IRC log of wai-wcag on 2010-10-07

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Zakim, this will be WAI_WCAG
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ok, trackbot; I see WAI_WCAG()4:00PM scheduled to start in 5 minutes
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Meeting: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 07 October 2010
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WAI_WCAG()4:00PM has now started
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+ +1.727.391.aaaa
20:01:06 [Zakim]
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20:02:08 [Zakim]
20:03:22 [Loretta]
zakim, who is here?
20:03:22 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Bruce_Bailey, ??P2, Mary_Utt, +1.727.391.aaaa, [Microsoft], Loretta_Guarino_Reid
20:03:24 [Zakim]
On IRC I see Loretta, marcjohlic, Mary, Zakim, RRSAgent, MichaelC, trackbot
20:03:47 [Zakim]
20:04:11 [Zakim]
20:04:40 [MichaelC]
zakim, aaaa is Marc_Johlic
20:04:40 [Zakim]
+Marc_Johlic; got it
20:04:50 [MichaelC]
zakim, Microsoft is Wolf_Schmidt
20:04:50 [Zakim]
+Wolf_Schmidt; got it
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20:05:15 [MichaelC]
zakim, ??P2 is Adam_Solomon
20:05:15 [Zakim]
+Adam_Solomon; got it
20:05:31 [Zakim]
20:05:43 [jamesn]
zakim, Oracle has James_Nurthen
20:05:43 [Zakim]
+James_Nurthen; got it
20:06:37 [MichaelC]
scribe: marcjohlic
20:07:45 [marcjohlic]
TOPIC: On track to publish by Oct 14th
20:10:41 [Zakim]
20:10:52 [marcjohlic]
TOPIC: Sufficient Silverlight Technique for SC 2.4.7: Changing The Visual Focus Indicator in Silverlight
20:11:44 [MichaelC]
-> Silverlight Techniques for 30 Sept 2010
20:12:03 [marcjohlic]
RESOLUTION: Accept as proposed
20:12:26 [marcjohlic]
TOPIC: Sufficient Silverlight Technique for SC 1.2.3: Accessing Alternate Audio Tracks in Silverlight Media
20:14:42 [David]
20:15:06 [David]
20:17:21 [Zakim]
20:17:48 [Loretta]
20:23:19 [Zakim]
20:26:48 [marcjohlic]
RESOLUTION: Accepted technique as proposed
20:27:18 [marcjohlic]
TOPIC: Sufficient Silverlight Technique for SC 1.2.2: Providing Script-Embedded Text Captions for MediaElement Content
20:31:15 [Zakim]
20:34:26 [marcjohlic]
RESOLUTION: Accepted as proposed with the following action items to Wolf: Removal of note 2 - and adding explaination of "script embedded captions".
20:34:49 [Zakim]
+ +1.617.584.aabb
20:35:09 [MichaelC]
zakim, aabb is Andrew_Kirkpatrick
20:35:09 [Zakim]
+Andrew_Kirkpatrick; got it
20:35:18 [marcjohlic]
TOPIC: Sufficient Silverlight Technique for SC 1.2.1, 1.2.3, 1.2.8: Providing Alternative Content for Silverlight Media Playing in a MediaElement
20:37:01 [Loretta]
Marc, I think we just accept this technique as amended.
20:37:21 [marcjohlic]
RESOLUTION: Accepted as amended
20:37:46 [marcjohlic]
TOPIC: Sufficient Silverlight Technique for SC 2.4.3: Using the Silverlight Default Tab Sequence and Altering Tab Sequences With Properties
20:40:40 [marcjohlic]
RESOLUTION: Accepted as amended
20:41:02 [marcjohlic]
TOPIC: Sufficient Silverlight Technique for SC 1.4.4: Silverlight and Browser Zoom
20:51:17 [Zakim]
20:54:49 [Zakim]
20:57:13 [marcjohlic]
RESOLUTION: Accepted as amended
20:57:58 [marcjohlic]
TOPIC: Sufficient PDF Technique for SC 1.1.1: Hiding decorative images with the Artifact tag in PDF documents
20:58:45 [marcjohlic]
PDF Techniques
20:59:48 [Zakim]
21:00:42 [Zakim]
21:01:13 [marcjohlic]
RESOLUTION: Accepted as amended
21:01:34 [marcjohlic]
TOPIC: Sufficient PDF Technique for SC 3.1.1: Specifying the default document language with the Lang entry in PDF documents
21:01:37 [Zakim]
+ +1.510.864.aacc
21:01:56 [jamesn]
zakim, aacc is James_Nurthen
21:01:56 [Zakim]
+James_Nurthen; got it
21:02:51 [Zakim]
21:03:22 [jamesn]
zakim, who is noisy?
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21:03:36 [Zakim]
jamesn, listening for 11 seconds I heard sound from the following: Adam_Solomon (4%), Mary_Utt (18%), Loretta_Guarino_Reid (54%)
21:03:43 [Zakim]
21:04:08 [Zakim]
21:06:34 [marcjohlic]
RESOLUTION: Accepted as amended
21:06:59 [marcjohlic]
TOPIC: Sufficient PDF Technique for SC 3.1.2: Specifying the human language for a passage or phrase with the Lang entry in PDF documents
21:07:30 [Zakim]
21:09:21 [Zakim]
21:19:59 [Zakim]
21:28:36 [Zakim]
21:29:35 [Zakim]
21:44:56 [marcjohlic]
RESOLUTION: Accepted as amended
21:45:11 [Zakim]
21:45:13 [Zakim]
21:45:15 [Zakim]
21:45:16 [Zakim]
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21:51:11 [MichaelC]
zakim, who's on the Phone?
21:51:11 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Loretta_Guarino_Reid
21:51:16 [MichaelC]
zakim, drop loretta
21:51:16 [Zakim]
Loretta_Guarino_Reid is being disconnected
21:51:18 [Zakim]
WAI_WCAG()4:00PM has ended
21:51:19 [Zakim]
Attendees were Bruce_Bailey, Mary_Utt, +1.727.391.aaaa, Loretta_Guarino_Reid, David_MacDonald, Michael_Cooper, Marc_Johlic, Wolf_Schmidt, Adam_Solomon, James_Nurthen,
21:51:21 [MichaelC]
trackbot, end meeting
21:51:21 [trackbot]
Zakim, list attendees
21:51:22 [trackbot]
RRSAgent, please draft minutes
21:51:22 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate trackbot
21:51:22 [Zakim]
... Andrew_Kirkpatrick, Tim_Boland, Wendy, +1.617.584.aabb, +1.510.864.aacc
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RRSAgent, bye
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I see no action items
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sorry, trackbot, I don't know what conference this is