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zakim, MarkA is me
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trackbot, start telecon
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Zakim, this will be MAWG
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ok, trackbot, I see IA_MAWG()7:00AM already started
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Meeting: Media Annotations Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 19 October 2010
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chair: Joakim
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zakim, aabb is raphael
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see Vero, joakim, +, raphael
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On IRC I see fsasaki, tmichel, RRSAgent, Zakim, Vero, Joakim, daniel, raphael, trackbot
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rrsagent, make log public
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Meeting: MAWG
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scribe: Veronique
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11:07:42 [Vero]
minutes of last meeting
11:07:45 [raphael]
scribenick: Vero
11:07:59 [Vero]
propose to accept
11:08:12 [Vero]
11:08:30 [Vero]
still one telecon before the next face to face
11:09:00 [Joakim]
11:09:17 [Vero]
ITEM: open action items
11:10:04 [Vero]
action 273 ongoing
11:10:04 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - 273
11:10:35 [Vero]
Thierry: Silvia Pfeiffer proposed to fill in missing information
11:10:57 [Vero]
... for Flash could not find missing info, as it is not a totally open standard
11:11:22 [Vero]
Raphael: some parts of Flash are open, the ones we are interested in
11:11:35 [Vero]
Thierry: I will contact Adobe for that
11:12:06 [Vero]
11:12:33 [Vero]
the document would not be improved by removing the "normative" sections
11:13:45 [Vero]
Joakim: propose to keep them in the document, adds clarity
11:14:30 [Vero]
... there has been editorial changes to remove them from the text
11:14:53 [Vero]
11:15:26 [Vero]
Raphael: has edited the table, will push it at the end of the teleconference
11:17:10 [Vero]
11:17:41 [Vero]
Thierry: the css is ready, but we should discuss whether we want this markup
11:18:08 [raphael]
11:18:08 [trackbot]
ACTION-309 -- Thierry Michel to improve markup of nomative/informative, probably with specific class to visualise -- due 2010-09-16 -- OPEN
11:18:08 [trackbot]
11:18:26 [Vero]
close ACTIO 311
11:18:42 [Vero]
11:19:05 [Vero]
11:19:25 [Vero]
Thierry: sent the email but we do not have an agreement from James
11:19:38 [Vero]
close ACTION 319
11:21:20 [Vero]
11:21:36 [Vero]
Thierry: sent the email to James and he did not respond
11:22:26 [Vero]
... so we either consider that he is satisfied or, if he does not remove the formal objection, we will follow the W3C process and get the director's approval
11:24:11 [Vero]
Raphael: if he attends the F2F, it would be a good opportunity to solve the problems
11:24:32 [Vero]
action on Thierry to check out whether James attends the F2F
11:24:32 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - on
11:24:46 [Vero]
action Thierry to check out whether James attends the F2F
11:24:47 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-324 - Check out whether James attends the F2F [on Thierry Michel - due 2010-10-26].
11:25:32 [Vero]
ITEM: LC document publication schedule
11:25:54 [Vero]
Thierry: lacking behind, but was to be expected
11:26:16 [Vero]
... if we want to have a good quality of document for the 2nd last call
11:26:36 [Vero]
Joakim: would be good to make a new scedule
11:27:05 [tmichel]
the LC Comments status is as follows:
11:27:05 [Vero]
action Thierry to make a new schedule of working plan during f2f and following milestones
11:27:05 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-325 - Make a new schedule of working plan during f2f and following milestones [on Thierry Michel - due 2010-10-26].
11:27:08 [tmichel]
11:27:10 [tmichel]
Agreed: Commenter approved disposition
11:27:12 [tmichel]
11:27:14 [tmichel]
-- LC Comment -2389 on Media Ontology spec
11:27:16 [tmichel]
-- LC Comment -2398 on Media Ontology spec (jose)
11:27:18 [tmichel]
-- LC Comment -2403 on Media Ontology spec
11:27:20 [tmichel]
-- LC Comment -2404 on Media Ontology spec
11:27:22 [tmichel]
-- LC Comment -2417 on Media Ontology spec (PLING Renato)
11:27:24 [tmichel]
-- LC Comment -2410 on Media API spec Jo Rabin
11:27:25 [Vero]
ITEM LC comments tracking
11:27:26 [tmichel]
-- LC Comment -2394 on Media API spec (timeless : need to send final draft for review.).
11:27:28 [tmichel]
On going (response from commenter- partial or no agreement):
11:27:30 [tmichel]
11:27:32 [tmichel]
** LC Comment -2393 on Media Ontology spec (deasagree for speex or VP8 and codec)
11:27:34 [tmichel]
11:27:38 [tmichel]
--> ACTION: Thierry to investigate.
11:27:40 [tmichel]
** LC Comment -2405 on Media Ontology spec (Doug)
11:27:42 [tmichel]
satisfied by our response but would like to see it in the spec.
11:27:44 [tmichel]
Confused by your solution around the "ma" prefix, and would like to
11:27:46 [tmichel]
see it in writing.
11:27:48 [tmichel]
11:27:50 [tmichel]
--> ACTION: Véronique to see with Raphael or Wonsuk about new wording in the spec
11:27:52 [tmichel]
** LC Comment -2418 on Media Ontology spec (need to respond to 3 unsolved issues) see to do
11:27:54 [tmichel]
11:27:56 [tmichel]
--> ACTION: Véronique to investigate 3 unsolved issues
11:27:58 [tmichel]
11:28:00 [tmichel]
** LC Comment -2395 on Media API spec(deasagree for speex or VP8 and codec)
11:28:02 [tmichel]
11:28:04 [tmichel]
--> ACTION: Thierry to investigate.
11:28:08 [tmichel]
** LC Comment -2419 on Media API spec (need to respond to unsolved issues)
11:28:10 [tmichel]
11:28:12 [tmichel]
Proposal from Chris:
11:28:14 [tmichel]
11:28:16 [tmichel]
--> ACTION: Chris to investigate unsolved issues)
11:28:18 [tmichel]
** LC Comment -2406 on Media API spec (Doug)
11:28:20 [tmichel]
Should discuus this further with Doug during a telecon. Doug should provide Scenario. Doug kind of agree ... s
11:29:10 [tmichel]
11:29:14 [Vero]
Ongoing responses to commenters with partial or no agreement
11:29:45 [Vero]
LC 2393
11:30:01 [Vero]
Thierry: last email
11:30:10 [Vero]
11:30:31 [Vero]
no further answer from James
11:31:35 [Vero]
Thierry: Silvia has sent some answers to his emails and she proposed to fill in some of the info we would need in the table
11:31:53 [Vero]
... first will check out if James comes to TPAC
11:32:20 [Vero]
... if no answer do we consider that he agrees?
11:32:47 [Vero]
... James is the only one with formal objection
11:34:26 [Vero]
... we could wait that we have the WebM container mapping information provided by Silvia and point him to this table
11:35:00 [Vero]
... and ask him then for his approval, stating that we think that we have covered his request
11:35:36 [Vero]
action Thierry to check out with Silvia about the WebM container mapping table
11:35:37 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-326 - Check out with Silvia about the WebM container mapping table [on Thierry Michel - due 2010-10-26].
11:36:17 [Vero]
11:36:26 [Vero]
still ongoing, have to check out
11:37:10 [tmichel]
As of today James Salsman is not registered at TPAC
11:44:37 [tmichel]
11:44:37 [Vero]
11:44:41 [Zakim]
11:46:01 [Zakim]
11:46:53 [Vero]
Thierry: does not have any response to the latest emails
11:48:03 [Vero]
Joakim: will resolve the ongoing formal objection the same way as for the other of his formal objections
11:48:25 [Vero]
Raphael: can we conteact him by another mean than email?
11:48:39 [Vero]
Thierry: can ivite him to a telecon or tpac
11:49:00 [Vero]
11:49:25 [Vero]
Joakim: we also have to coordinate with Doug, Wonsuk, Joakim and Chris
11:49:39 [Vero]
... have not found proper time slot yet
11:50:33 [Vero]
11:53:15 [Vero]
Joakim: will send an email to API editors, propose 2 options this week
11:53:30 [Vero]
... otherwise next telecon or TPAC
11:53:51 [Vero]
... Doug should send a draft scenario, which we did not get yet
11:54:55 [Vero]
ITEM: discuss the TPAC agenda
11:55:32 [Vero]
Joakim: we do not have a draft yet
11:55:44 [Vero]
Thierry: I can send a draft tomorrow
11:56:04 [Vero]
Joakim: I can help you finilize it
11:56:29 [Vero]
RSS Agent, draft minutes
11:56:42 [Zakim]
11:57:05 [Joakim]
Bye bye!
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RSSAgent, draft minutes
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RRSAgent, draft minutes
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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RRSAgent, draft minutes
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see joakim, raphael, Vero
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On IRC I see fsasaki, tmichel, RRSAgent, Zakim, Vero, daniel, raphael, trackbot
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Attendees were joakim, Vero, +, +34.93.00.aabb, raphael, Felix
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