On the Web: mobile and accessible

Dominique Hazaël-Massieux

W3C Mobile Web Initiative Activity Lead

Email: dom@w3.org

Microblog: @dontcallmedom


Contributed paper, SVG slides

Similar needs

DisabilititesMobile device limitations
Can’t see small itemsSmall physical screen
Narrow visionZoom interface
Color-blindnessLightning conditions
Motricity troublesNo mouse, limited keyboard
Hearing problemsCan’t use sound (e.g. socially)
Attention disorderLimited attention span
AT and plug-insLimited plug-ins support
Can’t see imagesDownload images on demand


WCAGMobile Web Best Practices
WCAG 1.0: 1999Mobile Web Best Practices: 2008
WCAG 2.0: 2008Mobile Web Best Application Practices: soon

50% of Mobile BP inspired from WCAG 1.0

Strict conformance overlap between WCAG 2.0 and BP more limited


Different Approaches

AccessibilityMobile Web content
Integrate in main contentCreate a separate version (or many)
Regulation / advocacyHype / Business needs




Audio & Voice

Mobile Web Apps

Combining advantages of mobile, Web and Apps

Advantages of Mobile, Web and Apps

Mobile Web Apps: mobile

Mobile Web Apps: Web

Mobile Web Apps: apps

Mobile Web Apps and Accessibility

I can see some light and colors, but just in blurs. […]
I watched the sun set, listening to the colors change as the sky darkened. […]
I have never experienced this before in my life.

My First Week with the iPhone, A. Seraphin