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meeting: Web Performance Working Group
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agenda+ Follow-up on the window.performance namespace.
17:03:18 [AndersonQuach]
agenda+ Feedback on navigation timing.
17:03:24 [AndersonQuach]
agenda+ Follow-up on conformance testing practices.
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agenda+ Resource Timing and User Timing.
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agenda+ Any other business.
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Zakim, set logs world-visible
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I don't understand 'set logs world-visible', AndersonQuach
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Regrets+ Arvind
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regrets+ JasonWeber
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scribe: AndersonQuach
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list the agenda
17:07:02 [AndersonQuach]
agenda+ introducing a new set of drafts
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move to agenda 3
17:12:33 [AndersonQuach]
topic: Follow-up on conformance testing practices.
17:12:44 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: Following a model similar to HTML5 is using
17:12:59 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: Get the repository set up.
17:15:10 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: Sent mail about best practices, two stage process: Submission, Approval.
17:15:32 [AndersonQuach]
17:15:41 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: Can http headers be changed?
17:15:57 [AndersonQuach]
plh: yes, servers are being updated to handle these requirements. Migration to finish in a couple of weeks.
17:16:46 [AndersonQuach]
plh: Look into XMLHttpRequest test suites for best practices. Not yet in place. Name of the server in a couple weeks. XHR tests are on Opera servers. I can try to find a link.
17:18:04 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: Test existing of attributes, relative ordering of tests, cross-domain tests.
17:18:59 [AndersonQuach]
plh: Make sure tests are automated.
17:19:23 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: may not be possible across all agents for navigation type.
17:19:36 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: Can we use automation UI software to drive browser input.
17:19:48 [AndersonQuach]
plh: Probably not, that would require software on the desktop.
17:20:18 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: Cross-domain question, what are the new domains for the test servers?
17:20:23 [AndersonQuach]
plh: Let me check that.
17:20:40 [plh]
17:21:32 [plh]
17:21:36 [plh]
17:21:45 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: we need two different top-level domain.
17:23:03 [plh]
ACTION: plh to investigate having two top-level domains
17:23:03 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-5 - Investigate having two top-level domains [on Philippe Le H├ęgaret - due 2010-12-01].
17:23:28 [AndersonQuach]
plh: Next step, someone write one test and review it.
17:23:41 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: We can look into following up with this.
17:23:51 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: TonyG has some tests he would like to submit.
17:23:55 [AndersonQuach]
regrets+ TonyG
17:24:15 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: next meeting let's review and go through the approval process for new test cases.
17:24:43 [AndersonQuach]
plh: one more question about two top-level domain.
17:26:30 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: for testing of privacy requirements, within server side redirect chains.
17:26:47 [AndersonQuach]
plh: we can set this up when the test server comes online.
17:26:55 [plh]
close action-5
17:26:55 [trackbot]
ACTION-5 Investigate having two top-level domains closed
17:27:22 [AndersonQuach]
JamesSimonsen: Tony and I are adverse to using public suffix +1
17:27:45 [AndersonQuach]
move to agenda 2
17:27:56 [AndersonQuach]
topic+ Feedback on navigation timing.
17:28:46 [AndersonQuach]
JamesSimonsen: Sub-domains may be hosted on different servers.
17:32:05 [plh]
--> XmlHttpRequest Test Suite
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+ +200000aaee
17:38:18 [AndersonQuach]
JamesSimonsen: Same problem with app hosting sites as with Top Level domain.
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zakim, aaee is Simon
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Present+ Simon
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Chair: Anderson
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s/topic\+ Feedback/Topic: Feedback/
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s/topic+ Feedback/Topic: Feedback/
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17:46:12 [Zakim]
17:47:30 [Zakim]
17:48:12 [AndersonQuach]
NicJansma: With the poll being 50 / 50 what's the decision we want to lock down towards.
17:48:31 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng, JamesSimonsen: FQDN would be the most conservative.
17:48:39 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: Although I want to increase the usefulness.
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zakim, ??p13 is Simon
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+Simon; got it
17:54:35 [AndersonQuach]
list the agenda
17:55:25 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: let's move towards the default decision of being conservative, pending input from other user agents to lock down on the spec.
17:55:38 [AndersonQuach]
topic: introducing a new set of drafts
17:55:53 [AndersonQuach]
Anderson:Quach Let's aim to get feedback submitted by 11/29 to push a working draft by 11/30.
17:56:11 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: I want to submit a new working draft by the end of the month.
17:56:19 [AndersonQuach]
move to agenda 1
17:56:26 [AndersonQuach]
topic: Follow-up on the window.performance namespace.
17:56:59 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: Let's reserach the proposed names and probability of it being hit on web content.
18:00:02 [zcorpan]
another thing a college wanted to get across regarding testing is a wish to use the same harness as the HTMLWG and WebApps:
18:00:02 [zcorpan]
18:00:39 [zhiheng]
yes, that makes sense.
18:00:50 [zhiheng]
I think that's what HTML WG using as well.
18:02:15 [plh]
yes it is
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18:04:10 [Zakim]
18:04:11 [Zakim]
18:04:13 [Zakim]
18:04:16 [Zakim]
18:04:18 [AndersonQuach]
Christian: Sounds like a safe approach to use the FQDN, however less useful for web developres.
18:04:27 [Zakim]
18:04:57 [Zakim]
18:04:58 [Zakim]
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Attendees were Plh, +1.650.214.aaaa, +1.415.568.aabb, James, Christian, +1.650.691.aacc, Zhiheng, +1.425.605.aadd, Andreson, Anderson, Nik, +200000aaee, Simon
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18:17:15 [AndersonQuach]
topic: Summary
18:17:32 [AndersonQuach]
1. Let's prepare a test case to review for the next Web performance meeting.
18:18:02 [AndersonQuach]
2. Get a working draft published by 11/30. Feedback to be provided by EOD 11/29.
18:21:07 [AndersonQuach]
3. Anderson to research the probability of namespace collisions for the suggested alternatives.
18:21:18 [AndersonQuach]
4. JamesSimonsen to post feedback on resource timing proposals.
18:21:59 [AndersonQuach]
[Decision] moving foward with the conservative approach of FQDN for the definition of 'Same Origin' as specified in the HTML5 spec. Need to get feedback from other user agents.
18:23:19 [AndersonQuach]
rrsagent, generate minutes
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