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12 Nov 2010

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Elizabeth, Gregg, Jan, Jeanne, John, Judy, Cynthia, Jamal


JB: There will be a meeting at the White House to provide an update to Scott Deutchman and @@ to recap where the projects are.
... Tom Wlodkowski is leading the other project and we have been communicating to prepare for the meeting.

Agenda overview

2: 30 - 3:30 next Wednesday.

JR: I will check if Jutta can make it. She will be in DC.

The first 90 days were about getting the project ready to roll. The other group is actually further behind us, as they have a concrete proposal on Open Data.

CS: Are they working with ?? They have some cool ideas on Department of Transportation.

We have said that we could get our challenge up and visible, because we have all the pieces in place. We could do it in early December. But Tom and I have been looking for parallel synergies in what we ask for.

scribe: aim for a next March - CSUN launch - for example. By then we have items vetted and loaded in a gallery.

CS: I will see if Rob can make it.

EL: I think Scott realizes that this is a long term effort. I think this is how he sees it, although I haven't spoken with him in the last few weeks.

JB: The other group is looking for funding, which we haven't been doing.
... perhaps prizes? Is there something we can do in parallel?

JM: I am invited to a meeting with Challenge.gov to give feedback.

JS: I thought prizes were a problem?

JM: The FCC cannot offer prizes, but other organizations or agencies can offer a prize.

CS: Are "in-kind" prizes allowed?

JM: Yes, subject to applicable laws.

JB: Who would like to participate, so I can get confirmations? Rob SInclair, John (maybe), Jamal will be there

JM: There will be a dress-rehersal at the FCC in the morning for Tom's group.

Gregg has put the meeting on his calendar.

JB: If I have slides ready for Monday for people to look at, who would be available? Jamal.
... I will try to be a good host and send directions. We do not have a formal confirmation that the time and location are final.

JM: The more we can connect with themes that are important to the administration, the open data, and involving more citizens, and using more of the cloud.
... ADA anniversary, and 508
... there is an Open Government initiative that is broader than just open data.

<Jan> http://www.whitehouse.gov/open

Rechecking for any more "prime the pump" submissions

JM: I haven't connected yet with the woman at GSA that I was connected with.

jeanne will work on the Evaluation of Submissions section with Cynthia.

JM: the name and title is required. The bio is optional. More judges can be added later.
... I can bring it up at the meeting, that since this isn't really a contest. The site could be more useful if the judges weren't required. There is also popular voting which can be anything.

JB: Who would be willing to have their names on it?

CS: I would have to check with management, but probably. Also John, Jamal, Jeanne

JB: I have not made the minutes generally public. Please check the minutes and update anything that needs adjusting.

Upcoming meeting schedule

JB: next meeting next Friday, but no meeting the following Friday (thanksgiving). Fridays in December up though the 17th.

<Judy> availability -- next fri 19 nov, then 3, 10, 17 december

<Judy> john ok

<Judy> jan ok

<Judy> cynthia ok

<Judy> jamal ok

<Judy> jeanne ok

<Judy> gregg somewhat available

Summary of Action Items

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