HTML Working Group Update

Advisory Board Meeting, 23 February 2011

Philippe Le H├ęgaret

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HTML Working Group

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October 1 Cutoff for bugs to be considered as pre-LC feedback, enhanced change control
December 8 All bugs filed by cutoff date addressed by editors
January 22 Cutoff for escalating bugs for pre-LC consideration
February 23 Every issue has at least one Change Proposal
March 22 All calls for counter-proposals complete
April 22 All issues resolved; LC resolution presented to group
May 22 Fixable LC objections addressed; LC resolution

Since November 2011

(see also previous report)

HTML Bugs: pre-LC and LC

400 300 200 100 0 New pre-LC Resolved pre-LC New LC Resolved LC D09 J10 F10 M10 A10 M10 J10 J10 A10 S10 O10 N10 D10 J11

Getting to Last Call

As of February 21:

Getting to Last Call:
7 Accessibility issues

Waiting for proposals:

Getting to Last Call:
7 Accessibility issues

Waiting on review of the proposals:

Waiting on decision:

In the meantime…