IRC log of a11y-bugs on 2010-09-21

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meeting: Bug Triage sub-group - HTML A11Y TF
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scribe: MichaelC
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chair: Michael
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present: Michael, Marco, Josh, Cynthia
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regrets: Martin
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scribe: Joshue
15:35:48 [Joshue]
Bug 8715
15:36:06 [Joshue]
15:36:41 [Joshue]
Some sample spec text based on my idea, as per Hixies requeest.
15:36:42 [Joshue]
"Non-visual user agents may provide focus to the top most relevant element
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15:38:19 [Joshue]
This could be any focusable element, it doesn't have to be a heading etc.
15:41:16 [Joshue]
Firstly, is this something that we should take up anyway.
15:42:26 [Joshue]
Marco: The focus for AT should follow the visual focus, so yes.
15:42:45 [Joshue]
MC: Maybe this should be first viewbable or displayable element.
15:47:45 [Joshue]
MC: the issue is we need to find a non media dependent way of achieving focus etc.
15:48:07 [Joshue]
RESOLUTION: Reword spec tech with media independent verbiage
15:49:07 [MichaelC]
15:51:46 [MichaelC]
Michael to draft an explanation, for input into discussion in Thursday agenda topic on keyboard access
15:56:47 [MichaelC]
15:57:54 [Joshue]
The task force sub group is not in a postition to process this bug, it needs work by the entire group.
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topic: Homework for next week
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not assigning new homework, continue processing bugs from last week's assignments
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