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Meeting: Media Fragments Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 02 February 2011
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+ +329331aaaa
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+ +49.408.081.7.aabb
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+ +61.2.801.2.aacc
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zakim, aacc is me
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+silvia; got it
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10:07:54 [erik]
regrets: Raphael, Philip
10:08:27 [erik]
present: Yves, Erik, Davy, Silvia, Thomas
10:08:37 [erik]
chair: Erik
10:08:45 [erik]
10:08:55 [erik]
Date: 2 February 2011
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Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose silvia
10:11:22 [silvia]
scribe: silvia
10:11:34 [tomayac]
+1 to accept
10:11:41 [silvia]
10:11:42 [silvia]
* Roll call
10:11:42 [silvia]
* PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the last week telecon:
10:11:42 [silvia]
10:11:44 [erik]
10:11:45 [davy]
10:11:48 [Yves]
10:12:11 [silvia]
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10:12:34 [silvia]
* ACTION-196: Raphaƫl to address comments from the Media Annotations WG and draft a reply
10:12:48 [silvia]
Raphael will do the edits tonight or tomorrow
10:13:06 [silvia]
* ACTION-210: Davy to add the RTSP processing section as an appendix to the main document
10:13:16 [silvia]
Davy just committed the changes
10:13:34 [silvia]
close ACTION-210
10:13:34 [trackbot]
ACTION-210 Add the RTSP processing section as an appending to the main document closed
10:13:36 [tomayac]
10:13:52 [silvia]
* PROPOSAL: group vote on transition to another LCWD
10:14:06 [silvia]
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10:15:36 [silvia]
Philippe is on holidays, but we need his input
10:16:27 [silvia]
we will have a final go at this on Monday 16th Feb
10:16:39 [silvia]
since Philippe is on holidays until 11th Feb
10:16:54 [silvia]
we can still prepare the resolution amongst us
10:17:07 [erik]
+1 on LCWG
10:17:23 [silvia]
we only need agreement from Philippe on Issue-19
10:17:44 [silvia]
vote: is everyone ok to go to LC#2 ?
10:17:49 [davy]
10:17:49 [silvia]
10:17:50 [Yves]
10:17:51 [erik]
10:17:52 [tomayac]
10:18:25 [silvia]
RESOLUTION: we will go to LC#2 on 16th Feb pending agreement from Philippe and no disagreement from other WG members
10:18:49 [silvia]
10:19:04 [silvia]
* HTML5 bug follow-up:
10:19:42 [silvia]
Silvia's reply:
10:23:17 [silvia]
suggestion to create 6 new bugs to follow up on the previously rejected parts of the previous bug
10:23:49 [silvia]
Thomas: suggests to make sure we only refer to the media fragement URIs that use "#" in the bugs
10:24:01 [tomayac]
suggestion to add a clarification that in the bug if we say "media fragment", we exclusively talk about fragments in the hash (#t, #xywh, etc.)
10:24:01 [erik]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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10:24:38 [Yves]
10:26:46 [silvia]
Yves: we should only do bugs on the end time and what happens with @loop
10:26:55 [silvia]
silvia: let's discuss this in email
10:27:00 [silvia]
Yves: restart a new thread
10:27:13 [silvia]
ACTION: silvia to start a new thread on what bugs to submit to HTML5
10:27:14 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-211 - Start a new thread on what bugs to submit to HTML5 [on Silvia Pfeiffer - due 2011-02-09].
10:27:35 [silvia]
10:27:42 [silvia]
* ACTION-203: Thomas to build a media fragment URI parser in javascript
10:27:51 [silvia]
zakim, mute me
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10:28:20 [silvia]
thomas: have implemented a library that should cover all our specifications
10:28:24 [tomayac]
10:28:58 [silvia]
.. do play with it and try to break it
10:29:07 [silvia]
.. it has a couple of basic checks
10:29:41 [silvia]
.. available on Github
10:29:54 [Yves]
we should test the output of this and
10:30:02 [Yves]
so have a bigger test suite for that
10:30:56 [silvia]
thomas: there is a unit test in the Github code
10:31:13 [tomayac]
unittests.html, based on QUnit
10:32:28 [tomayac]
10:33:06 [tomayac]
congratulations, yves! enjoy your sleep while you can ;-)
10:33:24 [silvia]
close Action-203
10:33:24 [trackbot]
ACTION-203 Build a media fragment URI parser in javascript closed
10:33:32 [tomayac]
yay :-)
10:34:09 [silvia]
10:34:15 [tomayac]
thanks. @cramforce helped with the design.
10:34:51 [silvia]
issues 17 and 20 need Raphael and the rest of the group here
10:34:57 [silvia]
they won't block our next LC though
10:35:23 [silvia]
to be done in upcoming weeks
10:35:25 [silvia]
10:35:36 [silvia]
* ACTION-209: Davy to convert TCs from the wiki to an RDF version
10:35:45 [silvia]
close Action-209
10:35:45 [trackbot]
ACTION-209 Convert TCs from the wiki to an RDF version closed
10:36:06 [silvia]
once we are in last call we have to check all the test cases
10:36:33 [silvia]
Davy: we only have temporal test cases right now, not spatial and track, so would appreciate such contributions
10:36:44 [tomayac]
i have couple of combined cases
10:36:47 [silvia]
we test both test cases that should succeed and such that should fail
10:36:51 [tomayac]
check the unittests.html file
10:36:59 [davy]
will do, thx
10:37:02 [tomayac]
i have failing and success cases
10:37:17 [tomayac]
the expected output for invalid cases is simply empty object
10:37:43 [silvia]
TOPIC 7. Use Cases and Requirements
10:37:52 [silvia]
Erik: most of these are for the next version
10:38:42 [silvia]
TOPIC 8. Movie Examples
10:38:43 [silvia]
10:38:49 [silvia]
10:39:05 [silvia]
Thomas is currently working on converting the client side application to be more an API
10:39:42 [silvia]
changing the RDF to be based on media fragments
10:40:29 [Zakim]
10:41:56 [tomayac]
bye. have a good one!
10:42:13 [tomayac]
yves, good luck!!!
10:42:27 [Zakim]
10:42:28 [Zakim]
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10:43:24 [erik]
Thanks Silvia for Scibing & have a nice week !!! Take to you all next week
10:43:39 [silvia1]
ah, you closed the meeting :)
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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Attendees were +329331aaaa, Erik, Davy, Yves, +49.408.081.7.aabb, Thomas, +61.2.801.2.aacc, silvia
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