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meeting: Web Performance Working Group
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agenda+ Follow-up on feedback with respect to private domain implementation of same origin.
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agenda+ Follow-up on the window.performance namespace.
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agenda+ Resource Timing and User Timing.
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agenda+ Any other business.
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Chair: ArvindJain
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topic: Follow-up on the window.performance namespace
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17:19:25 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: Found low risk with window.performance.
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AndersonQuach: Looks to be around 0.00993% of top traffic websites.
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TonyG: That's one in ten thousound sites.
17:21:57 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: Yes, I recommend to with window.performance.
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TonyG: Sounds reasonable.
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Zhiheng: Sounds good.
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Topic: Conformance best practices
17:23:23 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: I'll send out notes and best practices to the email group.
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move to agenda 3
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Topic: Resource Timing and User Timing
17:29:29 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: Updates to resource timing proposal sent to the email group. Would like to capture the proposals in the spec. So we can review both proposals.
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Zhiheng: Sounds good.
17:30:13 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: Resource timing shares similar problems with Navigation Timing w.r.t sharing with sites.
17:30:40 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: Options include: document.domain, CORS, or implement our own switch.
17:30:53 [AndersonQuach]
NicJansma: Also there's the option to provide less information by default.
17:32:20 [AndersonQuach]
JasonSobel: A lot of value would be lost if there's a limited timeline. We should consider an implementation where we can get access to the full timeline.
17:32:39 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: Does CORS fit?
17:32:57 [AndersonQuach]
JasonSobel: It's a better fit, to allow cross-domain access to resource timings.
17:33:21 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: The timing information with resources is more valuable, may warrant a more comprehensive design.
17:35:03 [AndersonQuach]
JasonSobel: Let's send a ping on the public list on alternate designs and CORS to allow access to resource timings. I suspect designing an alternate solution may be straightforward. Perhaps we can flush this out fully.
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topic: Summary of Action Items
19:01:30 [AndersonQuach]
1. Next week's meeting, get together and discuss the feeback on the private domain design decision.
19:01:45 [AndersonQuach]
2. Add resource timing design proposal as a separate section in the spec.
19:02:27 [AndersonQuach]
3. Brainstorm solutions for sharing resource timings across domains.
19:03:41 [AndersonQuach]
[decision] Given the current low risks for Internet websites, we'll continue to use window.performance as the global namespace for Web Timings.
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4. Zhiheng to send out conformance tests notes and best practices.
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