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zakim, this will be xproc
15:58:31 [Zakim]
ok, Norm; I see XML_PMWG()11:00AM scheduled to start in 2 minutes
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Norm has changed the topic to: XProc WG meets on 3 Feb: (Norm)
15:59:17 [Norm]
Meeting: XML Processing Model WG
15:59:18 [Norm]
Date: 3 February 2011
15:59:18 [Norm]
15:59:18 [Norm]
Meeting: 188
15:59:18 [Norm]
Chair: Norm
15:59:18 [Norm]
Scribe: Norm
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ScribeNick: Norm
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XML_PMWG()11:00AM has now started
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With you in 5, sorry
16:00:57 [Zakim]
16:01:01 [Norm]
no worries
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16:03:25 [Zakim]
16:04:01 [ht]
zakim, code?
16:04:01 [Zakim]
the conference code is 97762 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), ht
16:04:43 [ht]
How do I feep with exiga (SIP client)?????
16:04:58 [Norm]
16:05:09 [Norm]
You twiddle the frobnitz until the perclunk changes pitch
16:05:24 [Norm]
*Then* you twist the big red knob to 11
16:05:33 [Norm]
Hope that helps
16:06:45 [Norm]
Regrets: Paul, Alex
16:08:42 [ht]
16:08:48 [ht]
I can dial, but I can't feep
16:08:59 [ht]
Will switch to paying for Skype (last time, I hope)
16:09:31 [Zakim]
16:09:34 [ht]
zakim, [ is me
16:09:34 [Zakim]
+ht; got it
16:09:37 [Norm]
Get out your cereal box whistle?
16:10:36 [Norm]
Present: Norm, Henry, Vojtech
16:10:41 [Norm]
Topic: Accept this agenda?
16:10:41 [Norm]
16:10:43 [Norm]
16:10:48 [Norm]
Topic: Accept minutes from the previous meeting?
16:10:48 [Norm]
16:10:50 [Norm]
16:10:58 [Norm]
Topic: Next meeting: telcon, 10 Feb 2011?
16:11:25 [Norm]
Henry gives regrets; Norm is at risk
16:12:01 [Norm]
Topic: Henry's PR draft of XML processor profiles
16:13:45 [Norm]
Henry: If we leave it as I've written it, it's just a hint to remind folks that the XML spec doesn't require much.
16:13:57 [Norm]
...If you wanted to do better, you'd have to enumerate the infoset items that are required.
16:14:37 [Norm]
...But I can imagine that people will be frustrated if they have to *both* point to this profile document *and* enumerate the items.
16:14:59 [Norm]
Vojtech: I wonder if this small sentence opens new freedom in how to interpret this spec.
16:15:57 [Norm]
Norm: I don't think so, it's just more explicit about what isn't being said.
16:16:16 [Norm]
Henry: The question is, should we put the additional detail in this spec.
16:16:40 [Norm]
...We'd have to make section 3 normative in a way that it isn't now.
16:16:46 [Norm]
Vojtech: It reduces the number of interpretations.
16:17:47 [Norm]
Henry: I'm not sure it's reasonable.
16:17:51 [Norm]
Norm: Why not?
16:18:15 [Norm]
Henry: Here's an example: the infoset spec has three different properties having to do with prefix bindings, any two of which will do
16:18:46 [Norm]
Norm: So we could say in that case that you have to provide two of the following three properties.
16:19:36 [Norm]
Henry: Does any one know if the widely used processors support the namespace attributes property?
16:20:05 [Norm]
Norm: The Java processors based on JAXP don't.
16:20:26 [Norm]
Henry: Some of the Python one's do. Whether they should or not is an another question.
16:21:41 [Norm]
Norm: I think it would be nice to do it.
16:22:10 [Norm]
Norm: Henry, would you try to draft it?
16:22:31 [Norm]
Henry: Yes, but it'll take a little while. I won't know if it's going to be straightforward or not until I've worked my way further into it.
16:22:52 [Norm]
...I can imagine that it might wind up being a two-dimensional structure depending on what parts of what specs you support.
16:24:01 [Norm]
...And what about characters, most specs don't return individual character information items.
16:24:09 [Norm]
...As you can see, it's going to take a little while to work it out.
16:24:38 [Norm]
Norm: Ok. I think it's good that we're going to look at this.
16:24:59 [Norm]
Topic: Proposed errata documents
16:25:04 [Norm]
16:25:24 [Norm]
Regrets: Paul, Mohamed, Alex
16:38:54 [Norm]
16:41:26 [Norm]
General agreement that the editor got all of them right.
16:41:33 [Norm]
Topic: Any other business?
16:41:40 [Norm]
None heard.
16:42:17 [Norm]
Norm: Should I cancel 10 Feb?
16:42:32 [Norm]
Henry: yes.
16:42:37 [Norm]
Norm: Ok. Next meeting is 17 Feb.
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Attendees were Norm, vojtech, [IPcaller], ht
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rrsagent, set logs world visible
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate Norm
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zakim, who is on the call?
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apparently XML_PMWG()11:00AM has ended, ht
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On IRC I see ht, Zakim, RRSAgent, Norm, Liam
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Attendees were
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Attendees were
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(mail sent for meeting time change)
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ht, ping?
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