Position paper for Web & TV.

Innovative IP Architecture Center, NTT Communications Corporation
e-mail: kensaku.komatsu@ntt.com

Perspective of this paper

Support for "second screen" scenarios


My proposal's goal is to serve comfortable integrated web and tv service on second screen (note1). Second screen senario can produce large benefit of stakeholders (customer, broadcast provider, program sponsor and so on). It can also provide more confortable service and easily access web content related to TV programs and sponsor. I believe that HTML5 and related specs help to realize sophisticated personalized service.
note1: it means not TV device but portable devices sorts of iPad, Android

Why second screen necessary?

I believe that "second screen" scenario can create more confortable life in home. In the case of living-room, family are watching the same broadcast service. Children likes to see and play BML(note2) content, such as related game and quize related to the TV program. At that time, parents sometimes feel a little stress. For example, if father likes the program and he wants to concentrate to watch it. Mother may want to see shopping information related to the TV program. So, to satisfy all members, second screen is necessary.
note2: Broadcast Markup Language

In "second screen" senario, I suppose that above issues are solved. In this senario, TV device in the living room can display only TV program, while children playing game with his device. Also, mother is able to enjoy watching items related to the program.

I understand that "second screen" senario is currently available. For example, mother can enjoy watching TV using search engine. But searching service on the internet requires spending lots of time to find one's target. This situation makes hard to cencentrate with TV program. As a result, additional information (e.g. sponsors content) may be misunderstood. Additionally to say, communications in home also be decreased.

Proposal and technical requirement.

To solve above situation, I propose that program-related content is desplayed on second screen automatically. It means content will be synchronized to TV program timeline(like today's BML achieved). Additionally to say, it also requires ability to manage each content manually like gadget services. Automatic personalize features based on one's viewing log'll also be required. To access to sponsor's site precisely, site's thumbnail and other banner will be also displayed automatically on it( this senario includes targeting advertisement ).

I'll show lists of technical requirement below. I try to annotate current related spec discussed in W3C, such as "HTML5" and related spec.