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i'm on the call...
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ashok - will u be calling in?
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dialing .../
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12:06:55 [renato]
First Report from Privacy and data usage control - Rigo
12:07:01 [renato]
12:07:07 [rigo]
12:07:17 [renato]
well attended
12:07:36 [renato]
tbl was there for 2 days (!)
12:08:19 [renato]
first day - Frederick Hirsch introduced DAP issues
12:08:39 [renato]
absence of legal people
12:08:57 [renato] the london workshop
12:09:43 [renato]
real life issues from a telco....combine FB + AddressBook etc - real issues
12:10:29 [renato]
everybody who as an AD and Web browser is a "data controller"
12:11:45 [renato]
data protection directives....developers do not know the boundaries
12:12:23 [renato]
need clear rules...good behaviour needed
12:13:07 [renato]
EG: use of MAC address to find me....going beyond "expectations"
12:13:49 [renato]
Nick Doty paper: simple policy negotiation mechanism
12:14:57 [renato]
Suggestion: serialise P3P in JSON vocab - combine resulting semantics with Nick's work...
12:15:58 [renato]
more research in UI....more guidelines....W3C needs to change the paradigm of the hand-off of the UI....
12:16:30 [renato]
in Privacy...we (w3c) needs to more proactive and making UI more "aware"
12:17:04 [renato]
Michael Hart paper: simple tagging system - resulting tag cloud was pretty precise
12:17:28 [renato]
2nd Day - shaped by prez by Hal Abelson
12:18:00 [rigo]
12:18:22 [renato]
Asks: "why are we doing all that"
12:18:47 [renato]
Principle: I expect that this will not harm me....we need to protect these
12:19:06 [renato]
EG: getting sacked for posting unsavoury photos on SN
12:19:54 [renato]
Combine with Data Usage Rules - eg bar the HR dept from using this content
12:20:55 [renato]
Solutions proposed by Yang + Jae (simple approach)
12:21:28 [renato]
David Chadwick paper: lots of XACML work....complicated
12:21:35 [renato]
Truth - in the middle
12:22:42 [renato]
Market in the data-usage control (back end)
12:22:56 [renato]
At the front end - market not so clear
12:23:07 [renato]
How to get them to care?
12:23:39 [renato]
Conclusion: propose a lightweight access to the API
12:24:10 [renato]
What is the link between all these workshop?
12:24:26 [rigo]
12:25:41 [rigo]
12:26:01 [renato]
IAB workshop will be "broader"
12:26:48 [renato]
IETF required a "security" section in all RFCs....perhaps need a "Privacy" section too...
12:28:00 [renato]
Mac Address issue - rigo to post link to public-policy list
12:29:21 [rigo]
12:32:36 [renato]
MAWG Feedback - RI to respond - "we are not happy" - but will not hold u up....
12:34:10 [renato]
Meeting closed
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Attendees were Renato, Rigo, Ashok_Malhotra
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