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11:01:56 [fsasaki]
meeting: MAWG
11:02:00 [fsasaki]
chair: Daniel
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11:04:38 [fsasaki]
scribe: Felix
11:05:28 [fsasaki]
topic: Minutes review
11:05:32 [fsasaki]
11:06:02 [fsasaki]
RESOLUTION: minutes approved
11:06:05 [fsasaki]
topic: action items
11:06:10 [fsasaki]
11:06:22 [fsasaki]
11:06:22 [trackbot]
ACTION-189 -- Tobias Bürger to postponed: Work on the the subproperties -- due 2010-12-31 -- OPEN
11:06:22 [trackbot]
11:06:32 [tmichel]
Vero, you are dialing the wrong FR number please try +
11:06:42 [Zakim]
11:06:51 [fsasaki]
tobias not here
11:06:57 [fsasaki]
11:06:57 [trackbot]
ACTION-214 -- WonSuk Lee to request review from MXM during last working draft call -- due 2010-03-02 -- OPEN
11:06:57 [trackbot]
11:06:59 [Vero]
zakim, +[VrijeUni] is me
11:06:59 [Zakim]
sorry, Vero, I do not recognize a party named '+[VrijeUni]'
11:07:10 [fsasaki]
wonsuk: implemented, did not receive a comment from MXM
11:07:21 [fsasaki]
daniel: keep the action until we get a response from MSM
11:07:26 [Vero]
zakim, +[VrijeUni] is me
11:07:26 [Zakim]
sorry, Vero, I do not recognize a party named '+[VrijeUni]'
11:07:30 [fsasaki]
11:07:30 [trackbot]
ACTION-223 -- Soohong Daniel Park to check for overlap between html5 and mawg issues -- due 2010-03-16 -- OPEN
11:07:30 [trackbot]
11:07:37 [fsasaki]
Daniel: keep open
11:07:48 [fsasaki]
11:07:48 [trackbot]
ACTION-234 -- Joakim Söderberg to contact Google -- due 2010-05-03 -- OPEN
11:07:48 [trackbot]
11:07:53 [fsasaki]
Daniel: keep open
11:08:00 [fsasaki]
11:08:00 [trackbot]
ACTION-264 -- Florian Stegmaier to edit the spec with the 3 changes proposed above. -- due 2010-06-22 -- OPEN
11:08:00 [trackbot]
11:08:10 [fsasaki]
Daniel: keep open
11:09:07 [fsasaki]
vero: 264 and 299 can be closed, see Florian's mail
11:09:14 [fsasaki]
daniel: close the two actions then
11:09:21 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-264
11:09:21 [trackbot]
ACTION-264 Edit the spec with the 3 changes proposed above. closed
11:09:25 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-299
11:09:25 [trackbot]
ACTION-299 Change the API interface about Date closed
11:10:28 [fsasaki]
vero: agenda needs to have the right zakim number for dialing in
11:10:36 [fsasaki]
daniel: chair will take care of that
11:10:59 [fsasaki]
11:11:00 [trackbot]
ACTION-273 -- Thierry Michel to prepare the mapping table for the media container formats -- due 2010-09-15 -- OPEN
11:11:00 [trackbot]
11:11:05 [fsasaki]
thierry: in work, keep open
11:11:16 [fsasaki]
11:11:16 [trackbot]
ACTION-275 -- Joakim Söderberg to and Wonsuk to deal with with the editorial comments of the LC comment 2405 -- due 2010-09-15 -- OPEN
11:11:16 [trackbot]
11:11:39 [fsasaki]
wonsuk: will ping joakim and finish that ASAP
11:11:44 [fsasaki]
11:11:44 [trackbot]
ACTION-277 -- Chris Poppe to add a line for the "broadcastDate" property attribute -- due 2010-09-15 -- OPEN
11:11:44 [trackbot]
11:11:56 [fsasaki]
vero: this was edited in the doc
11:11:59 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-277
11:11:59 [trackbot]
ACTION-277 Add a line for the "broadcastDate" property attribute closed
11:12:11 [fsasaki]
11:12:11 [trackbot]
ACTION-280 -- Joakim Söderberg to check the normative parts of the document according to comment 2418 -- due 2010-09-15 -- OPEN
11:12:11 [trackbot]
11:12:19 [fsasaki]
not done yet
11:12:25 [fsasaki]
11:12:25 [trackbot]
ACTION-282 -- WonSuk Lee to follow up the comment on the namespaces -- due 2010-09-15 -- OPEN
11:12:25 [trackbot]
11:12:45 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-282
11:12:45 [trackbot]
ACTION-282 Follow up the comment on the namespaces closed
11:12:59 [fsasaki]
11:12:59 [trackbot]
ACTION-283 -- Soohong Daniel Park to send mail to Geolocation WG for an example, or controlled voca that can be used for the ma:location property -- due 2010-09-15 -- OPEN
11:12:59 [trackbot]
11:13:15 [fsasaki]
Daniel: keep open
11:14:00 [fsasaki]
thierry: about geo location WG, please send the mail to me, I will send it to them
11:14:12 [fsasaki]
daniel: ok, will do that after the meeting
11:14:20 [fsasaki]
thierry: copy the MAWG so that we can track it
11:14:24 [fsasaki]
11:14:24 [trackbot]
ACTION-287 -- Felix Sasaki to include information to the introduction of 5.2.2 to describe the tables and columns -- due 2010-09-15 -- OPEN
11:14:24 [trackbot]
11:15:12 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-287
11:15:12 [trackbot]
ACTION-287 Include information to the introduction of 5.2.2 to describe the tables and columns closed
11:15:18 [fsasaki]
11:15:18 [trackbot]
ACTION-288 -- Felix Sasaki to unify the XPATH expressions in the mapping tables according to the last substantial comment of Robin -- due 2010-09-15 -- OPEN
11:15:18 [trackbot]
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11:16:33 [fsasaki]
felix: I will edit the tables after the call today to resolve that (not the main document)
11:16:37 [fsasaki]
11:16:37 [trackbot]
ACTION-289 -- Joakim Söderberg to deal with the last editorial comment of Robin -- due 2010-09-15 -- OPEN
11:16:37 [trackbot]
11:16:51 [tmichel]
thierry added the intro from Felix
11:17:26 [Zakim]
+ +1.760.705.aacc - is perhaps pchampin
11:17:31 [fsasaki]
11:17:31 [trackbot]
ACTION-291 -- Thierry Michel to put agreed version of ontology to url pointed to by namespace -- due 2010-09-16 -- OPEN
11:17:31 [trackbot]
11:17:42 [fsasaki]
thierry: working on that with the webmaster, ongoing
11:17:48 [fsasaki]
11:17:48 [trackbot]
ACTION-293 -- Véronique Malaisé to work with chris and raphael to update the properties of the ontology doc -- due 2010-09-16 -- OPEN
11:17:48 [trackbot]
11:18:18 [fsasaki]
vero: left the f2f early, not sure what happend to that
11:18:20 [fsasaki]
daniel: keep that open then
11:18:27 [fsasaki]
11:18:27 [trackbot]
ACTION-294 -- Véronique Malaisé to check together with other table editors option for clarifying type/role attributes -- due 2010-09-16 -- OPEN
11:18:27 [trackbot]
11:19:01 [fsasaki]
11:19:01 [trackbot]
ACTION-295 -- Chris Poppe to chanage title to plural in api doc -- due 2010-09-16 -- CLOSED
11:19:01 [trackbot]
11:20:52 [fsasaki]
daniel: will send a mail to chris and raphael about ACTION-293 and ACTION-294, to check the curretn states
11:21:01 [fsasaki]
11:21:09 [fsasaki]
11:21:09 [trackbot]
ACTION-297 -- Thierry Michel to send mail to HTML WG chairs -- due 2010-09-16 -- OPEN
11:21:09 [trackbot]
11:21:39 [fsasaki]
thierry: tried to ping the chairs and the team contact, no response
11:21:44 [fsasaki]
daniel: close the AI
11:21:48 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-297
11:21:48 [trackbot]
ACTION-297 Send mail to HTML WG chairs closed
11:22:30 [fsasaki]
11:22:30 [trackbot]
ACTION-298 -- Joakim Söderberg to contact WebIDL for requesting information about the planned direction for the webservices -- due 2010-09-16 -- OPEN
11:22:30 [trackbot]
11:22:35 [fsasaki]
Daniel: keep open
11:22:39 [fsasaki]
11:22:39 [trackbot]
ACTION-300 -- Joakim Söderberg to contact the Geolocation WG and see if they'd be OK to make the accuracy optional -- due 2010-09-16 -- OPEN
11:22:39 [trackbot]
11:23:08 [fsasaki]
thierry: that was probably done, but wait with closing until Joakim reports back
11:23:22 [fsasaki]
11:23:22 [trackbot]
ACTION-301 -- Chris Poppe to check out the compression property of the Ontology document -- due 2010-09-16 -- OPEN
11:23:22 [trackbot]
11:23:38 [fsasaki]
to Chris, same as ACTION-302
11:24:07 [fsasaki]
also ACTION-303 keep open
11:24:12 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-305
11:24:12 [trackbot]
ACTION-305 Invite doug to telecon to discuss his lc comments closed
11:25:10 [fsasaki]
11:25:10 [trackbot]
ACTION-309 -- Thierry Michel to improve markup of nomative/informative, probably with specific class to visualise -- due 2010-09-16 -- OPEN
11:25:10 [trackbot]
11:25:13 [fsasaki]
keep open
11:25:34 [fsasaki]
keep open ACTION-310 and ACTION-311
11:25:59 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-312
11:25:59 [trackbot]
ACTION-312 Send to the group the list of LC Comments that needs to be reviewed for moving on closed
11:26:10 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-313
11:26:10 [trackbot]
ACTION-313 Update definition of ma:policy according to comments from PLING closed
11:26:18 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-314
11:26:18 [trackbot]
ACTION-314 Update the description of the ma:format in the ontology doc using the input from Dave Singer (see Werner email) closed
11:27:10 [fsasaki]
11:27:10 [trackbot]
ACTION-315 -- Joakim Söderberg to update the group web site to reflect the plural in the title and to make working his cvs -- due 2010-09-28 -- OPEN
11:27:10 [trackbot]
11:27:27 [fsasaki]
thierry: will take that action over
11:28:21 [fsasaki]
.. wonsuk, can you check on the API doc for the plural of "resources"?
11:28:24 [fsasaki]
wonsuk: will do
11:29:18 [fsasaki]
topic: Final review on the LC comments
11:31:32 [wonsuk]
the plural is ok in the API doc
11:32:33 [daniel]
11:36:32 [fsasaki]
discussing various lc comments
11:37:37 [fsasaki]
11:37:59 [fsasaki]
thierry: I contacted James, asked him to send us information
11:38:04 [fsasaki]
.. waiting for his response
11:39:36 [fsasaki]
11:39:44 [fsasaki]
changing status to proposal
11:39:59 [fsasaki]
thiierry is updating the status of the comments directly
11:40:35 [fsasaki]
11:40:41 [fsasaki]
changing to proposal
11:40:48 [fsasaki]
s/thiierry /thierry /
11:41:13 [fsasaki]
11:41:19 [fsasaki]
changing to proposal
11:41:28 [fsasaki]
11:41:45 [fsasaki]
thierry: was reviewed by werner
11:42:04 [fsasaki]
changing to proposal
11:42:12 [fsasaki]
11:44:48 [fsasaki]
thierry updating the proposal, all agreeing with it
11:46:13 [fsasaki]
daniel: moving on with API document
11:46:28 [wonsuk]
11:52:41 [fsasaki]
going through all over API LC comments
11:53:06 [fsasaki]
daniel: have now gone through all comments comming from the first LC. We agreed with all proposed resolutions
11:53:20 [fsasaki]
... after the teleconf, we will send out the resolutions to commenters
11:53:25 [fsasaki]
.. and will wait for their final response
11:53:54 [fsasaki]
thierry: explaining how it works: see e.g.
11:54:25 [fsasaki]
.. I will mark the status as "response drafted"
11:54:41 [fsasaki]
.. there is a box "resolution implemented". for that we need to review the editing in the spec
11:54:55 [fsasaki]
.. for each reply send I will check "reply send to commentor"
11:55:13 [fsasaki]
.. I will be tracking then whether we have responses from the commentors, and check that accordingly
11:55:21 [fsasaki]
vero: and thierry will send the replies?
11:55:32 [fsasaki]
thierry: yes, in the name of the working group
11:56:01 [fsasaki]
.. media fragment WG closed their LC draft on 27th of August
11:56:28 [fsasaki]
vero: there is an action on tobias to respond to mail from media fragment guys
11:56:34 [fsasaki]
thierry: I will ping tobias again
11:57:11 [fsasaki]
action: Thierry to ping tobias about reply to media fragments guys comments
11:57:11 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-317 - Ping tobias about reply to media fragments guys comments [on Thierry Michel - due 2010-10-05].
11:57:40 [fsasaki]
present: daniel, fsasaki, pchampin, tmichel, vero, wonsuk
11:57:46 [tmichel]
11:57:55 [tmichel]
this is the schedule above
11:58:15 [fsasaki]
regrets: tobias, florian, chris, john
11:58:55 [fsasaki]
thierry: I will send out resolutions to all commentors. I will give them one week for reply and check after that what happens
11:59:16 [fsasaki]
daniel: before October 10th we have to finish all document updating
11:59:21 [fsasaki]
thierry: correct
11:59:29 [RRSAgent]
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11:59:49 [fsasaki]
vero: I have a proposal of a revised version, should I send it to the mailing list?
11:59:53 [fsasaki]
thierry: sure
11:59:58 [fsasaki]
.. the schedule is very tight
12:00:10 [fsasaki]
.. I drafted the schedule so that we can review the LC comments during TPAC
12:01:00 [fsasaki]
.. I don't want to release a second LC which is unfinished
12:01:18 [fsasaki]
.. that could lead to a 3rd LC
12:01:56 [fsasaki]
.. so we could follow that schedule, or forget about it and deal with different things at TPAC
12:03:47 [fsasaki]
.. and use TPAC for editng
12:05:12 [fsasaki]
felix: would like to use TPAC for editing so that we have enough time and don't run into the danger of a 3rd LC
12:05:21 [fsasaki]
daniel: will talk about this offline
12:05:29 [fsasaki]
topic: AOB
12:05:33 [fsasaki]
12:05:39 [RRSAgent]
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12:06:06 [pchampin]
12:06:10 [Zakim]
12:06:12 [fsasaki]
thierry: don't forget to register for TPAC
12:06:12 [Zakim]
- +1.201.807.aabb
12:06:17 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate fsasaki
12:06:21 [Zakim]
12:06:22 [Zakim]
- +39.538.5.aaaa
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Attendees were +39.538.5.aaaa, +1.201.807.aabb, wonsuk, Felix, [VrijeUni], +1.760.705.aacc