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rrsagent, make logs public
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I'll be about 5 minutes late calling in.
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doh. Too busy reading to dial the phone...
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16:06:25 [sylvaing]
scribenick: sylvaing
16:07:00 [sylvaing]
plinss: any other agenda items ?
16:07:07 [sylvaing]
howcome: yes, I'd like to talk about multicol
16:07:26 [sylvaing]
topic: CSS2.1 test suite
16:07:34 [sylvaing]
fantasai: I published a build last night
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16:07:57 [sylvaing]
fantasai: we need a release note detailing changes
16:08:04 [bradk]
Zakim, who is breathing like darth vader?
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I don't understand your question, bradk.
16:08:15 [smfr]
bradk: ;)
16:08:31 [Zakim]
16:08:36 [sylvaing]
arronei: I didn't have time to finish all the testcases. I changed 700 files from feedback. remaining changes are about 30 files.
16:08:51 [Zakim]
16:09:03 [sylvaing]
fantasai: I haven't gone through all feedback so I'm not sure how much is left. but everything is on the mailing list
16:09:13 [sylvaing]
fantasai: so this latest update is just a snapshot
16:10:35 [sylvaing]
arronei: also we should start planning on locking/stabilitizing the test suite about a month before PR i.e. no more functional changes, only small editorial updates
16:11:12 [sylvaing]
fantasai: if a test is wrong we should update it though
16:12:06 [sylvaing]
arronei: we'll have to agree on which tests get fixed vs. handled in the next release of the test suite
16:12:24 [sylvaing]
fantasai: I think it'd be harmful to have erroneous testcases in the suite
16:12:48 [sylvaing]
arronei: we might be able to remove them; we'll have to evaluate by then. I don't expect this to be a frequent problem.
16:13:21 [sylvaing]
plinss: I'd actually like to lock down functional changes earlier if possible
16:13:34 [sylvaing]
arronei: sooner is better. Middle of November ?
16:13:42 [dbaron]
(I think some of the discussion above also discussed what tests should be there for the version of the test suite used to qualify the spec, not what tests should/shouldn't be there forever.)
16:13:53 [sylvaing]
fantasai: first we need to go through all the feedback on the mailing list
16:14:11 [sylvaing]
plinss: what is your ETA to go through the feedback ?
16:14:43 [sylvaing]
fantasai/arronei: unsure
16:15:17 [sylvaing]
plinss: we need to stop adding test or making major changes so the sooner we can lock down on functional changes the better
16:15:32 [sylvaing]
plinss: mid-november is aggressive given TPAC
16:15:38 [sylvaing]
arronei: let's target that
16:16:15 [sylvaing]
ChrisL: the sooner the better. yes we need to process the feedback and fix updates. but we could keep doing this for a long time.
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16:16:41 [sylvaing]
plinss: yes we're getting to the point where we'd remove erroneous testcases unless they absolutely have to be fixed
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16:17:26 [sylvaing]
Topic: CSS2.1 issues
16:17:30 [plinss]
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16:18:10 [sylvaing]
Bert: my opinion is the same. we shouldn't change the spec. this is implemented incorrectly
16:18:26 [sylvaing]
TabAtkins: it's implemented incorrectly the same by everyone
16:18:27 [Zakim]
16:19:29 [sylvaing]
TabAtkins: the change is a matter of making the model described in the spec match reality
16:20:42 [Zakim]
16:20:55 [arronei]
zakim, microsoft.a is me
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16:24:17 [sylvaing]
dbaron: the change I had made that caused regressions was anologous to these rules but not directly related to them
16:24:39 [sylvaing]
johnjan: IE9 now passes these testcases so we should investigate the actual compat impact first
16:25:05 [sylvaing]
johnjan: I'd rather assert a regression tail before changing the spec
16:25:35 [sylvaing]
(johnjan will try to get compat data to discuss at TPAC)
16:25:41 [dbaron] was the bug I had the next day when I broke one of these cases
16:25:53 [sylvaing]
16:26:27 [sylvaing]
arronei: I haven't had time to update these.
16:26:41 [sylvaing]
arronei: the prose edits have already improved clarity substantially
16:26:54 [sylvaing]
plinss,ChrisL: not worth waiting for then. Resolved.
16:27:00 [sylvaing]
16:27:29 [sylvaing]
Bert: I like the text; it's clearer than the current version
16:28:23 [sylvaing]
Bert: I have suggested minor improvements; box and elements are often mentioned in the same sentence without distinguishing them. The things that adjoin are boxes, the things that are siblings are the elements
16:28:57 [sylvaing]
(Bert discusses the wording described in his review)
16:29:31 [sylvaing]
Bert's comments:
16:30:46 [Bert]
-> my review of 159
16:31:24 [dbaron]
I suggested making "adjoining" not transitive in
16:32:13 [dbaron]
but it's technically ok either way; just a matter of how we define the terms
16:33:27 [sylvaing]
(discussion of adjoining margin definition that the scribe cannot keep up with)
16:35:53 [Zakim]
16:38:40 [sylvaing]
fantasai: I like Bert's suggested changes; but I think the way the terms adjoining and collapse are currently defined is fine
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16:43:04 [fantasai]
> | A collapsed margin is considered adjoining to another margin if
16:43:04 [fantasai]
> | any of its component margins is adjoining to that margin.
16:43:11 [fantasai]
ACTION fantasai: write example to clarify this
16:43:12 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-270 - Write example to clarify this [on Elika Etemad - due 2010-11-03].
16:43:30 [sylvaing]
ACTION: fantasai to write a spec example to clarify that a collapsed margin is considered adjoining to another maring if any of its component margin is adjoining to that margin
16:43:30 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-271 - Write a spec example to clarify that a collapsed margin is considered adjoining to another maring if any of its component margin is adjoining to that margin [on Elika Etemad - due 2010-11-03].
16:43:39 [fantasai]
RESOLVED: Proposal accepted for CSS2.1 Issue 159 with Bert's "no padding or margin areas" change and "drop 'vertical'" changes
16:43:46 [fantasai]
fantasai to write example
16:43:53 [sylvaing]
16:44:24 [Zakim]
16:44:38 [Zakim]
16:44:39 [sylvaing]
my phone dropped the call
16:44:44 [sylvaing]
scribe relay !
16:45:19 [Zakim]
16:45:34 [fantasai]
I would suggest s/auto position/static position/
16:46:02 [Zakim]
16:46:08 [fantasai]
And replace "the top of the box in the vertical direction, and the same position horizontally that" with "the same as"
16:46:11 [sylvaing]
RESOLVED: Proposal accepted for CSS2.1 Issue 199
16:46:19 [fantasai]
Since it's zero-height, it doesn't matter.
16:47:14 [sylvaing]
(Bert and Tab discuss the change's exact insertion point in the spec)
16:47:27 [dbaron]
Issue 199 is changing text in 9.4.2
16:48:22 [sylvaing]
Topic: agenda items for TPAC
16:48:31 [sylvaing]
plinss: please email your items, review the wiki and update as necessary
16:49:22 [sylvaing]
plinss: let's try to work out Sunday night dinner plans over email
16:49:48 [fantasai]
16:49:59 [sylvaing]
topic: publishing CSS3 Backgrounds & Borders CR
16:50:24 [sylvaing]
fantasai: I don't see anything blocking publishing
16:51:20 [sylvaing]
ChrisL: transition call to exit LC won't happen this week or next but we can get the process started
16:52:36 [sylvaing]
RESOLVED: publish CSS3 Backgrounds & Borders CR
16:52:52 [sylvaing]
16:53:24 [sylvaing]
Bert: this is the large rewrite that updates containing block definitions
16:53:50 [sylvaing]
Bert: I noted that it unintentionally no longer makes tables containing blocks and we need to fix that
16:54:56 [sylvaing]
Bert: changes are in the editor's draft, 9.2.1.
16:57:46 [sylvaing]
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16:59:24 [fantasai]
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