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ok, trackbot; I see UW_DAP()10:00AM scheduled to start in 60 minutes
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Meeting: Device APIs and Policy Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 02 February 2011
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Regrets+ Suresh_Chitturi, Frederick_Hirsch
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Chair: Robin_Berjon
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fjh: thanks a lot!
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dom: I need to rush out and back, I might be 90 seconds late
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Present+ Claes_Nilsson
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Present+ Niklas_Widell
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Zakim, code?
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the conference code is 3279 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), dom
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UW_DAP()10:00AM has now started
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Zakim, ??P10 is me
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+dom; got it
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zakim, aacc is me
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Present+ Anssi_Kostiainen
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+ +1.650.691.aadd
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Zakim, aadd is probably Harald
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+Harald?; got it
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Zakim, harry is really robin
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I have no idea what number I show up as this time...
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Zakim, Vincent_Mahe is really Cecile_Mark
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Present+ Jerome_Giraud
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Need to drop off irc for 20 mins or so, will remain on phone
15:06:36 [AnssiK]
I can volunteer to be a scribe today
15:06:45 [darobin]
Scribe: Anssi
15:06:48 [darobin]
ScribeNick: AnssiK
15:07:16 [AnssiK]
TOPIC: Announcements, meeting planning, logistics
15:07:22 [darobin]
15:07:34 [Zakim]
15:07:43 [AnssiK]
darobin: TPAC 2011 will be in Nov, 2011, five days meeting
15:08:04 [darobin]
proposed RESOLUTION: Schedule DAP F2F during TPAC 2011 for 3-4 November 2011.
15:08:23 [Zakim]
+ +1.425.214.aaee
15:08:25 [AnssiK]
... DAP proposed to meet Thu+Fri on the TPAC week, ok?
15:08:42 [bryan_sullivan]
present+ bryan_sullivan
15:09:00 [AnssiK]
RESOLUTION: Schedule DAP F2F during TPAC 2011 for 3-4 November 2011
15:09:01 [ingmar]
present+ Ingmar_Kliche
15:09:04 [darobin]
15:09:23 [AnssiK]
darobin: there's Zakim VIP access, see the link for more infp
15:09:29 [AnssiK]
15:09:30 [dom]
15:09:47 [darobin]
15:09:47 [AnssiK]
... Messaging API draft was published last week
15:10:09 [AnssiK]
... let's discuss a bit about the Web Introducer, Claes, any news?
15:10:41 [darobin]
15:10:41 [AnssiK]
... (unable to hear Claes)
15:11:10 [AnssiK]
... there's a reg. page for DAP F2F, time to register to help host work out the logistics
15:11:17 [AnssiK]
TOPIC: Minutes approval
15:11:18 [darobin]
proposed RESOLUTION: Minutes from 19 January 2011 approved
15:11:46 [AnssiK]
RESOLUTION: Minutes from 19 January 2011 approved
15:11:54 [dom]
q+ to mention rechartering
15:11:56 [AnssiK]
TOPIC: Contacts
15:12:49 [darobin]
ack dom
15:12:49 [Zakim]
dom, you wanted to mention rechartering
15:12:57 [AnssiK]
do people want to discuss the APIs now or re-schedule for the next week (low participation)?
15:13:14 [AnssiK]
dom: we've been working on a new charter
15:13:25 [AnssiK]
... I've sent a mail to the list to ask for feedback on that
15:13:44 [AnssiK]
... it's just a draft, and I expect us to spend some time on that during the F2F
15:13:57 [darobin]
15:14:03 [dom]
15:14:20 [AnssiK]
... all feedback welcome
15:15:09 [AnssiK]
niklas: what was the main problem with the existing charter
15:15:17 [AnssiK]
dom: too broad a scope was one thing
15:15:48 [AnssiK]
... in addition, policy framework and group's approach to privacy
15:16:28 [AnssiK]
... summary: all changes in the charter were based on specific feedback from implementors
15:17:17 [AnssiK]
bryan: there are web runtime vendors who are implementing BONDI etc. policy* parts
15:17:58 [AnssiK]
dom: there has been very little concrete contributions toward the group
15:19:11 [AnssiK]
bryan: Q on whether policy aspects are baked in the new charter
15:19:28 [AnssiK]
dom: participation from the implementors is the key, that's lacking re policy*
15:21:23 [AnssiK]
darobin: feedback re re-chartering can be provided via all the usual channels
15:21:31 [AnssiK]
... any other issues?
15:21:32 [dom]
Regets +Lazlo
15:21:36 [dom]
Regrets +Lazlo
15:21:39 [Zakim]
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- +1.425.214.aaee
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15:21:44 [Zakim]
15:21:46 [Zakim]
15:21:47 [Zakim]
15:21:49 [AnssiK]
TOPIC: Adjourn
15:22:12 [darobin]
thanks AnssiK
15:22:18 [Zakim]
15:22:20 [darobin]
RRSAgent: make minutes
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I have made the request to generate darobin
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UW_DAP()10:00AM has ended
15:22:33 [Zakim]
Attendees were dom, +, +, nwidell, Claes, +358.504.86aacc, AnssiK, +1.650.691.aadd, Harald?, robin, Cecile_Mark, Ingmar, +1.425.214.aaee
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RRSAgent: bye
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