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Meeting: SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 16 November 2010
16:57:13 [mphillip]
Chair: Eric
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Zakim, aaaa is padams
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Zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see padams, +1.708.246.aabb, +1.650.846.aacc, +44.196.287.aadd
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On IRC I see eric, Derek, padams, Zakim, RRSAgent, mphillip, Yves, trackbot
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TOPIC: Appointment of the scribe
17:03:50 [mphillip]
Scribe: Mark
17:03:59 [mphillip]
TOPIC: Approval of prior meeting minutes
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17:04:31 [mphillip]
Minutes are approved
17:04:38 [mphillip]
TOPIC: Review the agenda
17:04:56 [Zakim]
+ +1.781.280.aaee
17:05:52 [mphillip]
Agenda accepted without modification
17:06:08 [mphillip]
TOPIC: Review action items
17:06:15 [Derek]
zakim, aabb is Derek
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+Derek; got it
17:06:37 [mphillip]
Eric: 224 - issue 66 has been raised
17:06:58 [mphillip]
Eric: 226 Issue 65 has been raised
17:07:05 [mphillip]
close action-224
17:07:05 [trackbot]
ACTION-224 Raise issue on items 2 and 3 of Peter's testing action-219 closed
17:07:08 [mphillip]
close action-226
17:07:08 [trackbot]
ACTION-226 Open issue on EXI mail exchange closed
17:07:20 [mphillip]
Derek: No progress on 222
17:07:32 [mphillip]
Phil: No progress on 223 or 227
17:07:47 [mphillip]
Peter: Still progressing 225
17:07:56 [mphillip]
TOPIC: Moving to PR (via CR? & LC)
17:09:17 [mphillip]
Eric: Any suggestions for moving this along?
17:10:03 [mphillip]
Need to find time to test conformance for IBM WAS and/or Software AG
17:12:25 [mphillip]
Other implementations...
17:12:42 [mphillip]
Phil: Axis2 does not conform to SOAP/JMS at the moment
17:13:18 [Zakim]
+ +1.919.663.aaff
17:13:27 [mphillip]
TOPIC: Specification Issues
17:14:06 [mphillip]
Eric: Should we open Issue 65 - characterisation of EXI in payload?
17:16:40 [mphillip]
Eric: Raised by Jean-Baptiste Bugeaud who proposed declaring that the content is encoded (with a ContentEncoding header), and adding a Fault to identify unsupported encodings
17:17:39 [mphillip]
Eric: Would provide a standard mechanism for declaring encoding - e.g. content compressed with gzip
17:18:08 [mphillip]
Amy: Might need to differentiate between content-encoding and transfer-encoding
17:19:02 [mphillip]
Eric: That was not included in Jean-Baptiste's proposal but it did come up in discussion
17:25:09 [mphillip]
Eric: If we open the issue, then the minimum required changes will be to add support for a new JMS property, and to add a fault that the service provider can throw if the encoding is not supported
17:29:01 [mphillip]
Eric: We *could* simultaneously define two versions of the spec. and say that version 1.0 of the specification does not support the new header and version 1.1 does
17:35:18 [mphillip]
Amy: Makes sense to open the issue to have further discussion
17:36:32 [mphillip]
Peter: Agreed - we should acknowledge the use-case - would be interesting to hear what support there is in otherJMS implementations for compression
17:37:25 [mphillip]
Eric: TIBCO has a special (non-standard) JMS header which tells TIBCO EMS to compress the message in-flight
17:37:41 [Zakim]
17:38:04 [eric]
Mark, we lost you on the phone - you calling back in?
17:38:13 [mphillip]
apologies - line dropped - dialling back in
17:39:00 [Zakim]
17:41:13 [mphillip]
Mark: +1 for opening the issue
17:41:15 [mphillip]
Phil +1
17:41:25 [mphillip]
RESOLUTION: Issue 65 will be opened
17:41:32 [mphillip]
Issue 66
17:41:53 [mphillip]
Eric: Missing test cases as found by Peter
17:42:28 [mphillip]
RESOLUTION: Issue 66 will be opened
17:43:56 [mphillip]
Eric: Need someone to come up with proposal(s) for Issue-65
17:52:28 [mphillip]
ACTION: Eric to come up with a proposal for Issue-65
17:52:28 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-228 - Come up with a proposal for Issue-65 [on Eric Johnson - due 2010-11-23].
17:52:33 [mphillip]
ACTION: Phil to come up with a proposal for Issue-65
17:52:33 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-229 - Come up with a proposal for Issue-65 [on Phil Adams - due 2010-11-23].
17:53:01 [mphillip]
TOPIC: URI scheme
17:53:16 [mphillip]
3 people at the IETF are looking at the URI scheme
17:53:50 [mphillip]
Eric: Hope we will hear something this week - will pos an update to the list
17:54:09 [mphillip]
Eric: and update the Draft on IETF
17:55:45 [mphillip]
Eric: One comment we have had is that the Sun URIs for JMS and JNDI might not be the most current (given Oracle's acquisition of Sun)
17:55:55 [mphillip]
17:56:35 [mphillip]
Eric: Suggest we skip next week's call - please endeavour to progress actions in the meantime
17:56:39 [padams]
17:57:00 [mphillip]
RESOLUTION: No call next week
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- +1.919.663.aaff
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17:57:30 [Zakim]
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- +1.781.280.aaee
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WS_SOAP-JM()12:00PM has ended
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Attendees were +1.512.286.aaaa, padams, +1.708.246.aabb, +1.650.846.aacc, +44.196.287.aadd, Mark, eric, +1.781.280.aaee, Derek, +1.919.663.aaff
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