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Meeting: WebFonts Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 15 December 2010
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15:18:35 [cslye]
Described new language proposed to add WOFF support to EPUB spec...
15:18:45 [cslye]
15:19:18 [cslye]
EPUB will support both WOFF and obfuscated OpenType.
15:19:56 [cslye]
Concern that desktop apps (e.g. Word) will be interested in "supporting" WOFF i order to become better web authoring apps.
15:20:29 [cslye]
John Hudson will consider current language in WOFF spec.
15:21:07 [cslye]
Skipping open action items, since most/all are for C. Lilley and J. Kew.
15:21:25 [cslye]
Reviewing Last Call comments.
15:21:58 [cslye]
Vlad will ensure all comments received are documented.
15:22:36 [cslye]
Discuss use of xml:lang.
15:23:31 [cslye]
tal: Don't want to break anything that's out there.
15:24:14 [cslye]
Vlad: Let's defer this to the next conference call.
15:24:47 [cslye]
John: Who's strong with XML?
15:24:56 [cslye]
tal: Liam.
15:25:51 [cslye]
xml:lang discussion:
15:26:57 [Vlad]
15:27:44 [cslye]
J. Kew should ensure that sfnt ordering issue is resolved.
15:29:38 [cslye]
Discussing testable assertions.
15:30:39 [Vlad]
scribe: cslye
15:30:43 [tal]
15:30:48 [cslye]
tal: Will post to the list soon about the state of the test suite.
15:32:52 [tal]
15:34:43 [cslye]
tal: Checking table order cannot be a file format testable assertion because it cannot be confirmed if the original font is not around for reference.
15:34:55 [cslye]
tal: Should be an authoring tool check.
15:35:48 [cslye]
s/is not around for reference/is not necessarily around for reference/
15:38:42 [tal]
sfnt fonts store a checksum for each table in the table directory, and an overall checksum for the entire font in the head table (see the TrueType, OpenType or Open Font Format specifications for the definition of each calculation). Tools producing WOFF files MUST validate these checksums, and reject the font if errors are found.
15:39:27 [cslye]
John: Why are we validating the checksum in the head table?
15:40:11 [cslye]
tal: Should a validator also check it?
15:40:53 [cslye]
Vlad: Yes, it's a good thing.
15:42:31 [cslye]
Vlad: Do we need to have a call next week?
15:43:09 [cslye]
John: If something comes up in the last call comments, we might need to, but otherwise not.
15:43:23 [cslye]
tal: No need to meet for Test Suite.
15:43:54 [cslye]
Vlad: No call next week unless something urgent comes up.
15:44:05 [cslye]
Vlad: We'll use the email list instead.
15:44:31 [cslye]
Vlad: Next year: Keep same schedule?
15:45:01 [cslye]
Vlad: I might be traveling on Jan 5.
15:45:35 [cslye]
Next meeting might not be until Jan 12. TBD on the email list.
15:47:05 [cslye]
Vlad: Promotion to Candidate Recommendation might happen near end of January.
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Attendees were +1.425.882.aaaa, +1.781.970.aabb, +1.443.895.aacc, tal, Vlad, +31.70.360.aadd, +1.510.816.aaee, Erik, +1.250.247.aaff, cslye
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