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Meeting: Media Fragments Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 08 September 2010
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+ +329331aaaa
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09:09:48 [Yves]
Regrets: Jack
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oups, sorry, I notice indeed that the numbers have changed and paste the wrong ones in the agenda
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Present+ raphael (irc)
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zakim, code?
09:13:43 [Zakim]
the conference code is 3724 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), raphael
09:14:34 [raphael]
this should be the correct numbers Yves, right ?
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+ +61.2.801.2.aabb
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scribe: Silvia
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ScribeNick: Silvia
09:18:51 [erik]
chair: Erik
09:19:00 [erik]
present: Yves, Raphael, Erik, Davy, Silvia
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Topic 1. ADMIN
09:19:18 [erik]
Date: 08 September 2010
09:19:23 [silvia]
PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 07 July 2010 telecon:
09:19:24 [silvia]
09:19:27 [erik]
09:19:30 [davy]
09:19:46 [silvia]
09:19:51 [silvia]
09:20:01 [silvia]
LC Period: extension?
09:20:13 [silvia]
erik: should be extended till the end of the month
09:20:25 [silvia]
… we have to close everything for TPAC
09:21:03 [silvia]
Yves: extending till the end of the month beyond TPAC is good to get feedback
09:21:14 [silvia]
ACTION: raphael to send reminders to all gropus
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Sorry, couldn't find user - raphael
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ACTION: troncy to send reminders to all relevant groups
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Created ACTION-183 - Send reminders to all relevant groups [on Raphaël Troncy - due 2010-09-15].
09:23:13 [silvia]
erik: there will be a meeting at TPAC
09:23:35 [silvia]
… Davy, Raphael and Yves will be there - Yves can only make it on Tuesday
09:24:27 [Yves]
09:25:48 [silvia]
09:26:08 [silvia]
Discussion (Philip+Yves): media fragment syntax grammar (why segment production rule is not normative?), extensibility, pseudo algorithm code
09:26:15 [silvia]
… has not yet happened
09:26:58 [silvia]
close ACTION-175
09:26:58 [trackbot]
ACTION-175 Update the grammar parsing automatically generated code for the URI syntax closed
09:27:45 [silvia]
Yves: we need to discuss extension points
09:27:57 [silvia]
… that will trigger what we define as valid media fragments
09:28:09 [silvia]
… will have to wait until next week when we can talk with Philip
09:28:35 [Yves]
related also to
09:29:16 [silvia]
erik: we'll discuss it next week
09:29:32 [silvia]
09:29:44 [silvia]
Image sprite in HTML5:
09:30:04 [silvia]
erik: this is related to a discussion on the WHATWG
09:30:34 [silvia]
Yves: this is about what to do in the UI with spatial media fragments
09:31:03 [silvia]
erik: the point made is that cropping is requested as the UI effect of media fragments
09:31:21 [raphael]
please, consider the use case bring by Europeana and sent yesterday
09:31:22 [silvia]
Yves: we may need to support both, highlighting and cropping, and need to differentiate between them
09:31:37 [silvia]
davy: I think it's application-dependent
09:31:47 [silvia]
… I think we should leave that open
09:31:50 [raphael]
... they are very keen to implement the spec and they really would like to have a keyword in the URI that can refer to a description of any arbitrary spatial shape
09:32:07 [silvia]
Yves: in that case we are not controlling what is presented to the user
09:32:16 [raphael]
... the usage would not be retrieval as for the current spatial media fragment, but address and highlight on client a particular shape
09:33:14 [silvia]
silvia: the WHATWG doesn't want to specify the presentation of media fragment URIs in the HTML spec, but wants it to be in our spec
09:33:19 [silvia]
… that's where it belongs in their mind
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09:34:42 [raphael]
... what Europeana wants is a way to address any spatial region, with a media fragment URI
09:34:44 [silvia]
silvia: yes, what raphael says - we may need to introduce another means of specifying arbitrary shapes which can then only be used for highlighting
09:35:36 [silvia]
09:38:50 [silvia]
Davy: they should just use the query parameter
09:39:11 [silvia]
silvia: no, they don't want the cropping to happen on the server, they just want the effect to be specified
09:40:22 [silvia] <- the key thread
09:41:21 [silvia]
09:43:35 [silvia]
davy: do you agree with Ian?
09:43:44 [silvia]
silvia: I didn't but I think he has a point
09:44:05 [silvia]
… maybe we have to specify it and it may even apply to all applications
09:44:22 [silvia]
… or we may need to put an extra mechanism in to specify if we want cropping or highlighting
09:44:38 [silvia]
davy: or we can just specify it as cropping for the browser
09:44:58 [silvia]
Yves: it depends on the application and we need to explain that better
09:46:06 [silvia]
silvia: but the problem is that the researchers in Europe also want to use it in the browser, so it's still the same application
09:46:17 [Yves]
effect=highlight (with a default of cropping)
09:47:19 [silvia]
… maybe we should create a new scheme for arbitrary selections and they would just be for highlighting
09:48:03 [silvia]
Yves: I was thinking of adding a parameter
09:48:16 [silvia]
Davy: how does that work with multiple dimensions
09:49:22 [silvia]
silvia: we could do that in the temporal domain, too
09:49:29 [silvia]
Yves: I want Jack's input on this
09:49:52 [silvia]
silvia: this discussion is different to what we looked at before: it's only about what is being presented in the application
09:50:40 [silvia]
.. we could do something like add an extension to the region, e.g. xywh=x,y,w,h_crop or xywh=x,y,w,h_highlight
09:50:52 [silvia]
erik: we need to discuss in a larger group
09:51:03 [silvia]
… this is only about how to render something, nothing to do with what goes over the wire
09:51:18 [silvia]
… this in fact relates to all three of the comments we received
09:51:39 [silvia]
Robert Sanderson: <- also
09:51:51 [silvia]
… but the Chris Double comment is different
09:53:03 [silvia]
Chris Double:
09:53:38 [silvia]
Yves: answer to Chris is: it should always send the header, because in the worst case it will send the whole resource
09:53:52 [silvia]
ACTION: Yves to email Chris the reply on when to send the range header
09:53:52 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-184 - Email Chris the reply on when to send the range header [on Yves Lafon - due 2010-09-15].
09:54:50 [silvia]
Yves: Robert wants to be able to extend stuff
09:55:36 [silvia]
… the main issue is that you have no control of what you see on the other end, since the reference URI changes all the time
09:55:45 [silvia]
… this may be an issue
09:56:02 [silvia]
… apart from this, I think it's ok
09:57:11 [silvia]
silvia: I think adding extra name-value parameters to the URI is ok - that's how we built it
09:57:21 [silvia]
… but they want to change the spatial fragment spec, so that's not ok
09:57:30 [silvia]
… they should just add another name-value parameter
09:57:40 [silvia]
erik: seems we need to discuss this next week
09:57:52 [silvia]
TOPIC . Media Fragments in RTSP
09:57:57 [silvia]
TOPIC 4. Media Fragments in RTSP
09:57:58 [Zakim]
09:58:06 [silvia]
close ACTION-182
09:58:06 [trackbot]
ACTION-182 Include summary into wiki page closed
09:59:01 [silvia]
zakim, +??P2 is philip
09:59:01 [Zakim]
sorry, silvia, I do not recognize a party named '+??P2'
09:59:32 [silvia]
erik: philip cannot make it next week - let's have the grammar discussion in two weeks
09:59:59 [silvia]
… next week we will focus on the public comments
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nobody here for it
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erik: let's close it here
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10:01:08 [Zakim]
10:05:00 [Yves]
we should consider meeting in southern hemisphere during (our) winter ;)
10:06:09 [Zakim]
disconnecting the lone participant, Silvia, in IA_MFWG()5:00AM
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IA_MFWG()5:00AM has ended
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Attendees were +329331aaaa, Erik, Davy, Yves, +61.2.801.2.aabb, Silvia, philip
10:08:08 [silvia]
Yves: can you check if I am still registered for TPAC?
10:08:18 [silvia]
I just removed my reply, so hopefully it's gone
10:08:38 [silvia]
YVes: yes, I'd be happy to have meetings here in January or February!
10:08:51 [silvia]
btw: we didn't mention OVC, where several of us will be there
10:26:47 [silvia]
ah bummer
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