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Meeting: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 10 February 2011
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scribe: adam
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regrets: Marc_Johlic
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Topic: Sufficient Silverlight Technique for SC 2.1.1: Providing Keyboard Shortcuts for a Silverlight Application as a Whole
21:09:32 [MichaelC]
21:12:43 [Loretta]
Providing Keyboard Shortcuts that Work across the Entire Silverlight Application
21:17:05 [Loretta]
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Resolution: Accepted as amended
21:29:07 [adam]
Topic: PDF Technology Notes
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RESOLUTION: Accepted under provision that references be turned into links, version info is provided for AT, authoring, and repair tools, and references to API inspection tools, and information is provided about which tools can be used for typical PDF test procedures
21:56:25 [adam]
Topic: Issue LC-2427: F61: 24 hours?
21:56:56 [MichaelC]
22:01:38 [adam]
Action: Beer revise test procedure for F61
22:01:38 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-122 - Revise test procedure for F61 [on Chris Beer - due 2011-02-17].
22:06:51 [adam]
Resolution: Leave open - revise test procedure
22:07:13 [adam]
Topic: Issue LC-2456: Reword G1 'Description' and 'Note'. (This will make "Skip to Main" as a permanent visible link)
22:14:02 [adam]
Action: Loretta revise response
22:14:02 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-123 - Revise response [on Loretta Guarino Reid - due 2011-02-17].
22:14:37 [MichaelC]
see WG notes in
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action-123: see WG notes in
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ACTION-123 Revise response notes added
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Resolution: Leave open
22:16:14 [adam]
Topic: Issue LC-2438: Test in G68 does not seem to fit
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22:25:16 [adam]
Action: solomon revise (alternatives and labels) see WG notes in
22:25:17 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-124 - Revise (alternatives and labels) see WG notes in [on Adam Solomon - due 2011-02-17].
22:25:45 [adam]
Resolution: Leave open
22:26:02 [adam]
Topic: Issue LC-2439: either/or test seems incorrect: #2 must be true
22:37:59 [adam]
Resolution: Accepted as amended.
22:38:25 [adam]
Topic: Issue LC-2441: Test does not cover appropriateness of audio description
22:43:36 [adam]
Resolution: Accepted as amended
22:43:55 [adam]
Topic: Issue LC-2442: Missing explicit requirement that styleswitcher be positioned at the top of the page
22:47:07 [adam]
Resolution: Accepted as amended
22:47:27 [adam]
Topic: Issue LC-2465: Test needs specification of window size and criteria for compliance
22:57:38 [adam]
Resolution: Leave open
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Attendees were Bruce_Bailey, David_MacDonald, +1.774.316.aaaa, Michael_Cooper, Mary_Utt, Andrew_Kirkpatrick, Adam_Solomon, +1.650.253.aabb, Loretta_Guarino_Reid, Wolf_Schmidt,
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... +1.360.543.aacc, Daman_Wandke, Tim_Boland
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ACTION: Loretta revise response [2]
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ACTION: solomon revise (alternatives and labels) see WG notes in [3]
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