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17 Dec 2010

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Jeanne_Spellman, Jan, Judy, Peter, Debby, John
Gregg, Andi


Judy asked whether there were comments on the links Peter sent to the list on the AEGIS widgets web page.

[no additional comments]

Judy asked if people had comments on the draft of the challenge.gove instructions

Comments: [minor] explain skip nav. How to Enter #2 - what will the pre-checks be?

Links to pre-checks and links to resources. Concern about ongoing changes to ATAG 2.0. Jan gave information last week on changes in ATAG. '

<Judy> JS: What about linking to the AUWG home page

Jan: Let's have a dedicated Gallery page on ATAG space, with links from the ATAG home page, and the WAI home page for people that arrive via other routes.

JB: We also need links to WCAG for information that people will use for evaluation.

JAN: A page that explains both WCAG and ATAG

JB: We also want to have other resources. We don't want an overwhelming list. Shawn had an intro page as part of the WAI-AGE process

<Judy> perhaps something like this, but w/ different focus: http://www.w3.org/WAI/older-users/Overview.php

Need more on the evaluation flow-through side.

Jan will distill Cynthia's instructions into a ATAG page

<Judy> Judy will tweak the Challenge.gov instructions to firmly send people to the AUWG resource & precheck page.

Judy will tweak the instructions to more clearly send the participants onto a web page that is more fluid and able to be updated.

Peter: Add a sentence that it is a download, it isn't an indication of use, it is an indication of download. I think you can avoid a popularity contest by opening up to agencies to report that they used the widget.

JB: The results of the gallery is not just government, but will be open outside the government

PK: General votes by the public is inviting abuse, but downloads are just downloads. Hopefully government agencies do not have to be policed.
... My concern is policing and resources, if we have the resources to police this then @@

Debby: We want to be welcoming submissions from all over, not just the U.S.

JB: I was under the impression that there might be some resources.

Debby: We have submitted a budget request, but we don't know when we might hear about it and how much it will be for.

Widget sent by Jamal

<Judy> http://www.filamentgroup.com/lab/update_to_jquery_visualize_accessible_c

<Judy> harts_with_html5_from_designing_with/

JR: It is a widget of a book. It's good.

<Judy> judy re-pasting link from jamal

<Judy> http://www.filamentgroup.com/lab/update_to_jquery_visualize_accessible_charts_with_html5_from_designing_with/

JR: I didn't see an problems, it's not inaccessible. I think it is ok.

Next meeting

No meeting 24th and the 31st. Any regrets for January 7? Same time, different year

[no regrets]

Summary of Action Items