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Meeting: HTML Speech Incubator Group Teleconference
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Date: 17 February 2011
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zakim, this will be htmlspeech
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On the phone I see Michael_Bodell
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the conference code is 48657 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), burn
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zakim, I am Dan_Burnett
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Scribe: Bjorn_Bringert
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ScribeNick: bringert
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Meeting: HTML Speech Incubator Group Teleconference
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Date: 17 February 2011
17:06:21 [burn]
17:06:57 [bringert]
topic: (virtual) face-to-face meeting
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17:09:00 [burn]
bjorn: have teleconf facilities in all major offices
17:09:00 [bringert]
burn: we discussed having virtual face-to-face meetings
17:09:47 [burn]
bjorn: not fancy, but good enough for meetings
17:10:01 [bringert]
bringert: Google has video conference rooms in London, New York, Mountain View, Kirkland etc
17:11:36 [bringert]
DanD: AT&T has telepresence but not in Europe
17:11:57 [bringert]
Robert: microsoft has telepresence in Reading, Redmond and probably New York
17:12:15 [bringert]
burn: should schedule now to book travel
17:12:31 [bringert]
burn: IETF in last week of March, week beginning March 28
17:12:56 [bringert]
mbodell: unavailable in 14-18 march
17:14:09 [bringert]
bringert: our videoconference stuff is not ideal, but it beats 20 hours on a plane
17:14:36 [bringert]
bringert: will we have something to talk about?
17:14:46 [bringert]
burn: how are proposals coming along
17:14:58 [bringert]
burn: week of march 21 looks like best candidate
17:15:03 [bringert]
burn: reserve that week now
17:15:42 [bringert]
burn: 1-2 full days of talks
17:16:00 [bringert]
burn: long phone calls don't work
17:17:45 [bringert]
burn: need good quality: low latency + large screens to see faces
17:18:21 [bringert]
Robert: MS has a VC unit, can test with bringert
17:23:44 [bringert]
action Robert and Bjorn to test MS / Google VC setup
17:23:44 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2 - And Bjorn to test MS / Google VC setup [on Robert Brown - due 2011-02-24].
17:25:48 [bringert]
topic: proposal status
17:27:22 [bringert]
bringert: Google will update existing proposal with facilities to start recognition from scripts
17:27:36 [bringert]
Robert: will submit proposals by Feb 28, with two layers
17:27:46 [bringert]
17:27:58 [bringert]
Robert: doing rounds internally with IE, Bing etc
17:28:26 [bringert]
smaug_: Mozilla will submit an early draft, probably close to Google proposal
17:28:49 [bringert]
Robert: ours won't be fully complete either
17:29:24 [bringert]
burn: I started because I have speech background, no plans to propose HTML tags etc.
17:29:34 [bringert]
... but discussion has moved towards JavaScript
17:30:02 [bringert]
... Voxeo has a multilanguage API called ?
17:30:29 [bringert]
... I will send it in to show a different way to structure things, but it's not created specifically for this group
17:30:39 [bringert]
... we are already using it today
17:30:50 [bringert]
... two people joined the group recently
17:30:55 [bringert]
... not on the call today
17:31:03 [bringert]
... one person from Intel
17:31:43 [bringert]
... and then Jerry Carter has also joined the list
17:31:57 [bringert]
... so we might see a few other proposals
17:32:46 [bringert]
... would be good for each proposal submitter to list whether proposal supports each requirement
17:33:00 [bringert]
... just to make it clear which proposals cover which requirements
17:33:28 [bringert]
bringert: Milan is not on the call
17:33:37 [bringert]
... do we know Nuance's plans
17:33:46 [bringert]
burn: a month ago Milan said he did not have time
17:35:45 [bringert]
bringert: Milan has been mostly focused on more general audio streaming APIs, RTC web
17:35:58 [Zakim]
17:36:18 [bringert]
DanD: I'm trying to come up with a general architecture
17:36:33 [bringert]
... more use case driven than a technology proposal
17:36:45 [Zakim]
17:37:00 [burn]
zakim, I am Dan_Burnett
17:37:00 [Zakim]
ok, burn, I now associate you with Dan_Burnett
17:37:35 [bringert]
... the primary goal is to take proprietary protocols and expose them in a standard way to the web
17:38:08 [bringert]
bringert: real-time web audio doesn't need a proposal in our group
17:38:17 [bringert]
burn: agreed, but we might have requirements for that
17:40:01 [bringert]
bringert: update: some version of Google's proposed API is now live in a released version of Chrome
17:40:43 [bringert]
burn: Tropo is already used, but if we come up with a different API that is useful, we would support that as well
17:40:53 [mbodell]
s/API called /API called Tropos/
17:41:33 [bringert]
burn: info about VC facilities to be sent to list by Tuesday
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