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20:53:58 [Jan]
Zakim, this will be AUWG
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ok, Jan; I see WAI_AUWG()3:00PM scheduled to start 53 minutes ago
20:54:03 [Jan]
Meeting: WAI AU
20:54:13 [Jan]
20:54:35 [Jan]
Chair: Jutta Treviranus
20:57:00 [Jan]
Regrets: Andrew R., Greg P.
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WAI_AUWG()3:00PM has now started
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 2894 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), Jan
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zakim, [IPcaller] is really Jan
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+Jan; got it
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zakim, ??P7 is really Alexandro
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+Alexandro; got it
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zakim, [Microsoft] is really Cherie
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+Cherie; got it
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zakim, [Microsoft.a] is really Alex
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+Alex; got it
21:04:48 [Jan]
Regrets: Andrew R., Greg P., Alastair C.
21:05:20 [Jan]
21:05:37 [Jan]
Topic: Schedule Discussion
21:07:43 [Zakim]
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21:09:32 [Jan]
Not meeting Feb 21 due to absence of multiple US, CDN members...
21:09:58 [Jan]
So a pre-CSUN TR draft will not be happening
21:10:56 [Jan]
Topic: 2. Feb 14 Survey
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21:11:30 [jeanne]
scribe: jeanne
21:11:49 [Jan]
zakim, ??P8 is reallly Jutta
21:11:49 [Zakim]
I don't understand '??P8 is reallly Jutta', Jan
21:11:53 [Jan]
zakim, ??P8 is really Jutta
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+Jutta; got it
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21:21:18 [jeanne]
topic: Closing out comments
21:21:43 [Jan]
Topic: AUWG Survey for 14 February
21:21:44 [Zakim]
21:21:54 [Jan]
21:23:17 [jeanne]
Jutta: Discuss with your company commenters to make sure that there is agreement with how we have handled the comments. Also any other issues from within the group need to be handled, so that we do not rehash issues that we have already worked through - especially with people internal to the group.
21:23:57 [jeanne]
... so any comments that come forward at this stage should be significant and not issues we have already addressed.
21:24:24 [jeanne]
Tim: Is there a process to get feelers to see if there are any other issues?
21:24:53 [jeanne]
Jutta: This next draft is a way to ask people to see if there are any issues left before we go into Last Call.
21:24:58 [jeanne]
Topic: Survey
21:25:05 [Jan]
Topic: Proposal to remove B.2.1.1
21:25:14 [Jan]
21:26:46 [Jan]
JT: We will revisit
21:26:51 [Jan]
Topic: Proposal on document convention: WCAG
21:27:04 [Jan]
21:28:01 [Jan]
Resolution: All accept
21:28:08 [Jan]
Topic: New note under "Specialized Tools":
21:28:16 [Jan]
21:30:32 [Jan]
Note on Accessibility Checker: While accessibility checking functionality is an important part of an ATAG 2.0 conforming authoring tool, a stand-alone accessibility checker with no automated or semi-automated repair functionality is not considered an authoring tool because it is not used to edit web content for use by other people.
21:32:34 [jeanne]
Jutta: While we are not going to be considering an accessibility checker with no repair or edit functions, when a checker is including in the authoring tool or when it is bundled with an authoring tool, it will be included
21:32:51 [Jan]
JR: Agree to GP's request for a note that checkers can be considered part of tool
21:33:55 [jeanne]
Jutta: Creating, modifying content is what we want.
21:34:53 [jeanne]
Alex: We are excluding specific categories, like Simple Text Editor, and Checkers that don't have repair, but we aren't giving the criteria for something being included/excluded which isn't sound.
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21:46:24 [jeanne]
Alex: We need to have specific if/then statements in the criteria
21:46:37 [jeanne]
Jan: We have it in most success criteria.
21:48:00 [jeanne]
Alex: Any given product can go through ATAG and go through the if/then statements in a yes/no. So a specialized tool like a checker will only say yes to the ones that apply. Then conformance doesn't have to deal with collections.
21:48:39 [jeanne]
Jan: A lot of tools don't haave built-in checkers, so we wanted to encourage bundling with a checker
21:49:45 [jeanne]
Jutta: We need to make it clear that if the Success Criteria doesn't apply, then we don't have to restrict our definition of authoring tool.
21:50:40 [Jan]
Action JR: To write a note about what "not applicable" means and how to use it
21:50:40 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-322 - Write a note about what "not applicable" means and how to use it [on Jan Richards - due 2011-02-21].
21:50:46 [jeanne]
Jan: If it applies or not, then evaluate whether you met it. The conformance section section then says that you meet all the success criteria that apply to your tool.
21:50:58 [jeanne]
Topic: Definition of author
21:51:02 [Jan]
Topic: Move "Live Authoring Tools" note
21:51:11 [Jan]
Resolution: all accept
21:51:18 [Jan]
Topic: Definition of authors
21:51:25 [Jan]
21:59:57 [Jan]
Action JR: Provide more explanation around why unaware people to be excluded as authors
21:59:57 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-323 - Provide more explanation around why unaware people to be excluded as authors [on Jan Richards - due 2011-02-21].
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Attendees were Jeanne, Jan, Alexandro, Cherie, Alex, Sueann, Jutta, Greg, Tim_Boland
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