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logging to
11:54:59 [jsderber]
chair: Joakim
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+ +329331aaaa
11:58:26 [jsderber]
regrets: Wonsuk, Tobias, Felix, Florian, Jean-Pierre
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+ +34.91.336.aabb
12:00:03 [jsderber]
Hi, did you call in to the US number?
12:00:19 [Zakim]
+ +
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12:01:11 [jsderber]
12:01:27 [Vero]
I am on IRC, but can't reach you by phone
12:01:33 [jsderber]
zakim, +46.7.61.aacc is joakim
12:01:33 [Zakim]
sorry, jsderber, I do not recognize a party named '+46.7.61.aacc'
12:03:56 [Zakim]
12:05:54 [jsderber]
zakim, + is joakim
12:05:54 [Zakim]
+joakim; got it
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scribenick: wbailer
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meeting: MAWG Telco
12:09:06 [jsderber]
Thanks for scrinign Werbner
12:09:06 [wbailer]
chair: joakim
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rrsagent, make logs public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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12:09:41 [jsderber]
s/ Werbner/Werner
12:09:54 [Vero]
12:10:08 [wbailer]
present: joakim, veronique(irc), chris(phone), marcel(phone), werner
12:10:47 [jsderber]
12:10:49 [wbailer]
regrets: jean-pierre, florian, felix, tobias, wonsuk, daniel
12:10:54 [wbailer]
topic: previous minutes
12:11:06 [wbailer]
12:11:13 [wbailer]
12:11:23 [wbailer]
topic: next meeting
12:11:28 [wbailer]
Tuesday, dec. 7
12:12:13 [jsderber]
12:12:18 [wbailer]
topic: action items
12:13:24 [wbailer]
keep 269 open
12:13:41 [Vero]
about nb 293: I rewrote the properties' description according to the format that we had agreed upon, edited the change in the location property description and did other minor changes
12:14:03 [Vero]
I could not upload the new version to SVN, so I sent the XML to WonSuk, Daniel and Joakim
12:14:13 [Vero]
WonSuk can upload it next week he said
12:14:23 [Vero]
if anyone can do it beforehand, let me know!
12:14:34 [Vero]
but the action can be closed
12:14:44 [wbailer]
close action-293
12:14:45 [trackbot]
ACTION-293 work with chris and raphael to update the properties of the ontology doc closed
12:14:53 [wbailer]
present: joakim, veronique(irc), chris(phone), marcel(phone), werner
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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12:15:22 [jsderber]
Is it conected with action-294?
12:16:33 [wbailer]
action 302 still pending
12:16:33 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - 302
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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12:17:36 [Vero]
@Joakim: I suppose so, I don't really get the meaning of that action item
12:17:59 [Vero]
action 347 is also closed, I sent my review 2 weeks ago on the list
12:17:59 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - 347
12:18:29 [jsderber]
Veronique: Action 309 - Did you change anything of the markup of nomative/informative, probably with specific class to visualise?
12:18:38 [wbailer]
present+ pierre-antoine
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12:18:54 [jsderber]
Welcome Marcel!
12:19:02 [wbailer]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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12:19:11 [Vero]
@Joakim: no, that action was on WonSuk
12:19:19 [Vero]
I think he did it though
12:19:28 [Vero]
Thierry gave him some CSS I think
12:19:40 [Zakim]
12:19:41 [wbailer]
close action-294
12:19:41 [trackbot]
ACTION-294 check together with other table editors option for clarifying type/role attributes closed
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12:20:33 [jsderber]
Veronique: how about action 311?
12:21:12 [Vero]
my action 320 is still open, I had to have the new property syntax implemented to do it, I'll draft the answer as soon as the document is uploaded and can be shown to Dough
12:21:57 [Vero]
@Joakim: I think it's closed, I finished rewriting the property table, that Raphael had started
12:22:07 [wbailer]
close action-311
12:22:07 [trackbot]
ACTION-311 ontology doc editing particularly table, etc closed
12:22:08 [Vero]
to be reviewed though :)
12:22:22 [wbailer]
action: wonsuk to upload veronique's version to CVS
12:22:22 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-372 - Upload veronique's version to CVS [on WonSuk Lee - due 2010-12-07].
12:22:27 [Chris]
I can review it (once the document is online somewhere(
12:22:37 [wbailer]
320 is pending
12:24:04 [Vero]
@Werner: yes, once the doc is online, I can send a draft answer to DOugh, he wanted to see how the updated property description was answering some of his concerns
12:25:08 [Vero]
... but it's still pending meanwhile
12:25:46 [wbailer]
close action-329
12:25:46 [trackbot]
ACTION-329 Check if comment 2389 is in the document closed
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12:26:23 [wbailer]
close action-331
12:26:24 [trackbot]
ACTION-331 Check if comment 2398 is in the document closed
12:26:48 [wbailer]
close action-332
12:26:48 [trackbot]
ACTION-332 Check if comment 2403 is in the document closed
12:28:22 [wbailer]
close action-335
12:28:22 [trackbot]
ACTION-335 Check if comment 2404 is in the document closed
12:28:32 [pchampin]
i can
12:28:45 [pchampin]
I can ear you, but have no functioning microphone
12:28:54 [pchampin]
sorry about that...
12:29:27 [pchampin]
about my proposals
12:29:41 [pchampin]
a number of them have been restated by Jean-Pierre in his mail
12:29:48 [pchampin]
and will be discussed next week
12:29:54 [wbailer]
close action-336
12:29:55 [trackbot]
ACTION-336 Check if comment 2405 is in the document closed
12:30:23 [wbailer]
close action-338
12:30:23 [trackbot]
ACTION-338 Check if comment 2411 is in the document closed
12:30:43 [wbailer]
close action-340
12:30:43 [trackbot]
ACTION-340 Check if comment 2417 is in the document closed
12:30:57 [Vero]
12:31:01 [wbailer]
close action-341
12:31:01 [trackbot]
ACTION-341 Check if comment 2417 is in the document closed
12:31:34 [wbailer]
close action-347
12:31:34 [trackbot]
ACTION-347 Check if comment 2410 is in the document closed
12:33:24 [wbailer]
351 pending
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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12:34:54 [jsderber]
Veronique: What about changing "our ontology" to "this ontology" in the ontology doc?
12:35:22 [wbailer]
close action-352
12:35:22 [trackbot]
ACTION-352 Re-organize the API document so that the return type interfaces appear in a later section closed
12:35:37 [Vero]
@Joakim: was this on me? I though someone else had checked this out...
12:35:44 [wbailer]
close action-353
12:35:44 [trackbot]
ACTION-353 Write an example of how the API is to be used, to appear in the API doc *before* the list of return type interfaces closed
12:36:12 [wbailer]
close action-355
12:36:12 [trackbot]
ACTION-355 Provide example RDF files for the mapping target closed
12:36:41 [wbailer]
356 pending
12:37:07 [wbailer]
close action-357
12:37:07 [trackbot]
ACTION-357 Restructure the list of "interfaces", as discussed on Thursday 4/11 closed
12:37:28 [wbailer]
12:37:37 [wbailer]
close action-358
12:37:37 [trackbot]
ACTION-358 Add descriptive information to some sections for example 3.1.1, and what is an "interface" closed
12:37:44 [Chris]
the new version of the API document can be found at:
12:37:47 [wbailer]
close action-359
12:37:47 [trackbot]
ACTION-359 Add type and value in all return types closed
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12:37:54 [Chris]
12:38:06 [Chris]
it would be good that someone checks out this version
12:38:43 [wbailer]
action: florian to review Chris' changes to API document
12:38:44 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-373 - Review Chris' changes to API document [on Florian Stegmaier - due 2010-12-07].
12:39:31 [wbailer]
360 pending
12:40:30 [wbailer]
on 361: joakim sent mails to 5 vendors, CC to Philippe Le Hegaret, waiting for response
12:40:40 [wbailer]
close action-361
12:40:40 [trackbot]
ACTION-361 Ask web browser vendors for feed-back on API spec closed
12:41:26 [wbailer]
362 seems to be duplicate of 361
12:41:30 [wbailer]
close action-362
12:41:30 [trackbot]
ACTION-362 Ask browser vendors for their opinion on the mawg documents. closed
12:41:39 [wbailer]
365 pending
12:42:07 [wbailer]
close action-366
12:42:07 [trackbot]
ACTION-366 (with help of API editors) Add section in the specification: Sync Interface (for web service implmenters) and Async Interface (for web developers closed
12:42:48 [wbailer]
close action367
12:42:55 [wbailer]
close action-367
12:42:55 [trackbot]
ACTION-367 Verify what's the most exact word as (CreateDate or CreationDate) to a native closed
12:43:23 [wbailer]
action: chris to change createdate to creationdate in the api doc
12:43:23 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-374 - Change createdate to creationdate in the api doc [on Chris Poppe - due 2010-12-07].
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12:44:20 [wbailer]
action: véronique to change createdate to creationdate in the ontology doc
12:44:20 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-375 - Change createdate to creationdate in the ontology doc [on Véronique Malaisé - due 2010-12-07].
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12:45:41 [wbailer]
ma:format vs ma:compression
12:46:00 [wbailer]
are extended mime types defined for enough formats (see jean-pierre's comment)
12:46:16 [wbailer]
for complete resource, ma:format could be enough when using extended mime type
12:46:39 [wbailer]
joakim: propose to discuss on list until next meeting and then make a decision
12:46:46 [wbailer]
368 is pending
12:49:36 [pchampin]
I suggest to add an action to update the RDF ontology for createDate -> creationDate
12:50:07 [pchampin]
he has done that, yes
12:50:21 [wbailer]
close action-370
12:50:21 [trackbot]
ACTION-370 Send an e-mail about proposals from the RDF task-force closed
12:50:50 [wbailer]
topic: ontology / rdf
12:50:53 [wbailer]
moved to next week
12:51:02 [wbailer]
topic: lc comment status
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12:53:03 [wbailer]
action: joakim to review LC 2393
12:53:03 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-376 - Review LC 2393 [on Joakim Söderberg - due 2010-12-07].
12:54:30 [wbailer]
action: chris to review LC2393
12:54:30 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-377 - Review LC2393 [on Chris Poppe - due 2010-12-07].
12:54:51 [wbailer]
action: wbailer to review LC 2395
12:54:51 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-378 - Review LC 2395 [on Werner Bailer - due 2010-12-07].
12:55:08 [wbailer]
action: vèronique to review LC2395
12:55:08 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - vèronique
12:55:30 [wbailer]
action: tobias to review LC 2406
12:55:30 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-379 - Review LC 2406 [on Tobias Bürger - due 2010-12-07].
12:55:38 [wbailer]
action: felix to review LC 2406
12:55:39 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-380 - Review LC 2406 [on Felix Sasaki - due 2010-12-07].
12:57:29 [Zakim]
12:57:30 [wbailer]
12:57:31 [Zakim]
- +329331aaaa
12:57:36 [wbailer]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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12:57:40 [Zakim]
12:57:41 [Zakim]
- +34.91.336.aabb
12:58:08 [Zakim]
12:58:09 [Zakim]
IA_MAWG()7:00AM has ended
12:58:11 [Zakim]
Attendees were +329331aaaa, +34.91.336.aabb, wbailer, joakim, pchampin
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