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clear the agenda
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meeting: Web Performance Working Group #09
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agenda+ 1.Follow-up on discussion with respect to same origin: Fully Qualified Domain Name or Private Domain
16:24:24 [AndersonQuach]
Agenda+ 2.Test submission process for Navigation Timing.
16:24:30 [AndersonQuach]
Agenda+ 3.Resource Timing and User Timing.
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Agenda+4.Any other business.
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scribe: AndersonQuach
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chair: ArvindJain
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agenda+ 5. Performance name space under window
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list the agenda
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next agenda
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topic: Follow-up on discussion with respect to same origin: Fully Qualified Domain Name or Private Domain
17:06:04 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: Sigborn preferring Private Domain
17:06:16 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: Jonas prefers the FQDN
17:09:30 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: Okay with Private Domain, no strong preference.
17:09:41 [AndersonQuach]
TonyG: I certainly like Private Domain.
17:10:18 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: We agree to Private Domain, great.
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next agenda
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move to agenda 5.
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topic:Performance name space under window" taken up
17:12:25 [AndersonQuach]
JamesSimonsen: Any precedence with adding objects under window.
17:12:36 [AndersonQuach]
TonyG: Yes, HTML5 interfaces. There is a precendence.
17:16:15 [AndersonQuach]
TonyG: should we make performance object make it replaceable.
17:17:08 [AndersonQuach]
TonyG: aburden to check if the property can be overridden.
17:18:49 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: it's a global space problem.
17:18:59 [AndersonQuach]
TonyG: Let's try it, and the first site compat bug we'll remove the attribute.
17:19:57 [AndersonQuach]
JasonSobel: Do you have an tool to check for API usage given privacy concern?
17:20:12 [AndersonQuach]
Present+ JasonSobel
17:20:31 [AndersonQuach]
JamesSimonsen: have a tool to check API usage on the web
17:20:46 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: I like the idea of measuring the risk.
17:20:54 [AndersonQuach]
moving to agenda 2.
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moving to agenda 2.
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moving to agenda 2
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move to agenda 2
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topic: 2. Test submission process for Navigation Timing.
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sorry for being late
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17:26:29 [Zhiheng]
17:27:34 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: Recommend three phases: a proposed, submitted and approved.
17:27:45 [AndersonQuach]
Zhiheng: can we get best practice info from other working groups?
17:30:56 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: will follow-up with plh.
17:35:44 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: Let's follow-up offline with some existing HTML test cases to pattern off of.
17:35:52 [AndersonQuach]
next agenda
17:36:24 [AndersonQuach]
topic: Resource Timing and User Timing.
17:38:20 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: two proposals: i. Resource Collector, ii. static getter via the DOM
17:42:01 [AndersonQuach]
JasonSobel: Looked over proposals during the week, the proposal Anderson sent out that it was more intuitive to use.
17:42:56 [AndersonQuach]
JasonSobel: Nice to have to filter to specific timing for a specific resource.
17:46:55 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: Great I'll follow-up offline with an interface with by id or by url.
17:50:59 [AndersonQuach]
TonyG: Question, why a list, or what is reserved_htc and other?
17:51:39 [AndersonQuach]
AndersonQuach: List so that in the processing of onbuffer full we do not lose events.
17:52:18 [AndersonQuach]
sub-class link and rel?
17:52:47 [AndersonQuach]
TonyG: how about link rel=stylesheet,imports,prefetch
17:53:08 [AndersonQuach]
NicJansma: Being clear of the origin and mime type we got back.
17:54:06 [AndersonQuach]
NicJansma: initial tag where the download occured, i agree we could sub-class css, font, image. Either specifiic or higher-level.
17:54:31 [AndersonQuach]
TonyG: Looks like a good initial list, let's figure out the main interface and continue to add to the existing list.
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17:57:34 [AndersonQuach]
topic: Summary of Action Items and Follow-ups
17:58:06 [AndersonQuach]
1. Moving forward with Private Domain definition of same origin, where is the same private domain as
17:58:41 [AndersonQuach]
2. Will use the window.performance namespace, pending findings and risk analysis from Tony, James, Anderson and Nic.
17:59:06 [AndersonQuach]
3. Zhiheng will follow-up with test suite owners on best practices regarding W3C conformance tests.
17:59:39 [AndersonQuach]
4. Anderson will follow-up with PLH regarding test infrastructure for test cases, e.g. http header modifications, web servers and repository.
18:00:11 [AndersonQuach]
5. Anderson will provide an updated Resource Timing proposal with an ability to get access to specific resource timing by id and by url.
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