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zakim, this will be MW4D
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ok, Steph; I see MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM scheduled to start in 3 minutes
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Meeting: MW4D bi-monthly call
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11:58:24 [Steph]
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zakim, code ?
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the conference code is 6493 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), Steph
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MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM has now started
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+ +358.160.aaaa
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zakim, aaaa is me
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+Steph; got it
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zakim, who is here ?
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On the phone I see Steph
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On IRC I see RRSAgent, Zakim, shwetank, betty, Steph, maxf
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zakim, ??p1 is shwetank
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 6493 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), maxf
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zakim, ??p3 is Max
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zakim, aabb is Betty
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zakim, aacc is Nicolas
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+Nicolas; got it
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12:04:38 [Steph]
zakim, who is here ?
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On the phone I see Steph, shwetank, Max, Betty, Nicolas
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On IRC I see NicolasC, RRSAgent, Zakim, shwetank, betty, Steph, maxf
12:05:13 [Steph]
12:06:21 [Steph]
Topic: Business Model
12:06:51 [Steph]
12:09:48 [Steph]
max: premise of the document: operators can help improving a service
12:10:03 [Steph]
example: shortcodes for SMS services
12:10:42 [Steph]
we called that enablers because it helps provider to make services or tools more successful
12:11:59 [shwetank]
12:12:07 [Steph]
nicolas: high level question: where do we want to go ?
12:12:54 [Steph]
examples of successful cases ? or identifying barrier entrepreneurs are facing ?
12:13:13 [Steph]
enablers are only one part
12:14:06 [Steph]
nicolas: star cases are helpful
12:14:19 [Steph]
very hard to identify what works or not
12:15:43 [NicolasC]
def business model:
12:16:39 [Steph]
shwetank: distribution channel is critical
12:16:59 [Steph]
how a service is distributed to users ?
12:20:40 [Steph]
nicolas: value proposition: what kind of service are you delivering
12:20:54 [Steph]
on right: everything related to customers
12:21:10 [Steph]
to whom you sell your apps.
12:21:32 [Steph]
customer relationship: how to you reach your customer
12:21:36 [Steph]
(marketing, etc)
12:21:45 [Steph]
distribution: how you deliver the service
12:22:43 [Steph]
key resources: what you need to do: costs etc
12:23:56 [Steph]
key activities: what need to be done
12:26:44 [Steph]
nicolas: missing star cases
12:26:55 [Steph]
that can be described with this canvas
12:27:14 [shwetank]
12:27:37 [Steph]
shwetank: how do we collect data ?
12:27:49 [Steph]
nicolas: good question
12:27:55 [Steph]
how to we idenitfy star cases
12:28:53 [Steph]
nicolas: a star case==a case that reached sustainability
12:28:57 [shwetank]
maybe to propose companies to the list, and agree by consensus on which ones to focus as a star case?
12:30:49 [Steph]
nicolas: do we star cases ?
12:32:55 [Steph]
steph: related to technologies ?
12:34:20 [Steph]
nico: not really
12:34:54 [Steph]
nico: starts from examples of services people succeeded to make sustainabme
12:35:00 [Steph]
12:35:37 [betty]
12:35:44 [Steph]
ack shwetank
12:35:53 [Steph]
nico: ask people on the list
12:37:59 [Steph]
ack betty
12:38:20 [betty]
possible star cases: m-pesa, WAP application to download
12:38:44 [Steph]
betty: m-pesa and dowload music are very positive
12:38:46 [betty]
download music, facebook mobiles
12:40:37 [Steph]
Action: Nicolas to launch discussion on the mailing-list about business model star cases
12:42:22 [shwetank]
12:42:37 [betty]
I agree with Stephane.
12:43:19 [Steph]
stephane: difference between services driven by an operator and those by an individual
12:43:43 [Steph]
nicolas: difference not that clear
12:43:50 [Steph]
shwetank:+1 to Nicolas
12:44:09 [Steph]
Topic: Impact Analysis
12:44:19 [Steph]
12:44:53 [Steph]
betty: based on itu framework for ict readiness
12:45:06 [betty]
Wider mobile networks & cheaper mobile Internet tariff (mobile Web readiness) --> more mobile Web use --> more job offer for entrepreneurs or more knowledge resource for students, but more expense to purchase handsets & air time, more business opportunities for people selling handsets & airtime, more opportunities for mobile web application development (mobile Web impact, case studies) --> more mobile Web programming training (mobile Web readiness capacity),
12:46:43 [betty]
more collaboration among researchers, mobile phone industry, policy makers (mobile Web readiness)
12:46:54 [Steph]
12:47:07 [Steph]
ack shwetank
12:47:11 [Steph]
ack steph
12:49:00 [Steph]
steph: three quesiton
12:49:05 [Steph]
mobile web ? browsing ?
12:49:29 [Steph]
betty: using http, so mobile browsing
12:49:40 [Steph]
steph: how do you measure social impact ?
12:50:10 [Steph]
betty: some indicators reflect that: like how much you get more
12:51:24 [Steph]
steph: bootstrapping conditions ?
12:51:36 [Steph]
i don't believe that infrastructure
12:51:59 [Steph]
betty: infrastructure, tariff
12:52:15 [Steph]
12:53:03 [Steph]
stephane: content ?
12:53:14 [Steph]
betty: wikipedia can be a bootstrap
12:54:09 [Steph]
steph: next steps ?
12:54:15 [Steph]
indicators ?
12:54:32 [Steph]
betty: will propose a table of indicators
12:55:30 [Steph]
shwetank: will be happy to look at statistics how the impact of ict: like number of bank account in rural areas
12:55:43 [Steph]
betty: quantitative statistical data is great
12:55:50 [Steph]
will be great to get such data
12:56:06 [Steph]
shwetank: might be good to break down by domain
12:56:17 [Steph]
metric per domain is good
12:56:21 [Steph]
betty: sounds good
12:57:04 [Steph]
Action: betty to sumarize the discussion on the list and bootstrap discussion on impact analysis*
12:57:24 [Steph]
Topic: Next Meeting
12:58:11 [shwetank]
12:58:46 [Steph]
Next Meeting: October 4 to talk about business model and tools, impact for the enxt one
12:59:08 [betty]
12:59:40 [Steph]
ack betty
12:59:54 [Zakim]
12:59:55 [Zakim]
12:59:55 [Zakim]
12:59:56 [Zakim]
12:59:56 [Zakim]
12:59:58 [Zakim]
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