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Meeting: Web Services Resource Access Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 27 July 2010
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19:38:04 [Ram]
19:38:18 [amalhotr]
Topic: Agenda bashing
19:38:49 [dug]
19:38:50 [amalhotr]
Ram: Asks about 9703
19:39:00 [Ram]
Antoine Mensch
19:39:23 [amalhotr]
... Antoine Mensch was asking about 9703
19:39:49 [amalhotr]
... perhaps we did not communicate our response to him
19:40:27 [amalhotr]
19:41:17 [amalhotr]
Bob: Decided on May f2f
19:42:15 [amalhotr]
... Action: Gil to respond ...
19:42:29 [amalhotr]
Gil: I will respond to him
19:42:57 [dug]
19:43:02 [amalhotr]
Bob: Reasonsing ... we believe complexity will blow up
19:43:34 [amalhotr]
Bob: All others agreed to our disposition or have not responded
19:44:03 [amalhotr]
19:45:17 [amalhotr]
No other changes to agenda
19:45:55 [Bob_]
last minutes at
19:46:05 [amalhotr]
Topic: Minutes of June 29
19:46:19 [amalhotr]
19:46:28 [amalhotr]
Approved w/o objection
19:46:52 [amalhotr]
Topic: Schedule for primer and migration guide
19:47:14 [amalhotr]
MEX - Katy Eventing - Gil & Wu Frag - Doug
19:47:51 [amalhotr]
Bob: We are going on hiatus for a while please think about this
19:47:55 [amalhotr]
Topic: f2f meeting
19:48:24 [amalhotr]
Face to Face meeting in Lyon 1st week of November 1-6
19:48:42 [amalhotr]
Bob: During the TPAC
19:49:05 [amalhotr]
... many there in any case
19:49:10 [dug]
19:49:33 [Bob_]
ack next
19:49:35 [amalhotr]
... shd we retain our slot on TPAC program
19:50:06 [amalhotr]
Ram: Seems like a good idea ... we can check on features at risk
19:50:08 [Bob_]
ack next
19:50:39 [amalhotr]
Doug: Use it as interop event?
19:51:11 [amalhotr]
Ram: No, just discuss features which various vendors are going to implemnt
19:51:34 [amalhotr]
Doug: When are you thinking abt interop event
19:51:53 [amalhotr]
... I may not be able to go to France
19:52:28 [amalhotr]
... I suggest we postpone f2f until we can do interop testing
19:52:49 [amalhotr]
... do we need to coordinate with any other groups
19:53:58 [amalhotr]
Bob: I don't think we need to coordinate with any other groups
19:54:53 [amalhotr]
Bob: Don't have implementation schedules yet
19:56:02 [amalhotr]
TomRutt: Can we have a short mtg where others can attend by phone
19:56:14 [amalhotr]
Ram: I may be there
19:56:53 [amalhotr]
Bob: Martin and Katy may be able to attend
19:58:12 [amalhotr]
TomRutt: How abt a half-day/morning meeting?
19:59:19 [amalhotr]
Bob: We may not have any serious issues ... just tests
20:00:22 [amalhotr]
Bob: I'm inclined to tell the W3C to release the rooms at TPAC
20:00:50 [amalhotr]
... we could have a f2f/testing event later
20:01:07 [amalhotr]
... I will release the rooms
20:01:12 [amalhotr]
Topic: LCWD Comments (New)
20:02:13 [amalhotr]
20:02:29 [amalhotr]
Topic: Second Last call WG publication Sept 10 last comment date?
20:02:29 [dug]
Latest Enum:
20:03:06 [amalhotr]
Bob: Let us accept issues we have resolved and close them
20:04:02 [amalhotr]
... can we close all resolved issues?
20:04:08 [amalhotr]
No objection
20:04:09 [Zakim]
20:04:30 [Tom_Rutt]
20:04:52 [amalhotr]
Bob: We can go on hiatus and publish LCWD
20:05:26 [amalhotr]
Bob: Any objection to publishing a seconf last call?
20:05:33 [amalhotr]
No objection
20:05:43 [dug]
20:06:14 [Ram]
20:06:20 [Bob_]
ack to
20:06:20 [amalhotr]
Bob: I suggest we have last call till Sept 10
20:06:35 [Bob_]
ack dug
20:07:15 [amalhotr]
Doug: We could work on scenario docs ... could help flush out bugs
20:07:46 [Bob_]
ack ram
20:08:16 [Tom_Rutt]
20:08:20 [dug]
20:08:24 [amalhotr]
Ram: many people in Europe are on vacation ... they want last call till late Sept
20:08:30 [Bob_]
ack tom
20:08:45 [amalhotr]
TomRutt: How about meetings every 2 weeks?
20:08:54 [Bob_]
ack dug
20:09:59 [amalhotr]
Doug: How abt next mtg Aug 17 and then meet weekly to discuss scenario docs.
20:10:14 [amalhotr]
Bob: Lets have next mtg Aug 17
20:10:57 [amalhotr]
Bob: ow about Last call till Sept 17?
20:11:18 [amalhotr]
20:12:32 [amalhotr]
Bob: After Aug 17 we can start filling in scenario docs
20:12:55 [amalhotr]
... would be good to have some to look at
20:13:08 [amalhotr]
Doug: IBM will do some MEX scenarios
20:13:21 [amalhotr]
Gil: We can do eventing
20:14:26 [amalhotr]
Doug: Ram could you do Enum?
20:14:34 [dug]
20:14:44 [amalhotr]
Ram: Yes, but no timeline yet
20:15:12 [Bob_]
ack net
20:15:20 [Bob_]
ack next
20:15:34 [amalhotr]
Doug: Involve WSTF in our testing?
20:15:51 [Tom_Rutt]
20:15:59 [amalhotr]
... they can do regression test and create matrix
20:16:38 [Bob_]
ack next
20:16:58 [amalhotr]
TomRutt: How do we use WSTF?
20:17:24 [amalhotr]
Doug: They would help the process not be a participant
20:18:51 [amalhotr]
Ram: No clear if MSFT will join WSTF
20:18:56 [gpilz]
20:18:57 [amalhotr]
20:20:05 [Bob_]
ack g
20:20:28 [amalhotr]
Gil: WSTF may result in a net savings of effort
20:20:50 [amalhotr]
... they will provide some infrastructure
20:22:51 [amalhotr]
Bob: Has MSFT rejected membership in WSFT?
20:24:06 [amalhotr]
Ram: Many different angles
20:24:07 [dug]
non-wstf members can still participate
20:24:29 [amalhotr]
... whether MSFT joins WSTF goes beyond this WG.
20:26:29 [amalhotr]
Doug: An WSTF member can add yr endpoint but you willnot be able to see the results ... the private WSTF stuff
20:30:11 [amalhotr]
Ram: Discusses WSTF pros and cons
20:30:43 [amalhotr]
Bob: Is there a WSTF methodology that we could replicate on W3C?
20:31:02 [amalhotr]
Doug: There is no rocket science
20:31:59 [amalhotr]
Bob: This could be useful for HTML testing ...
20:32:48 [amalhotr]
Bob: You could mention it to Paul ... may solve some of his problems
20:33:07 [amalhotr]
s/You/Ram, you/
20:35:28 [Ram]
20:35:32 [amalhotr]
Topic: Implementation plans update will plans be known for next meeting?
20:37:59 [dug]
20:38:15 [Bob_]
ack r
20:38:16 [dug]
wsdd tc in oasis
20:38:44 [amalhotr]
Ram: WSDD WG wants to know/share testing plans ... coverage
20:39:04 [amalhotr]
Bob: Our plans are all public
20:40:42 [amalhotr]
Bob: can we shoot for Sept 13, IBM, Oracle ...
20:41:18 [amalhotr]
Bob: Agenda for Sept 13 will be implementation plans
20:42:39 [dug]
20:43:31 [amalhotr]
Ram: Is it under the 'obsolete category?
20:43:46 [amalhotr]
Bob: Webmaster said he would take care of it
20:44:43 [amalhotr]
20:45:04 [Zakim]
20:45:05 [Zakim]
20:45:05 [Zakim]
20:45:07 [amalhotr]
Bob: AOB?
20:45:07 [Zakim]
- +1.831.713.aaaa
20:45:09 [Zakim]
20:45:14 [Bob_]
rrsagent, generate minutes
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20:45:16 [Zakim]
WS_WSRA()3:30PM has ended
20:45:17 [Zakim]
Attendees were Doug_Davis, Bob_Freund, +1.831.713.aaaa, Mark_Little, [Microsoft], +1.571.262.aabb, Vikas, Tom_Rutt, Ashok_Malhotra
20:45:23 [amalhotr]
Bob: Adjourned
20:45:32 [amalhotr]
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