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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 07 October 2010
20:02:05 [ChrisL]
anthony, are you in a position to quickly turn the crank to update the test suite status?
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Zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see ed, [Microsoft], anthony, ChrisL
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+ +39.537.7.aaaa
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zakim +39 is tbah
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20:06:14 [pdengler]
scribeNick: pdengler
20:06:20 [pdengler]
topic: TPAC Issues
20:06:23 [Zakim]
20:06:37 [pdengler]
ed: Action: Setting up meeting with CSS Group
20:06:51 [pdengler]
ed: Will there be a session for publicFX?
20:07:02 [pdengler]
ChrisL: Yes, there will be a meeting for that task force
20:07:07 [pdengler]
ChrisL: No time yet established
20:07:14 [pdengler]
ChrisL: Will we need a phone
20:07:26 [pdengler]
anthony: I will be attending
20:07:38 [pdengler]
ed: Will Tav be dialing in?
20:08:05 [anthony]
s/I will be attending/chance I'll be attending/
20:08:39 [pdengler]
pdengler: what are our options for getting a phone?
20:08:48 [pdengler]
ChrisL: I've asked for a regular call in phone
20:09:07 [ChrisL]
a polycom bridge thing
20:09:11 [pdengler]
ed: Got an email from Alex asking to fill out the form and asking whether or not we need a flip cord
20:09:43 [pdengler]
ChrisL: I already asked for this
20:09:49 [ChrisL]
already asked for a polycom phone and a flip chart
20:11:03 [pdengler]
ChrisL: they are allocating rooms
20:12:48 [pdengler]
pdengler: If I have payed have i regesitered?
20:12:53 [pdengler]
ChrisL: Not necessarily
20:13:17 [shepazu]
20:13:30 [ChrisL]
20:13:34 [shepazu]
20:14:49 [pdengler]
shepazu: that's 6 of us if Tony can make it
20:15:14 [pdengler]
pdengler: (galaga sounds)
20:15:19 [ChrisL]
zakim who is making noise?
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Zakim, who's noisy?
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shepazu, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: [Microsoft] (11%), anthony (9%), ChrisL (9%)
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Zakim, who's noisy?
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shepazu, listening for 11 seconds I heard sound from the following: ed (3%), anthony (39%), Shepazu (40%)
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Zakim, who's noisy?
20:17:24 [Zakim]
shepazu, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: ed (31%), Shepazu (49%)
20:18:36 [pdengler]
ed: Any items that we want on the agenda for TPAC
20:18:49 [pdengler]
ChrisL: Are we expected to have implementations ready by then?
20:18:54 [pdengler]
ed: I wanted that as another topic
20:19:13 [pdengler]
ed: Unless we have the report it is not going to be done at the time, and it depends upon how many tests there are
20:20:02 [pdengler]
pdengler: We discussed that we wouldn't get this done mostly because we want to get the microsoft tests reviewed and the analysis about potential name chages from Microsoft for some of themn
20:20:18 [pdengler]
ChrisL: I've done 'de-red-ding' (removing red)
20:20:45 [pdengler]
ChrisL: Which is why I was asking Anthony to run the status regen, but I am basically down to basic shapes
20:21:00 [pdengler]
ChrisL: I wanted to get a better handle on how we were doing
20:21:31 [pdengler]
anthony: I went through the test suite to generate the XML impelementation report file and some just don't have approval
20:21:40 [pdengler]
ChrisL: I think there are more now than there were yesterday
20:21:52 [pdengler]
anthony: There were only 300 or so tests that had been accepted
20:22:57 [pdengler]
ChrisL: last one that was run was a month ago
20:23:26 [pdengler]
ed: When can we have then, the full list of tests?
20:23:34 [pdengler]
ChrisL: I am 3/4 done.
20:23:47 [pdengler]
pdengler: Does that include the ones Microsoft submitted?
20:23:56 [pdengler]
ChrisL: No, mine was for the previous, older ones
20:24:25 [pdengler]
ChrisL: We should talk about the recent tests and go through those
20:26:01 [pdengler]
pdengler: Last conf call we discussed Microsoft's effort to do an all-up surface review to help modularize the test suite so developers can understand the support for SVG better across impelemntations
20:27:59 [ChrisL]
20:28:50 [pdengler]
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20:29:23 [pdengler]
anthony: I see 408 tests now
20:30:09 [ChrisL]
s/408/408 accepted/
20:30:22 [pdengler]
ed: I would like to have the template ready to test before TPAC
20:30:38 [pdengler]
What does testing before TPAC mean?
20:31:01 [pdengler]
ed: If we have some preliminary results from some implementations, we can start doing the implementation report
20:31:45 [pdengler]
ed: we don't expect these to change
20:32:21 [pdengler]
ed: the tests that are already accepted should be tested
20:33:15 [shepazu]
scribeNick: shepazu
20:33:17 [shepazu]
pdengler: I hear what you're saying...
20:33:19 [shepazu]
... there's a set of tests that we all agree on and are stable
20:33:29 [shepazu]
... and doug is saying this doesn't preclude us from recategorizing them
20:33:38 [ed]
s/we don't expect these to change/we don't expect the tests that have already been accepted to change, and we can therefore test and rely on those results/
20:34:07 [shepazu]
pdengler: my question is, are we going to publish the results before the recategorization and analysis
20:34:20 [shepazu]
ChrisL: depends on what you mean by publish
20:34:35 [shepazu]
... we need to get a sense of where we are, to push implementations
20:35:06 [shepazu]
... this will not be the final implementation report that we publish for transition from CR to PR to Rec
20:38:19 [shepazu]
pdengler: so, with regard to new tests... we would like to submit a few more tests for inclusion in the implementation report
20:38:37 [shepazu]
ChrisL: we are open to reviewing them
20:39:01 [shepazu]
ed: I think they are nice tests, just a matter of resources
20:40:21 [shepazu]
ChrisL: I've reviewed about half of the new MS tests
20:40:34 [shepazu]
... of the first lot
20:42:29 [shepazu]
ed: I'd like to prioritize the tests relevant to second edition
20:43:48 [shepazu]
pdengler: what was the quality of the tests, ChrisL?
20:43:48 [ed]
20:44:10 [shepazu]
ChrisL: the first tests had some errors, but they have improved over time
20:44:20 [shepazu]
... most are straightforward
20:44:32 [shepazu]
... I haven't looked at the more recent batch
20:45:05 [shepazu]
ed: the ones I've seen I had to adapt to the test framework, which is a pita
20:45:29 [shepazu]
pdengler: that's because SVG fonts is in the template
20:45:57 [ChrisL]
which are used for labelling text. its not needed to pass the tests
20:46:14 [ChrisL]
i would expect the svg 2 test suite to use woff fonts
20:47:48 [shepazu]
shepazu: I think we should go through some tests and report errors that make them hard to review, so microsoft can improve conformance to the template
20:48:41 [ed]
some feedback from me on the last batch of tests:
20:50:23 [pdengler]
shepazu: We will push through some spot testing (Doug, Chris, maybe Tony) of recently submitted tests on Monday
20:51:30 [pdengler]
pdengler: How about we adjust the tests based on the feedback first (the tests we submitted0
20:51:40 [pdengler]
pdengler: If that is before Monday we will let you know
20:53:07 [ChrisL]
nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e'
20:53:08 [pdengler]
pdengler: plan is to start spot testing on Monday
20:55:15 [pdengler]
anthony: I am redoing status report now
20:56:03 [pdengler]
ChrisL: on the subject of implementations, alexdanelo is sending his work so I will run the tests
20:56:29 [shepazu]
s/alexdanelo/alex danilo/
20:56:48 [karl]
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20:58:52 [pdengler]
pdengler: I have some opinions on backward compat and "promoting" attributes to properties at a high level which I am still working through
20:59:07 [shepazu]
21:00:29 [Zakim]
21:04:03 [ed]
21:08:24 [ed]
think you need to install Image::Magick (via CPAN)
21:10:29 [anthony]
21:10:42 [ed]
topic: ISSUE-2331
21:13:39 [ed]
topic: ISSUE-2353
21:13:52 [ChrisL]
21:13:52 [trackbot]
ISSUE-2353 -- Last Call Comment: Clarify coordinates for feImage. -- raised
21:13:52 [trackbot]
21:14:43 [ed]
21:15:00 [ed]
"the default subregion is 0%,0%,100%,100%, where as a special-case the percentages are relative to the dimensions of the filter region, thus making the the default filter primitive subregion equal to the filter region."
21:15:15 [ed]
21:16:15 [anthony]
Scribe: anthony
21:16:40 [anthony]
TB: The the change regarding that issue is fine
21:17:11 [ChrisL]
21:17:11 [trackbot]
ISSUE-2339 -- Last Call Comment: definition of azimuth, elevation for feDistantLight -- open
21:17:11 [trackbot]
21:17:17 [anthony]
topic: ISSUE-2339
21:17:55 [shepazu]
scribenick: anthony
21:18:03 [anthony]
AG: Hoping to have my investigation finished for the telcon nextweek
21:18:33 [ed]
21:19:04 [anthony]
ED: That's the list of last call issues
21:19:22 [anthony]
CL: If people let me know when we are in good shape I'll do another update
21:19:38 [anthony]
AG: Might be worth doing an update end of next week
21:22:01 [anthony]
Topic: Public-FX
21:22:20 [anthony]
ED: Noticed that CSS wanted to have premultiplied values for the gradient interpolation
21:22:35 [anthony]
CL: The idea is to get around a grey effect that they didn't like
21:22:57 [anthony]
... I've made a change to CSS Color which says that transparent gives you transparent black
21:23:36 [anthony]
DS: This touches on the topic before
21:23:42 [anthony]
... where SVG has a separate opacity
21:24:18 [anthony]
CL: Means that SVG needs to deal with RGBA
21:24:35 [anthony]
... and it the just need to multiply together
21:24:43 [anthony]
... it's not too hard for us to add that
21:24:56 [anthony]
... and we already have the infrustructure to add that
21:25:02 [anthony]
... Opera already implements that
21:25:12 [anthony]
ED: New version of FF has that as well
21:25:40 [ed]
s/New version of FF/FF since v3.5 IIRC/
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Attendees were [Microsoft], ed, anthony, ChrisL, +39.537.7.aaaa, tbah, Shepazu
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trackbot, end telcon
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sorry, trackbot, I don't know what conference this is
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