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zakim, this will be mw4d
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ok, Steph; I see MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM scheduled to start in 8 minutes
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Meeting: MW4D bi-monthly call
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PResent:Steph, Max
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rrsagent, make log public
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zakim, code ?
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the conference code is 6493 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), Steph
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the conference code is 6493 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), maxf
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shwetank you have to call in for zakim to recognize you
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ok, im in now
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13:05:29 [Steph]
Topic: M4D conference
13:05:50 [Steph]
13:07:00 [maxf] <- conference site
13:10:05 [Steph]
Topic: Tools
13:10:13 [Steph]
13:18:24 [Steph]
Stephanie: adopted definition, now should move to review
13:18:32 [Steph]
all: agreed
13:19:46 [Steph]
max: apply methodology on a series of tools ?
13:19:50 [Steph]
steph: yes
13:20:09 [Steph]
steph: propose data collection tools ? sms gateway ?
13:20:18 [Steph]
Christ: both might be interesting
13:20:36 [maxf]
Stephane: other opinions?
13:20:43 [betty]
I agree with both tools.
13:21:06 [maxf]
Stephanie: OK. Can we find 2 or 3 of each?
13:21:15 [maxf]
Stephane: I know of 10 for SMS
13:21:31 [maxf]
FrontlineSMS, Kannel, gnokki, MS, etc.
13:21:37 [maxf]
for data collection: even more
13:21:55 [maxf]
... frontlineForms, episurveyor...
13:22:06 [maxf]
... surveymonkey, openxdata
13:22:22 [shwetank]
13:22:31 [Steph]
ack shwetank
13:22:43 [Steph]
shwetank: might be some tools that are not final or beta
13:22:53 [Steph]
including them ?
13:23:08 [maxf]
Stephane: as far as we're tracking that we can surely integrate them
13:23:17 [maxf]
... that's my feeling
13:23:21 [betty]
Shall we list possible tools on Wiki & mailing list with pros & cons? Later we discuss what we choose.
13:23:26 [betty]
13:23:38 [maxf]
Stephanie: as long as they're stable
13:23:53 [maxf]
... and as long as we can apply the methodology
13:24:05 [Steph]
ack betty
13:24:37 [maxf]
betty: we can put the possible tools on wiki and we [bad line here]
13:25:24 [maxf]
Steph: [...] when we have a good package we can apply the methodology.
13:25:29 [steph_]
13:25:51 [Steph]
Action: steph to create a page linked from tools to start listing data collection tools and SMS gateway
13:26:50 [Steph]
Topic: Impact Analysis
13:27:06 [Steph]
13:28:35 [shwetank]
* I also cant hear
13:29:12 [shwetank]
ok, now i can make out the voice :)
13:32:03 [betty]
Steph: Minimum requirements for data services.
13:33:12 [betty]
Steph: We should see from the cost perspective.
13:34:39 [betty]
Steph: How many universities do teach how to develop Mobile Web content?
13:36:01 [betty]
Some universities in Kenya offer the course in summer.
13:36:32 [betty]
13:36:43 [Steph]
ack betty
13:37:09 [betty]
Any comments on the framework?
13:39:15 [betty]
MW supporting enablers: law, regulation, policy.
13:41:15 [Steph]
stephR: what are you going to measure ?
13:41:18 [Steph]
country ? project ?
13:41:37 [Steph]
Betty: region level
13:42:24 [Steph]
measuring in which state is the region
13:42:41 [Steph]
StephR: existing popular web site might be interesting to catch
13:43:04 [Steph]
getting info on what people are using: social network, shopping, etc
13:43:16 [Steph]
Betty: MW easu indicator
13:43:28 [Steph]
13:44:32 [Steph]
betty: mobile web readiness, content section has some info
13:45:10 [shwetank]
13:45:21 [Steph]
ack shwetank
13:45:37 [Steph]
shwetank: what will be the source of the indicators ?
13:45:58 [Steph]
per country, there are reports that might be useful
13:46:07 [Steph]
13:46:09 [Steph]
by regulators
13:46:15 [Steph]
good sources of information
13:47:14 [betty]
next to the indicators, we can list of mw staholders providing sources of the indicators
13:51:19 [Steph]
action: Shwetank to look at TRAI report and see what kind of info provided
13:51:51 [Steph]
action: Betty to look at regulator of indonesia report and analyze provided info
13:52:59 [betty]
13:53:04 [Steph]
ack betty
13:55:15 [shwetank]
we can add/modify later on
13:55:48 [Steph]
Topic: Next Meeting
13:56:20 [steph_]
fine for me
13:56:24 [Steph]
DEcember 6
13:56:28 [maxf]
works for me
13:56:39 [betty]
I can't join on 6 Dec.
13:57:03 [shwetank]
actually, now that i think of it, maybe dec 6 might not work for me too
13:57:32 [maxf]
thanks! bye
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13:57:49 [Steph]
rrsagent, make minutes
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I have made the request to generate Steph
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zakim, hangup
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I don't understand 'hangup', maxf
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MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM has ended
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Attendees were +, Steph, StephR, maxf, +1.212.363.aabb, ChrysS, +44.750.070.aacc, Shwetank, Betty