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28 Jan 2011

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Judy, Jan, Cynthia_Shelly,jeanne, Jamal, Gregg_Vanderheiden
Peter, Andi, John


agenda overview

update on instructions and coordination to wrap up

Judy: I have been going through some of the challenge.gov examples, and have been reformatting the instructions to match some of their examples, and improving the clarity.
... I will be sending materials to review to Jamal and Debbie.

Jamal: What happened to OSTP as host.

Judy: I will have to look back. I know they offered help with publicity.
... look for an updated draft this coming week. Hopefully that will be the last round.

sample materials, last call

Judy:There were organizations who said they were trying to get permission for access b efore the holidays.

Cynthia: I asked around and was told that the best way to handle it would be to develop custom applications. I would need some weekend time.

Judy: This could be hundreds of samples?

Cynthia: This would be a subset.
... they would be slightly different from the ones that ship, just modified for this purpose.

Judy: We are looking to have a launch the week after next. I have been working on it today, just hours of work to pull it together.

Jan: there was an updated version I sent around on Jan 4th.

Gregg: We hve the one outstanding outline that you may be interested in.

Judy: What did Gregg learn from his challenge.gov experience?

Gregg: make sure you already have people lined up who will critique. A video project is a lot of work.

Judy: The rules for ours is simpler.

Gregg: you will be a success because you have already lined up contributers, so what remains to be seen is whether you will be a roaring success.
... We don't know if anyone is doing anything. We have one that we did ourselves, so we can't post it.
... It is the FCC's challenge. We are contributing to it
... we have had some problems with spam contributors. We should put something in that is a big hurdle to spammers but that isn't a hurdle for real developers.

Judy: Last week we discussed a pre-check that the developers would have to verify that they had been completed before they submitted.

Jamal: we have been thinking a 3-month time frame, but given the experience of the cloud challenge, we should think about extending it to 6 months. The outreach takes time before people decide to complete.

Judy: Does anyone have experience with how long it takes to develop a widget?

Jan: It should be ok.

3-4 weeks of working on their own. 15 hours or so. '

Cynthia: If they are adapting something existing. If they are creating a new model, than 40 hours.
... Maybe having a 3 month window and a 6-month window?

Jan: 6 months is too long.

Gregg: One thing we are doing on Raise the Floor is having Challenge and to invite Challenge. People can submit requests for challenges.

Judy: We have a wish list feature.

Jan: We should have fine print that says we will evaluate the first 100.

Judy: this gives incentive to respond quickly, and it also sets an expectation that we expect a lot of submissions. Maybe the first 50.
... If we get lucky with the number of submissions, we may be able to make it be an annual thing.

Cynthia: It takes time for the word to get out to the people we want to submit. Perhaps we could tie it with a conference in the future.

evaluation process; training for

Last week we discussed information that we would put on the site for people to do pre-checks. We still don't have an evaluation protocol written up.

Judy: If we were trying to train people, would Jeanne, Jan and Cynthia help with that?

Cynthia: I can do a webinar, but I can't write a book.
... a training session of not more than 2 hours with a few hours of preparation.

Jan: I can, similar to Cynthia.

Jeanne: yes

Judy: We will put out a call to volunteers on WAI-IG and John's list of Unconference attendees.

Next Meeting

Jamal, Cynthia, Jeanne are available next Friday. Peter will be back from trip. Gregg is not sure for next week.

The following Friday (11 Feb): Jan, Cynthia, Jeanne, Jamal available.

Summary of Action Items

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