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zakim, this is xproc
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ok, Norm; that matches XML_PMWG()11:00AM
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 97762 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), ht
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zakim, ? is me
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+ht; got it
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see +1.413.624.aaaa, ht, Alex_Milows, PGrosso
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On IRC I see Vojtech, ht, RRSAgent, Zakim, PGrosso, Norm, alexmilowski, dshabano, Liam, caribou
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zakim, aaaa is me
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+Norm; got it
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see Norm, ht, Alex_Milows, PGrosso
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On IRC I see Vojtech, ht, RRSAgent, Zakim, PGrosso, Norm, alexmilowski, dshabano, Liam, caribou
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Zakim, ?? is Vojtech
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+Vojtech; got it
16:03:25 [Norm]
Meeting: XML Processing Model WG
16:03:25 [Norm]
Date: 16 December 2010
16:03:25 [Norm]
16:03:25 [Norm]
Meeting: 185
16:03:25 [Norm]
Chair: Norm
16:03:25 [Norm]
Scribe: Norm
16:03:27 [Norm]
ScribeNick: Norm
16:03:31 [Norm]
Present: Norm, Henry, Alex, Paul, Vojtech
16:03:44 [Norm]
Topic: Accept this agenda?
16:03:44 [Norm]
16:03:56 [Norm]
16:04:10 [Norm]
Topic: Accept minutes from the previous meeting?
16:04:10 [Norm]
16:04:16 [Norm]
16:05:06 [Norm]
Topic: Next meeting: telcon, 6 Jan 2011?
16:05:15 [Norm]
Skipping the rest of December for seasonal festivities.
16:05:17 [Norm]
No regrets heard.
16:05:28 [Norm]
Topic: Resolve question of parsing rules for “{“ and “}” in p:document-template and any other issues.
16:06:04 [Norm]
16:07:52 [Norm]
Henry: I want to behave as much like XQuery as possible.
16:08:03 [Norm]
Alex: I think it's XSLT not XQuery that we're copying.
16:09:23 [Norm]
Vojtech: In the first version of the document there were different rules. Now we have rules more like XQuery wrt curly braces and quotes.
16:11:55 [Norm]
Some discussion about the current rules.
16:12:03 [Norm]
Vojtech: I think we're currently consistent with what XQuery does.
16:13:29 [Norm]
Norm: I think the only question is, if you see "}" in xpath-mode, do you look for another "}" or do you end the expression?
16:14:15 [Norm]
Vojtech: No, I proposed that if you're not in XPath mode and you see "}" then you just treat it literally.
16:14:55 [Norm]
Norm: So "}}" remains "}}"?
16:15:15 [Norm]
Vojtech: No. If you see "}}" you output "}", if you see an unescaped "}", you just recover from the escaping error and output the "}"
16:15:48 [Norm]
Alex: I think the current rules could allow nested expressions in the future.
16:16:01 [Norm]
Vojtech: I'm just observing that you could recover, I'm not pushing for it.
16:17:27 [Norm]
Norm: I think it will be confusing to do error recovery, so I propose not.
16:18:43 [Norm]
Alex: We could do that, and be done with it.
16:20:02 [Norm]
Proposal: Add a new rule to "regular-mode" which states that an unquoted "}" is an error.
16:21:10 [Norm]
16:21:29 [Norm]
Norm: I'll also add a note to the xpath-mode section to note that "}" doesn't look for "}}", it ends "greedily"
16:22:11 [Norm]
Norm: I'll update the spec and republish it in our space, with a plan to make it an official note in January if no one sees any other problems.
16:24:01 [Norm]
Topic: Last Call comments on our processor profiles document
16:24:11 [Norm]
16:26:11 [Norm]
Vojtech: Does the minimum profile require parsing of namespaces?
16:26:27 [Norm]
Vojtech: Now I think it's clear in the text.
16:26:50 [Norm]
Vojtech: The other issue is the one that David Lee raised about having a much simpler profile.
16:27:03 [Norm]
Henry: That amounts to subsetting XML.
16:30:10 [Norm]
Norm: I'm very conflicted. I think what David Lee wants makes logical sense, but it's not clear that we have remit to go there.
16:33:01 [Norm]
More discussion about infosets and subsets of XML and the fact that our section 2 says we start with a namespace well-formed document.
16:33:36 [Norm]
Henry observes that if we named a smaller subset, then parsers that could do it only wouldn't be able to handle any well-formed XML which is not the case today.
16:34:39 [Norm]
Proposal: Politely decline on the basis that it wouldn't be XML. It's not illogical, but we can't go there.
16:35:04 [Norm]
16:35:18 [Norm]
Topic: Any other business?
16:35:46 [Norm]
Vojtech: What about my question about connecting output ports of compound steps?
16:36:39 [Norm]
16:37:32 [Norm]
Norm: I think 5.11 overstates what we intended.
16:37:38 [Norm]
Vojtech: Our implementation allows it.
16:38:33 [Norm]
Norm: Yeah, I guess it makes sense. I don't think my implementation allows it but that's neither here nor there.
16:38:42 [Norm]
Vojtech: I think the rule in 5.11 is quite convenient.
16:39:31 [Norm]
Norm: And allowing it is an editorial change were forbidding it would be a technical changes, because 5.11 says it's currently allowed.
16:40:02 [Norm]
Proposal: Add an erratum to say that the output port of a compound step can be directly connected to any of the compound step's readable ports.
16:41:14 [Norm]
16:41:32 [Norm]
ACTION: Norm to write an erratum to allow he output port of a compound step can be directly connected to any of the compound step's readable ports.
16:42:27 [Norm]
Alex: Do we produce a new version with the errata merged in?
16:42:39 [Norm]
Norm: We can, but we don't have to.
16:42:43 [Norm]
Henry: It's polite to do it.
16:42:47 [Norm]
Paul: That would be a second edition.
16:43:16 [Norm]
Henry: I think it's fine to wait at least a year.
16:43:26 [Norm]
Norm: So do I.
16:43:45 [Norm]
Norm: Happy holidays and happy new year to one and all!
16:43:50 [Norm]
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16:43:56 [Zakim]
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rrsagent, set logs world visible
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate Norm
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norm, you need exim4_4.70 or above
16:44:31 [ht]
what distro are you running?
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Attendees were +1.413.624.aaaa, ht, Alex_Milows, PGrosso, Norm, Vojtech
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I'm on debian lenny, and had to use backports, but that seems to have worked
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