lot of richness may come from ideas which are not most important but which we find a interesting
15:49:51 [uldis]
15:50:17 [uldis]
TomB: are any of the 8 points that we can salvage and start with the brainstorming approach?
15:50:26 [uldis]
... opinions?
15:50:28 [antoine_]
Is there objection on the other points?
15:50:40 [uldis]
... .silence.
15:50:40 [jodi]
+1 to calling on people :)
15:50:46 [rsinger]
15:50:51 [rsinger]
can we assume there's no objection?
15:50:56 [uldis]
... jodi?
15:50:59 [rsinger]
or ambivalence?
15:51:39 [TomB]
Uldis: +1 brainstorming approach
15:51:55 [uldis]
jodi: we could salvage some points, but there's something vivid and lively re brainstorming
15:52:08 [uldis]
TomB: this could be a good way to get to the next step
15:52:36 [uldis]
TomB: what all thing re proposed brainstorming approach?
15:52:45 [uldis]
... kai +1
15:52:52 [TomB]
ack marcia
15:52:54 [marcia]
15:52:57 [uldis]
marcia: +1
15:53:06 [jeff_]
zakim, unmute me
15:53:06 [Zakim]
jeff_ should no longer be muted
15:53:28 [uldis]
antoine_: +1 we try it. still think we must consider the other points.
15:53:51 [kcoyle]
15:54:03 [uldis]
... look at relevant technologies and other things we don't need extensive brainstorming on
15:54:03 [jodi]
+1 to looking at a few other points as well
15:54:03 [kefo]
zakim, unmute me
15:54:03 [Zakim]
kefo should no longer be muted
15:54:07 [kcoyle]
we could identify parts that we could do now
15:54:13 [uldis]
TomB: agree re that
15:54:23 [jeff_]
zakim, mute me
15:54:23 [Zakim]
jeff_ should now be muted
15:54:29 [uldis]
jeff_: agree re starting from executive summary as a start
15:55:19 [kefo]
zakim, unmute me
15:55:19 [Zakim]
kefo was not muted, kefo
15:55:25 [kefo]
zakim, mute me
15:55:25 [Zakim]
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15:55:27 [uldis]
kefo: along the way we will identify problems and limitations. things like 4) re analysis of library standards will find natural home.
15:55:33 [uldis]
edsu: +1
15:55:51 [uldis]
rsinger: like the idea. but how are we gonna manage 100+ points people will come up.
15:55:55 [uldis]
... especially in email.
15:55:56 [jodi]
agree that management of this is challenging -- but I think that makes this more useful rather than less
15:56:09 [jodi]
15:56:15 [uldis]
TomB: can cluster them quickly in email.
15:56:25 [kefo]
I think broad topics will rise to the top
15:56:33 [uldis]
kcoyle offered to organize them
15:56:49 [uldis]
pmurray: nothing to all
15:57:01 [pmurray]
15:57:04 [TomB]
ack jneubert
15:57:07 [uldis]
AlexanderH: concern re management of collected info
15:57:31 [uldis]
jneubert: +1
15:57:44 [uldis]
digikim: ...
15:57:50 [TomB]
ack fsasaki
15:58:00 [uldis]
fsasaki: ...
15:58:09 [digikim]
ah sorry - doing n+2 other things while listening
15:58:13 [Zakim]
15:58:24 [kcoyle]
I will start the email so there is something to follow-up on
15:58:39 [michaelp]
I would urge people to look at topic list and minutes of Pittsburgh for ideas/preparation.
15:58:46 [kcoyle]
thanks, mp
15:58:52 [edsu]
15:59:05 [uldis]
TomB: ACTION: everyone (on the call and off) to send email message in the next week about important issue
15:59:17 [uldis]
TomB: kcoyle offered to kick it off
15:59:24 [jodi]
link to topic list and minutes for Pittsburgh:
15:59:40 [kcoyle]
put on our thinking caps
15:59:41 [Zakim]
15:59:44 [kefo]
15:59:45 [Zakim]
15:59:46 [Zakim]
15:59:46 [jodi]
thanks, this was quite useful!
15:59:47 [Zakim]
15:59:48 [Zakim]
15:59:49 [Zakim]
15:59:49 [Zakim]
15:59:49 [michaelp]
I think Pittsburgh had some great big picture discussions,
15:59:51 [Zakim]
15:59:52 [TomB]
15:59:55 [Zakim]
15:59:56 [uldis]
ACTION: everyone (on the call and off) to send email message in the next week re brainstorming on important issues
16:00:04 [Zakim]
16:00:09 [Zakim]
16:00:10 [Zakim]
16:00:12 [pmurray]
pmurray has left #lld
16:00:19 [antoine_]
zakim, list attendees
16:00:19 [Zakim]
As of this point the attendees have been Jodi, uldis, TomB, kai, +1.330.672.aaaa, kcoyle, antoine_, jeff_, marcia?, kefo, edsu, rsinger, +1.678.235.aabb, pmurray, AlexanderH,
16:00:22 [Zakim]
... +1.415.846.aacc, jneubert, Jon, digikim, [IPcaller], Felix, michaelp
16:00:23 [jodi]
jodi has left #LLD
16:00:33 [antoine_]
rrsagent, please draft minutes
16:00:33 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate antoine_
16:00:55 [TomB]
zakim, who is on the call?
16:00:55 [Zakim]
On the phone I see uldis, TomB, antoine_, digikim
16:01:19 [Zakim]
16:02:02 [digikim]
sorry - had an other meeting at the same time and tried to follow both - didn't work out that well :)
16:02:57 [Zakim]
16:03:19 [uldis]
digikim: say at it is -- you were asleep :D
16:03:33 [digikim]
uldis: ...but I wasn't ;)
16:03:59 [uldis]
digikim: got proof ;)
16:04:07 [uldis]
... just kidding
16:04:12 [digikim]
16:04:25 [uldis]
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16:10:39 [Zakim]
16:10:40 [Zakim]
16:10:40 [Zakim]
INC_LLDXG()10:00AM has ended
16:10:42 [Zakim]
Attendees were Jodi, uldis, TomB, kai, +1.330.672.aaaa, kcoyle, antoine_, jeff_, marcia?, kefo, edsu, rsinger, +1.678.235.aabb, pmurray, AlexanderH, +1.415.846.aacc, jneubert, Jon,
16:10:44 [Zakim]
... digikim, [IPcaller], Felix, michaelp
16:42:39 [michaelp]
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18:29:48 [Zakim]
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