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Matroska and Web Streaming

W3C - 8th February 2011

Steve Lhomme

Matroska Chairman


What is Matroska ?

Matroska and WebM

WebM is a web specific profile of Matroska

Like XHML Strict and Transitional (header change)

Hardware/Software support

.mkv playback is widespread in the industry

Usually H.264/DivX with AC-3/DTS/AAC/Vorbis/MP3

We have a validation tool for better compliancy

Stream Modes

2 modes read using the same parsers

Fixed files (HTTP, FTP or local)

One of the design goals was to make a format suitable for file streaming

Live Streaming

Unlike XML it can have opened elements with no known end (infinite size)

<cluster>data... </cluster> <cluster>

Allows sending data before the end of the 'chunk' is known

Perfect for low latency streaming

Demonstrated with WebM by Flumotion at GUADEC in July 2010

Independent chunks of data allow for multicasting

Chain segments for streaming reconfiguration (16x9 to 4x3)

New features for the Web

The video world is moving to the web and at the same time adding new technologies


There is already an IETF like RFC for EBML

Already a de facto standard with all the industry support

We need a more formal standardization of the specifications endorsed by a recognized organization for broader industry use

The current specifications and specification notes should cover each field in detail and leave no room for misinterpretation

All work now supervised by a non profit organisation based in France