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Meeting: Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 17 September 2010
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13:49:39 [Jan]
Conformance idea:
13:50:01 [Jan]
Tim's comment:
14:21:04 [jeanne]
Topic: Conformance and Compatible Conformance
14:22:00 [jeanne]
JT: There us a circle of Tool Compliance for part A and B. There is Partial Compliance which is Part A and Part B
14:50:45 [jeanne]
There is compatible Component which is Part A and Part B and optionally B4.
14:51:03 [jeanne]
s/Partial Compliance which is Part A and Part B/Partial Compliance which is Part A or Part B
14:53:36 [jeanne]
Jeanne: I want to insure that the conformance labels are clear so that buyers and purchasing agents can easily tell whether they are getting a system that is fully ATAG conformant, or getting a system with partial or component ATAG conformance.
15:20:00 [jeanne]
the group takes a look a the examples of Authoring Tools, so see if they conform to this new conformance proposal.
15:20:37 [jeanne]
HTML Editors = ATAG component
15:20:45 [jeanne]
Direct editor = ATAG Component
15:21:01 [jeanne]
Converting to Web = ATAG Component
15:21:45 [jeanne]
Integrated Devleopment environment could be either a Component or a System if they chose to add the web libraries and accessibility checkers.
15:25:53 [jeanne]
[some discussion about the definition of authoring tool and whether evaluation tools are Authoring Tools. ]
15:26:31 [jeanne]
SN: I don't think eval tools are authoring tools because they don't create content, the same way that debuggers are not authoring tools.
15:27:56 [jeanne]
JR: [gives an example of an authoring tool component like spellcheckers that provide a feature but don't actually write content]
15:28:48 [jeanne]
Blogs, wikis =ATAG Components
15:29:17 [jeanne]
CMS, LMS = Atag Component or Full ATAG System
15:32:21 [jeanne]
Email client that create html emails - may be a component, but there is discussion that it is publishing so it really is a system.
15:33:25 [jeanne]
SN: Compatible component needs more definition
15:34:19 [jeanne]
JR: Example of a tool creating a format, for which a checker doesn't exist.
15:35:41 [jeanne]
SN: So we always have to go back to the criteria always
15:36:57 [jeanne]
SN: People already have to meet 508 and criteria of WCAG and the levels. ATAG added to this is adding complexity. I think there will be problems of uptake.
15:37:37 [jeanne]
GP: At least of you catagorize yourself as a system or a component, at least people know what they are looking at.
15:38:21 [jeanne]
JT: If what we are trying to do is get web content then we have to look @@ missed @@
15:39:02 [jeanne]
SN: I am a system, but I don't meet all the requirements, so then that makes me a component?
15:39:28 [jeanne]
... no, you are still a system.
15:40:22 [jeanne]
... there is a difference because I am still a system but I fail some criteria
15:41:15 [jeanne]
So how do we determine what is a system?
15:41:42 [jeanne]
JS: Is Wordpress a component or a system?
15:42:07 [jeanne]
JR: We leave it flexible so Wordpress can decide if they are a system or component.
15:43:11 [jeanne]
SN: So as soon as someone knows that they won't make it, they stop trying.
15:43:36 [jeanne]
SN: I am very concerned about communicating it, because I'm not sure it is communicatable.
15:45:34 [jeanne]
... this breaks the normal conformance model that people are used to. If you want people to follow this, we need to be able to communicate it.
15:46:49 [jeanne]
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15:49:52 [jeanne]
JR: if the system allows the introduction of accessibility problems, then it doesn't need checking.
15:51:26 [jeanne]
SN: It is whether or not they met the criteria making a claim of what it met and didn't meet.
15:51:56 [jeanne]
... I think creating other classifications is going to make it difficult to get back accurate information.
16:01:33 [jeanne]
JS: So is a blog a system? They would say they are a system - and they can use an external for check and repair. And that would make them not a system?
16:04:43 [jeanne]
SN: "You have to have checking, but if you don't, that's ok". Do we want to do that?
16:07:00 [jeanne]
... what is ATAG, if we don't demand checking.
16:07:52 [jeanne]
GP: Let Wordpress and Deque bundle and offer a compliant package.
16:09:29 [jeanne]
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zakim, Microsoft is Alex_Li
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zakim, who is here?
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Adobe_room has Greg, Sueann, Jutta, Jeanne, Jan
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17:00:53 [jeanne]
chair: Jutta
17:05:18 [jeanne]
Alex Li, Microsoft, has joined the call. Alex discloses that he has not been able to complete the IP rights declaration.
17:09:34 [jeanne]
Jeanne confirms with Judy Brewer that because Microsoft has previously signed a patent disclosure agreement, that Alex Li can attend as a gues.
17:09:45 [jeanne]
17:12:31 [jeanne]
JR: MS39: Variations from WCAG on the excemption for a path of the user movements. ATAG also offers an exemption for pressure, force, angle.
17:13:00 [jeanne]
AL: Use "path" as the common denominator. Force, angle and speed are all path dependent.
17:13:57 [jeanne]
topic: MS12: Edit by Structure
17:16:00 [jeanne]
AL: If you have just a basic web form, if the form results in a generation of web based output, then it becomes the authoring tool. Then this is not in the control of the author, it is controlled by a back-end system.
17:16:16 [jeanne]
JR: We are aware of the problem and are working on it.
17:16:45 [jeanne]
topic: MS17: Third-party user agents
17:17:38 [jeanne]
JR: We are not requiring UAAG conformance, because an author is not served by an unrealistic world view.
17:17:47 [jeanne]
AL: Then how will it fail?
17:17:58 [jeanne]
JR: If someone creates their own HTML parser.
17:18:04 [Zakim]
17:18:35 [jeanne]
zakim, ??P3 is Andrew
17:18:35 [Zakim]
+Andrew; got it
17:19:22 [jeanne]
JR: Ideas include: existing user agents, publically available
17:19:35 [jeanne]
AL: commercially available.
17:20:13 [jeanne]
topic: MS21: End product cannot preserve accessibility information.
17:23:31 [jeanne]
AL: If it is a Microsoft propriatary format, we would be ok. If it was not a microsoft format, then we do have a legal issue of liability of MS making a statement saying "information will be lost".
17:24:16 [jeanne]
I do not want to cause difficulties with partners. I talked with legal, and they said it was not ok. It would cause us too much trouble.
17:24:44 [jeanne]
JR: I have seen that warning with Excel saving as csv.
17:25:07 [jeanne]
AL: It is very different saying that accessibility is lost, because of the legal requirements around accessibility.
17:26:08 [jeanne]
AL: If we say in a very generic way "information may be lost" that is ok, but if there is any mention of accessibility information being lost, that is no-go from a legal viewpoint.
17:26:49 [jeanne]
topic: MS23 comment on B.2.1.1 Decision Support.
17:27:45 [jeanne]
JR: PDF has accessibility support, but a tool may have a Save As option to create a flat, unstructured PDF.
17:28:11 [jeanne]
AL: I will talk to legal and see if they will accept the nuance of it.
17:29:14 [jeanne]
... I see a subtle difference between this and the previous item. I will talk to the legal team.
17:29:46 [jeanne]
topic: MS24 B.2.1.2 Set Accessible Properties
17:31:19 [jeanne]
AL: If there are multiple interfaces to control various properties, like the menu, the ribbon, a right-click menu. If I have different mechanisms, would i have to set accessibility property in every mechanism?
17:35:23 [jeanne]
JS: example of image, that whereever the height, width and border are set, and the alt is set.
17:36:24 [jeanne]
JT: We want an integrated approach to including the accessibility properties, if the UI is distributed, then the bounds on where the accessibility mechanisms are located is also distributed.
17:36:48 [gpisocky]
Discussion of MS23 brings to mind another concern regarding the impact on proponents of targetted formats
17:38:04 [jeanne]
GP: that a vendor could give warnings to give advantage to one format over another.
17:38:20 [jeanne]
AL: Where we have anti-trust issue, that would be a problem.
17:40:23 [jeanne]
topic: MS3 - Conformance condition published on the web. WCAG doesn't require it.
17:41:43 [jeanne]
JR: Because we are not closely prescriptive, we want people to know the background of what the developer is claiming.
17:41:53 [jeanne]
AL: But WCAG doesn't require it.
17:42:25 [jeanne]
JT: But it is important to be public.
17:42:46 [jeanne]
AL: I see the inconsistency with WCAG.
17:43:10 [jeanne]
JT: Then I think our next step would be to go to WCAG and ask them to make it a change.
17:44:10 [jeanne]
AL: If WCAG made a normative errata publication, I would not object to it. In fact, the only WCAG compliance statements are on the web, so it is how it works in reality.
17:44:42 [jeanne]
topic: MS6 Purpose of Added Information.
17:45:04 [jeanne]
JT: We agreed to say that we will write a definition of Added Information
17:46:12 [jeanne]
Topic: MS8 Keyboard Interface
17:46:29 [jeanne]
JT: The definitions were taken from WCAG.
17:46:35 [jeanne]
AL: I will look at WCAG.
17:47:00 [jeanne]
Topic: MS10 language difference from WVAG
17:47:20 [jeanne]
JR: ATAG goes beyond what WCAG was addressing.
17:48:19 [jeanne]
Section (a) is the chrome of the widget, section (b) is the embedded widget that grabs control of focus.
17:48:38 [jeanne]
JR: There is a complex relationship between the editing view and the user interface.
17:49:06 [jeanne]
JT: There are behaviors and properties of the editing tool that are unique to the authoring tool perspective.
17:49:25 [jeanne]
AL: So how would you exit out of (b) to (a)?
17:50:02 [jeanne]
JR: There could be a keystroke that the authoring tool reserves for itself that could be used for returning control to the auhtoing tool user interface.
17:50:17 [jeanne]
topic: MS11 Static View Option
17:50:58 [jeanne]
JT: It is visual only, and would only apply to content. It mostly means requiring a stop button.
17:51:22 [jeanne]
AL: There is a big difference between a @@ and a stop button.
17:51:29 [jeanne]
JT: we will reword it.
17:51:58 [jeanne]
Topic: MS13: A.3.4.1 Navigate by structure
17:52:31 [jeanne]
JT: If there is structure, then we want to use it for navigation.
17:53:02 [jeanne]
AL: The structure may not be there for the author, but may be applied by the tool.
17:53:26 [jeanne]
JR: Structured at the time of editing, not the way it will be structured in the end product.
17:54:20 [jeanne]
Topic: MS12 - A.3.4 Navigate by Structure.
17:54:46 [jeanne]
AL: Does that apply to the comment MS12 - all structures.
17:54:58 [jeanne]
JR: We don't want to specify
17:55:11 [jeanne]
AL: There is so much web structure, not all of them apply to navigation.
17:55:46 [jeanne]
Topic: MS18 A.4.1.1 Undo content
17:56:25 [jeanne]
JT: We agreed that one is sufficient, but are considering an additional SC to require more.
17:58:32 [jeanne]
JT: [reads MS 18, 19, 21, 22] these are all items we agreed with the MS comments, so there is no discussion.
17:59:14 [jeanne]
Topic: MS22 "prior to publishing"
17:59:28 [jeanne]
AL: doesn't address real time publishing.
18:00:53 [jeanne]
AL: I'm also considering all real-time information - stock information, banking application, supply chain, etc.
18:01:13 [jeanne]
JT: but banking, that will only affect myself.
18:01:52 [jeanne]
AL: But the bank officer will also see it. It can go all the way to regulartory authorities and other banking systems.
18:03:01 [jeanne]
JR: because the input is so contrained that this may or may not introduce an accessibility problem.
18:04:17 [jeanne]
AL: But we don't know where the accessibility problems can arise. Where is the value chain end in authoring? Does it go to the database and how the database is related to other systems? At what point does it become an authoring tool.
18:04:36 [jeanne]
... that is something we need to address in the definition of authoring tool.
18:05:08 [jeanne]
TB: Whenever you create content, you don't know where it will end up.
18:05:38 [jeanne]
Topic: MS26 B.2.1.3 Other Technologies
18:06:56 [jeanne]
JT: We have agreed to work on the condition. The read-only issue is not relevant, because of the wrapper.
18:07:44 [jeanne]
AL: the word document with a graphic is created with read-only. the author cannot make the graphic accessible.
18:08:07 [jeanne]
JR: That is covered in another applicability note about author permission
18:08:57 [jeanne]
Topic: MS31 - B.2.2.3 - Author Judgement
18:09:53 [jeanne]
AL: I think it is all based on WCAG. You need to say the following normative list requires judgement.
18:10:11 [jeanne]
JR: But it will vary by the tool.
18:10:27 [jeanne]
AL: A contrast checker will only check contrast.
18:11:25 [jeanne]
JR: does the image need long description? The tool will ask a prompt for a decision, or the tool may look at a 1x1 white image and decide not to prompt.
18:11:46 [jeanne]
AL: the authoring tool developer is deciding when to ask for author decision.
18:12:14 [jeanne]
JR: The UI needs to provide some support to help the author in making the decision.
18:12:27 [jeanne]
AL: the developers are asking for a finite list.
18:12:56 [jeanne]
JR: ANytime the author is asked for a decision, we need to provide some support in helping the author make that decision.
18:13:01 [jeanne]
AL: ok
18:13:35 [jeanne]
MS32 B.2.2.4 Help Authors Locate
18:14:15 [jeanne]
JT: It is help in determining the bounds of where the problem may be located.
18:14:39 [jeanne]
AL: It implies too much intelligence on the part of the tool.
18:15:41 [jeanne]
... people will ask "do you meet 2.2.4, you don't show the location of this kind of error"
18:15:53 [jeanne]
JR: Agreed, we need to tighten up our language.
18:17:21 [jeanne]
topic: MS35 Relevant sources
18:17:44 [jeanne]
JR: Relevant sources is just the handle.
18:18:09 [jeanne]
AL: it is a "slushy" term.
18:19:18 [jeanne]
Topic: MS36 Used Properly
18:19:31 [jeanne]
AL: If the notes are normative, they have to be testable.
18:20:21 [jeanne]
Topic: MS39 Short cut keys
18:20:59 [jeanne]
AL: Imagine using a web form to do an authoring? Do you need short-cut key?
18:22:17 [jeanne]
JT: One of the weaknesses in WAI has been the support for users with mobility problems. We want to support authors with alternative interfaces.
18:22:55 [jeanne]
AL: for web-form, it is too much. Web apps need shortcuts, but a simple form does not.
18:23:11 [jeanne]
JR: Make it complexity based
18:23:56 [jeanne]
Topic: MS41 A.3.5.1 text search
18:25:44 [jeanne]
JR: It could claim the find feature of the web browser in the conformance claim.
18:26:00 [jeanne]
... the user agent platform has to be identified since they have different capabilities.
18:26:41 [jeanne]
Topic: MS42 A.3.6.1 inconsistencyu of level from 3.1.4
18:27:49 [jeanne]
JT: A.3.6.1. applies to more than just keystrokes. We have changed the wording of this to "perference settings"
18:28:33 [jeanne]
... it is hard enough to set the preferences to access the tool, so we want to save the preferences that the user does not have to set it again.
18:29:02 [jeanne]
... we took out the "control and display" settings and replace it with "preference settings".
18:29:49 [jeanne]
AL: I don't dispute the validity of the success criteria, I just spotted the inconsistency. I will need to think about whether it impacts the inconsistency.
18:30:10 [jeanne]
MS 44, agreed, agreed
18:30:28 [jeanne]
Topic: MS45 A.4.2.2 Document all features
18:30:56 [jeanne]
JT: We mean features that users can use. We don't mean that hidden features need to be documented.
18:31:47 [jeanne]
AL: SOme of the tools have so many features, we don't know if we ever could document all features.
18:32:16 [jeanne]
JT: "All features available to the author".
18:32:45 [jeanne]
AL: If the tool is big enough, something will always be undocumented.
18:33:03 [jeanne]
JR: we see the issue and it is not the spirit we disagree on, just the details.
18:34:06 [jeanne]
Topic: MS47 B.1.2 Copy and Paste to another format
18:34:13 [jeanne]
AL: Nobody does this.
18:36:55 [jeanne]
JR: MS48 - provide a real life option with (c). We have not found any examples of this.
18:37:56 [jeanne]
Topic: MS49 Metadata
18:38:28 [jeanne]
JT: There is advocacy to make it double AA because there are other systems that want to use this metadata.
18:39:26 [jeanne]
This seems more of a future development than current. We agree theoretically, but it is not today.
18:40:08 [jeanne]
JT: It is common practice in Dublin Core in education environments. It is current.
18:40:51 [jeanne]
AL: I will have to think about it more. Having the check is fine, but associating it as meta data, I don't think it is not as practical.
18:41:34 [jeanne]
JT: We can send you examples, and speak with Bob Sinclair. It would be good to have a conversation within Microsoft about it. NPII is not close to implementation.
18:42:02 [jeanne]
s/NPII is not close to implementation. /AL: NPII is not close to implementation.
18:42:21 [jeanne]
JT: But this is a precursor to implementation.
18:43:04 [jeanne]
... ATAG is not just to codify what already exists, it is also to move the agenda of accessibility further.
18:43:17 [jeanne]
AL: I see your point.
18:43:59 [jeanne]
Topic: MS51, 53, 54 B.2.5.4 Templates
18:44:42 [jeanne]
JT: We simply want a label of accessibility, not a ranking.
18:47:58 [jeanne]
AL: Most of these people don't know what they are doing with accessible templates. They will check the box, and they will create a lot of misinformation. it will be wrong most of the time.
18:48:55 [jeanne]
SN: We would have to create a list of criteria that a template must meet to be accessible.
18:49:08 [jeanne]
JS: WCAG criteria?
18:49:16 [jeanne]
AL: People won't check WCAG
18:50:41 [jeanne]
Topic: MS57 B.3.2.4 "Compariable" is not testable
18:51:59 [jeanne]
JR: The spirit we are trying to get to is comparable prominence. The example of a spellchecker with underlined words is much more prominent than a checker that needs to be run from a 3rd level menu.
18:52:39 [Zakim]
18:53:42 [jeanne]
rrsagent, make minutes
18:53:42 [RRSAgent]
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19:10:54 [jeanne]
Topic: GL1 Programmatically Determined
19:11:10 [jeanne]
zakim, who is here?
19:11:10 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Adobe_room, Andrew
19:11:11 [Zakim]
Adobe_room has Greg, Sueann, Jutta, Jeanne, Jan
19:11:12 [Zakim]
On IRC I see ARonksley, gpisocky, Zakim, RRSAgent, jeanne, Jan, trackbot
19:11:24 [jeanne]
present+ Andrew
19:11:24 [jeanne]
<Zakim> Adobe_room has Greg, Sueann, Jutta, Jeanne, Jan
19:11:47 [jeanne]
present+ Greg, Sueann, Jutta, Jeanne, Jan
19:11:51 [jeanne]
chair: Jutta
19:12:09 [jeanne]
present+ Alex_Li_(guest)
19:12:16 [jeanne]
rrsagent, make minutes
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19:16:35 [jeanne]
SN: iAccessible2 and DOMs are an important part of the platform accessibility architecture.
19:18:30 [jeanne]
Adding Iaccessible2 to the definition of Platform Architecture should be sufficient.
19:32:38 [jeanne]
Action: JR to write proposal for conformance with Tim Boland
19:32:38 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-295 - Write proposal for conformance with Tim Boland [on Jan Richards - due 2010-09-24].
19:33:09 [jeanne]
Action: GP to write a proposal on who can be a claimant with Jeanne Spellman
19:33:09 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-296 - Write a proposal on who can be a claimant with Jeanne Spellman [on Greg Pisocky - due 2010-09-24].
19:33:53 [jeanne]
action: JR to write proposal on Programmatically determined
19:33:53 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-297 - Write proposal on Programmatically determined [on Jan Richards - due 2010-09-24].
19:35:25 [jeanne]
action: JR to write a proposal on path, speed and pressure
19:35:25 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-298 - Write a proposal on path, speed and pressure [on Jan Richards - due 2010-09-24].
19:36:35 [ARonksley]
ARonksley has left #au
19:39:07 [jeanne]
Action: SN to write proposal on A.1.2.1 non-web based accessible (comment IBM15).
19:39:07 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-299 - Write proposal on A.1.2.1 non-web based accessible (comment IBM15). [on Sueann Nichols - due 2010-09-24].
19:40:20 [Zakim]
19:48:43 [jeanne]
Action: JS to write a proposal on how to test whether a template is accessible.
19:48:43 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-300 - Write a proposal on how to test whether a template is accessible. [on Jeanne Spellman - due 2010-09-24].
19:50:05 [jeanne]
action: JR to write proposal Preserve Accessibility Information for B.1.2.4(a) in responseto WCAGWG25
19:50:05 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-301 - Write proposal Preserve Accessibility Information for B.1.2.4(a) in responseto WCAGWG25 [on Jan Richards - due 2010-09-24].
19:55:24 [jeanne]
rrsagent, make minutes
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19:56:00 [jeanne]
zakim, bye
19:56:00 [Zakim]
leaving. As of this point the attendees were +1.703.889.aaaa, Greg, Sueann, Jutta, Jeanne, Jan, ARonksley, Alex_Li, Andrew
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19:56:16 [jeanne]
rrsagent, bye
19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
I see 7 open action items saved in :
19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: JR to write proposal for conformance with Tim Boland [1]
19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
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19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: GP to write a proposal on who can be a claimant with Jeanne Spellman [2]
19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
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19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: JR to write proposal on Programmatically determined [3]
19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
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19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: JR to write a proposal on path, speed and pressure [4]
19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
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19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: SN to write proposal on A.1.2.1 non-web based accessible (comment IBM15). [5]
19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
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19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: JS to write a proposal on how to test whether a template is accessible. [6]
19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
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19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: JR to write proposal Preserve Accessibility Information for B.1.2.4(a) in responseto WCAGWG25 [7]
19:56:16 [RRSAgent]
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